First Look at the 2015 Online Player of the Year Rankings

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The 2015 New Jersey and Nevada Online Player of the Year rankings are provided by thepokerdb.

This year, on top of comprehensive online Sunday Major coverage from the regulated sites of New Jersey and Nevada, will also bring you weekly Player of the Year rankings and player features, highlighting some of the best online players in the country as they compete for the 2015 POY titles in their respective states.

The rankings and calculations are provided via thepokerdb and since this is the first installment of this POY series, let’s take a quick second to explain the rankings without the use of complex mathematical formulas or calculators.

Simply put, every time a player cashes in a tournament they are awarded points. It should go without saying that the bigger the field, the better the finish and the larger the buy-in, the more points a player will be awarded.

A complete explanation of not only the formula used to calculate the POY points but also the difference between the “micro”, “mid” and “high” rankings – along with the national and state specific rankings – can be found on thepokerdb website.

Without further ado, the first installment of the 2015 Online Player of the Year rankings, as of February 9th:

2015 NJ Online Player of the Year Rankings*:

*The website listed next to each players name in the NJ POY rankings represents the site that recognizes as the players “main” account, but as you can see, nearly all of these players have linked accounts and results from other NJ sites.

  1. AnthonyMason ( – 15,857.95
  2. JohnnyDrama (BoragataPoker) – 14,923.74
  3. juice ( – 14,075.60
  4. centrfieldr ( – 13,087.05
  5. gresmaul ( – 12,669.46
  6. phatdaddy ( – 11,938.80
  7. Hashtag_Hashtag (BorgataPoker) – 11,626.45
  8. Flawlessbinkage (BorgataPoker) – 11,561.04
  9. Deuxexmachin ( – 11,482.80
  10. BlckJck ( – 11,379.16
  11. jakep474 (partypoker) – 11,246.50
  12. BiggDaddy ( – 10,760.34
  13. CharlieBrown ( – 10,677.18
  14. MikeyCasino (partypoker) – 10,607.92
  15. sofcknsickk (partypoker) – 10,511.01
  16. LuckySpewy (partypoker) – 10,414.36
  17. seedload (BorgataPoker) – 10,234.42
  18. Jermz ( – 10,229.35
  19. Luckyriver13 ( – 10,104.57
  20. wolverine17 ( – 10,076

The New Jersey POY rankings show an interesting early dynamic with neither “JohnnyDrama“, who leads the “mid stakes” rankings, or “juice“, who leads the “high stakes” rankings, at the top of the list.

That top honor is currently held by “AnthonyMason” who came out of the gates strong in 2015, winning four major titles and notching two other podium finishes in some of the biggest tournaments the New Jersey sites have to offer.

“AnthonyMason” opened the 2015 calendar with a daily $10,000 guaranteed win on partypoker for $2,000, and then he went on a week long tear to end the month of January. He won a $10,000 Sunday Major for $4,200 and two partypoker GSSS titles – #13 Low-$15,000 GTD and #18 High-$20,000 GTD – earning close to $9,000 for those two victories.

centrfieldr” might not have the earnings to match “AnthonyMason” just yet, but they opened the year with a fair share of wins in their own right – with’s NJ High Roller being the tournament of choice for “centrfieldr”, who conquered that event twice already in 2015.

gresmaul” has victories from nearly every New Jersey site and the size of the buy-in or field doesn’t seem to matter, as he’s won events at the highest stakes and the micros along with everything in between. His biggest 2015 score came in early January, when he won the $25,000 GTD (R+A) Event 1 of the Winter Poker Classic for just over $11,000 – a big result that is a major reason why he rounds out the top five.

As you can see, “EasyGrinder” who won two Sunday Major titles this past weekend, was not able to crack the top twenty, showing that one or two big wins aren’t enough in and of themselves to break into this POY list.

2015 Nevada Online Player of the Year Rankings:

  1. butters – 8,751.31
  2. freezer – 8,330.13
  3. PaulDewald – 7,657.70
  4. helionic – 6,748.16
  5. BShriever5 – 6,633.46
  6. papaya – 6,317.64
  7. Carl0sDanger – 5,980.02
  8. brokefinger – 5,623.94
  9. scross – 5,589.83
  10. cantfakeit – 5,531.09 is the only site currently running a full online tournament schedule in Nevada, but that doesn’t mean that “butters” spot at the top of this list isn’t deserved.

Quite the contrary, as “butters” has over $110,000 in online winnings over the last year and five outright victoriesso far in 2015. They seem to have the $3,000 GTD nightly on lock, winning that event four times already this year.

It seems like “freezer“, who sits second in the opening Nevada POY list, and “butters” have been trading $3,000 GTD wins to start the year, as “freezer” has three wins of his own in that tournament – in addition to two $2,000 GTD outright wins.

It should be noted that neither “hort336” or “VPIHokie1970“, who won the NJ and Nevada POY honors for 2014, are listed on either state’s early top twenty list but both are expected to be contenders again despite getting off to slow starts in 2015.

Next week we will bring you the first player feature as will highlight a top contender for the NJ Player of the Year title.

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