First Place Worth $8.35 Million, Mizrachi Grinding Up Top

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi is one of the Chip Leaders at the end of Day 1C (Jay Newnum Photo)

Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi is one of the Chip Leaders at the end of Day 1C (Jay Newnum Photo)

With Day 1c wrapping up, the total field size and prizepool has been announced. 6,352 players have registered for the 2013 Main Event and 648 of those players will make the money. A min-cash is worth $19,106 and first place will be awarded just over $8.3 million along with the WSOP gold bracelet.

Day 1c alone brought 3,467 players alone, which was the biggest starting flight in Main Event history. With that many players in the field, there are just shy of 196 million chips in play.

“So we got to win 190 million chips?” asked Ben Sulsky at his table. “That seems really hard. I can’t even picture myself winning 190 million chips.”

Mizrachi Still Going Strong After Dinner Break

Michael Mizrachi scooped a pot of around 30,000 to put him near the 200,000 chip mark. He tabled AJ, giving him the nut straight and his opponent mucked his hand. After the hand one player at the table remarked “If we were doing table flips, I think you would have won 75% of the hands.”

Mizrachi shook his head and said “No, because I bluff half the time.”

Mizrachi would finish the day as one of the biggest stacks in the room with just over 176,000. The unofficial chip leader for the day was Imari Love, who finished with 214,300.

Durrrr is in the House, Sort Of

Tom Dwan’s stack has been spotted in the Pavilion room today, but the man known as “Durrrr” isn’t sitting in the seat occupied by those chips. He is letting himself get blinded out for at least the majority of the day today. Instead of playing his chips in the Main Event, rumors have it that he has been spotted at the Aria playing Open Face Chinese Poker for $3,000 a point.

Clements Scoops with Snowmen

Scott Clements raised from early position and was called by a player in late position and a player in the big blind. The flop was 763 and the big blind checked. Clements bet 800 and was called by the player behind him. After the big blind folded the dealer put out the K turn. Clements check-called 1,000 and both players checked a J river card. Clements tabled 88 and his opponent mucked his hand. Clements is slightly above average.

Bellande Not Broke, Just Can’t Beat a Straight

After a raise to 800 from middle position and a call, Jean-Robert Bellande three-bets to 2,500. The original raiser called and they went heads-up to a flop of JT8. Both players checked before a 3 fell on the turn. The player from middle position bet 2,500 and Bellande tossed in a call. The Q came on the river and both players checked. The player in middle position tabled T9, giving him a rivered straight as Bellande shook his head in disgust and mucked his hand.

Notable Chip Counts:

  • Jason Mercier – 45,950
  • David Vamplew – 47,500
  • Allen Cunningham – 63,250
  • Antonio Esfandiari – 14,500
  • Scott Clements – 68,900
  • Freddy Deeb – 120,525
  • Vanessa Selbst – 115,225
  • Roberto Luongo – 55,600
  • Stephen Chidwick – 120,000
  • Jason Koon – 22,800
  • Matt Affleck – 67,000
  • Michael Mizrachi – 176,100
  • Joseph Cheong – 143,375
  • David Peters – 29,150
  • Eric Baldwin – 12,750
  • Jean-Robert Bellande – 91,400

Devo Four-Bet Jams 

It folded around to Bryan Devonshire on the button who raised to 1,425. The player in the big blind three-bet to 5,840. Devonshire asked to see the player’s stack and after the player leaned back, Devonshire announced he was all in for 23,950. The big blind counted out a call and then counted what he would have left if he lost the hand. After several minutes in the tank before finally releasing his hand.

“I had a hand,” said the big blind.

“I believe you,” replied Devonshire. “If you were just hollywooding, you accomplished that in the first two minutes.”

With that pot, Devonshire is up to around 38,000 in chips.

Racener Runs Into Trips

After some preflop raising, John Racener and his opponent took a flop of T53. Racener bet 3,500 after his opponent checked. His opponent check-called and both players checked the 5 turn card. The 8 came on the river. The other player bet out 10,575 and Racener didn’t take too long before calling. Racener mucked his hand when the other player exposed A5.

“Post that shit,” said the player who scooped the pot.

Racener’s stack dropped to around 55,000 as Ylon Schwartz sat down in the vacant seat to Racener’s immediate right.

Cheong Being Active

Joseph Cheong is doing what Joseph Cheong does – play lots of pots. On a flop that saw four players call 1,000, they went to the turn with the board reading A4K4. It checked over to a player in late position, who bet 2,800. Two players folded before Cheong check-called. The river was the 6 and both players checked. Cheong tabled AQ and scooped the pot as he climbed to 117,000 in chips.

Just a few hands later, David Peters raised from early position and Cheong called from the small blind. The flop came QJ2 and Cheong check-called 1,500. The turn was the T and Cheong check-called again, this time 2,750. The river was the 9 and both players checked. Peters showed 89, giving him a straight and Cheong mucked his hand. Peters climbed to just over 30,000 with that pot.

Reynolds Has Aces Cracked to End Main Event Run

In two consecutive hands, William Reynolds saw his Main Event come to a crashing halt.

Reynolds raised to 1,000 from middle position and was called by Antonio Esfandiari on his direct left and the player on the button. The three of them saw a flop of K85 and Reynolds led for 1,800. Esfandiari raised to 4,000 and after the button folded, Reynolds tossed his hand into the muck.

On the next hand, Reynolds made it 1,000 again. Scott Clements three-bet to 2,500 and Reynolds four-bet to 5,150. Clements called and Esfandiari shouted “Fireworks coming to a theater near you.”

The flop came 854 and Reynolds bet 6,000. Clements raised to 16,000 and Reynolds moved in for 18,000. Clements called and tabled KQ, giving him a flush draw and Reynolds showed AA. The turn was the T, which gave Clements a flush, but Reynolds still held a re-draw to the nut flush. The river bricked off as the J fell and Reynolds exited the Brasilia room.

Not Everybody Can Leave Happy

It wasn’t all fun and games for all the players today as many top pros were eliminated. Some of those players included Loni Harwood, Andre Akkari, Jeff Madsen, Shaun Deeb, Jennifer Tilly, Jonathan Duhamel, and William Reynolds.

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