Fabian Quoss Wins $100,000 Super High Roller for $1.6 Million

Fabian Quoss won the $100,000 Super High Roller for $1.6 million. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Fabian Quoss won the $100,000 Super High Roller for $1.6 million. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

The 2014 PokerStars.net Caribbean Adventure kicked off the $100,000 Super High Roller Final Table with seven players returning to play for the first prestigious title of 2014. After an up and down day Fabian Quoss walked away with the title and $1.6 million.

Quoss is the most recent German player to win a six-figure buy-in event from a very competitive group that includes Philipp Gruissem, Martin Finger and Tobias Reinkemeier.

“When we’re playing a the same table together it’s on a whole different level,” Quoss said. “We know each other as friends and we all hate losing to each other. We rub it in each other’s faces when somebody made a big mistake. But when we came down here it was game time.”

The final table began after a slight delay due to Day 2 running deep into the night. The final table started with seven players following a double elimination on the money bubble.

Quoss was one of the shortest stacks at the start of the day and was also the shortest at three-handed play.

It didn’t take long for the action to start with a blockbuster hand on just the second hand of the day. Anthony Gregg and Ole Schemion shoved their micro stacks all in preflop and Quoss called having both players covered. Quoss had the best hand with pocket tens, Gregg held A 9 and Schemion tabled K 4. The board ran Q 2 2 2 9 and Quoss eliminated both players. Schemion was credited with seventh place and Gregg with sixth place for having more chips at the start of the hand.

The next elimination came when Matt Glantz pushed his short stack all in preflop and Vanessa Selbst called in position. Glantz held J T and Selbst had him dominated with A J. The board ran 7 5 3 7 K and Glantz was eliminated as Selbst reclaimed the chip lead.

About 30 minutes later Selbst opened, Antonio Esfandiari three-bet to 430,000 and Selbst clicked back and made it 780,000. Esfandiari moved all in and Selbst called holding A K. Esfandiari tabled pocket nines and needed to hold to stay alive. The board ran 5 4 2 A 5 and Esfandiari was eliminated.

Selbst surged to 7.35 million, Shak held 4.2 million and Quoss was the short stack with 2.4 million. But Selbst’s lead wouldn’t last after Quoss doubled up through her. Selbst opened for 320,000 on the button and Quoss called from the big blind. The flop fell K T 8, Quoss checked, Selbst bet 320,000 and Quoss called. The turn came A, Quoss checked and Selbst bet 480,000 and Quoss called. The river came 6, Quoss checked, Selbst bet 980,00 and Quoss moved all in for 2.2 million. Seblst called, tabled A K for two pair and Quoss showed her bad news with Q J for Broadway.

Two hands later Selbst moved all in preflop holding K 9 and Quoss called holding A 4. The board ran 6 3 2 4 3 and Selbst was eliminated.

Shak and Quoss took an extended dinner break and they returned with Quoss holding 9.6 million to Shak’s 4.3 million. Quoss put pressure on Shak and chipped away at him over a few hands, eventually gaining 11.3 million to Shak’s 2.6 million.

The final hand saw Shak and Quoss go to a limped flop of Q T 7. Shak checked, Quoss bet 200,000 and Shak called to see the turn come 9. Shak checked a second time, Quoss bet 425,000 and Shak moved all in. Quoss called holding 8 6 for a straight and Shak tabled J T for a pair of tens and better straight draw. The river came A and Quoss claimed the title.

Super High Roller Final Table Payouts

  1. Fabian Quoss – $1,629,940
  2. Dan Shak – $1,178,980
  3. Vanessa Selbst – $760,640
  4. Antonio Esfandiari – $575,920
  5. Matt Glantz – $445,520
  6. Anthony Gregg – $347,720
  7. Ole Schemion – $277,080
  8. Mike McDonald – $217,320
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