Fernandez Takes WPT Barcelona Day 3 Lead

Sergio Fernandez leads the field at WPT Barcelona once again. (Photo c/o World Poker Tour)

Sergio Fernandez leads the field at WPT Barcelona once again. (Photo c/o World Poker Tour)

Day 3 of the World Poker Tour Barcelona came to an end with 13 players remaining, but the day no doubt belonged to Spanish cash games pro Sergio Fernandez. Fernandez ended Day 1B as the chipleader but had a rough time lasting though Day 2. However, things were different for the local hero on Day 3 when he began bulldozing through the field as soon as cards were in the air and ended the night with an unbelievable 1,268,000.

Kevin Vandermissen, Bryn Kenney, Tim Harold, Nikolaus Teichert and Atanas Gueorguirev were just a few of the players to be taken out of the game by Fernandez.

Fernandez rose to the top of the field early during Level 15 when he tripled up after a three-way all in with Jari Mahonen and Teichert. Fernandez’s pocket Kings held against Mahonen’s pocket Queens and Teichert’s pocket deuces to send Teichert to the rail. About 69,000 of Mahonen’s chips went to Fernandez and the Spaniard took the chip lead. Kenney ran his King-Jack into Fernandez’s pocket Aces and as the American pro made his exit Fernandez chipped up to 830,000. Fernandez then became the first and only player to surpass the one million mark when his pocket nines knocked out Harold, who got it all in with KJ and found no help on a A5474 board.

Fernandez is trailed in chips by Chanracy Khun, who knocked out Day 1A chipleader Manuel Bevand, with 838,000. Benjamin Pollak has lurked in the top ten chip counts for the past two days and Day 3 was no different. Pollak continued his solid streak and will return for Day 4 sixth in chips with 752,000. Tahiri Hassani also finished the night in the top 10 after beginning the day second in chips.

Players reached the money during Level 12 when Raul Paez moved all-in from the button with AQ and was called by Khun, who held two red sevens. The board ran out K54TK and Paez just missed a min-cash of $8,658.

Khun then went on to eliminate Bevand in a massive pot. Bevand limped from the small blind and Khun raised to 21,000 from the big blind. Bevand called, the flop was KT3 and things got interesting. Bevand checked, Khun fired out 23,000 and Bevand called to see the 4 on the turn. Bevand then check-called Khun’s bet of 53,000 and the 7 turned up on the river. Bevand checked a third time and Khun announced he was all-in. The Frenchman removed his headphones, stood and went into the tank. Bevand mulled his decision over long enough for the clock to be called and then made his move. He called Khun’s all-in for less and was dismayed to see his opponent open up pocket Aces. Bevand’s Jack-Ten was no good and he was eliminated.

A piece of the prize pool would have been a nice birthday present for Steve O’Dwyer, but the 31-year old was sent to the rail before the money was reached. Other Day 3 eliminations included Lukas Berglund, guaranteeing a brand new WPT champion will be crowned, Yannick Bonnet, Victor De La Malla and Francesco De La Luca.

WPT Barcelona Day 3 Top Ten Chip Counts:

  1. Sergio Fernandez – 1,268,000
  2. Chanracy Khun – 838,000
  3. David Konstandoff – 791,000
  4. Antonio Alfaia – 780,000
  5. Benjamin Pollak – 752,000
  6. Alvaro Ballesteros – 697,000
  7. Mario Sanchez – 671,000
  8. Tahiri Hassani – 560,000
  9. Paul Testud – 520,000
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