First-Time Player Farid Yachou Wins WPT Amsterdam

In his first live tournament, Farid Yachou wins the first WPT event in Amsterdam, earning over $240,000 (photo credit - WPT)

In his first live tournament, Farid Yachou wins the first WPT event in Amsterdam, earning over $240,000 (photo credit – WPT)

The World Poker Tour made their debut in the Netherlands, visting the Holland Casino in Amsterdam for the €3,300 ($3,700 USD) Main Event, drawing a field of 341 entries. Among the entries was Farid Yachou, playing in his first poker tournament, preferring to learn the game in a cash game with his friends. Yachou overcame his inexperience to emerge as the winner of the WPT Amsterdam Main Event, earning $241,669 and a seat at the 2016 WPT World Championship.

WPT Amsterdam paid the top 45 players with these notables among them: Sorel Mizzi (10th), Giacomo Fundaro (12th), Scott Davies (16th), Noah Boeken (30th), Steve O’Dwyer (31st), 2014 WSOP Main Event runner-up Felix Stephensen (40th) and Simon Trumper (43rd).

The final six players returned Saturday with this lineup:

Seat 1: Jason Wheeler – 1,095,000
Seat 2: Fredrik Andersson – 2,195,000
Seat 3: Kees van Brugge – 1,270,000
Seat 4: Joep van den Bijgaart – 1,650,000
Seat 5: Farid Yachou – 1,195,000
Seat 6: Steve Warburton – 2,810,000

Jason Wheeler started the WPT Amsterdam series with a win in the High Roller event, but couldn’t pull off the double as he was eliminated on the tenth hand of the final table. On a board of J 3 2 5, Farid Yachou bet out and Wheeler put the rest of his chips in the middle. Yachou called with 3 3 for a flopped set as Wheeler held J 5 for a turned two pair. The K on the river wasn’t one of Wheeler’s outs as five remained.

The next player dispatched from the final table was Dutch pro Joep van den Bijgaart opened with a raise with T T and shoved over Steve Warburton’s three-bet, facing a coinflip against Warburton’s A Q. The board ran out 9 K 2 7 Q as van den Bijgaart fell in fifth as Warburton extended his lead. The river was also unkind to Fredrik Andersson a few hands later. Andersson held A K against the K T of Kees van Brugge as Andersson’s tournament life was at stake. Five cards later – 8 6 6 7 9 and it was van Brugge making a straight, collecting Andersson’s stack.

Three-handed play continued for over 70 hands as Steve Warburton and Farid Yachou battled for the lead while the stack of Kees van Brugge dwindled. The final hand for van Brugge saw him move all in his 20 big-blind stack with A 8 as Warburton called with a dominating A Q. The Q Q 6 flop put Warburton well ahead as the A on the turn gave van Brugge needing the last ace in the deck to chop the pot and stay alive. The 9 on the river left Warburton holding a slight chip lead over Yachou heads-up.

Heads-up play between Steve Warburton and Farid Yachou started with Yachou quickly taking the lead but the more experienced Warburton quickly regained the advantage. The key hand of the heads-up play as Warburton shoved with K 5 on a K J 9 5 board as Yachou called with 9 9 for a flopped set. Warburton was drawing to two outs as the Q was no good, giving Yachou a dominating four to one chip lead. Two hands later Yachou limped and Warburton shoved with A 8 as Yachou called holding 6 6. The final five cards of the tournament dealt, 9 4 3 4 3 ended the tournament with Yachou victorious.

The next World Poker Tour event takes players to the Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant Oklahoma with a $3,700 Main Event with a $2,000,000 guaranteed prize pool running from July 31 to August 4.

WPT Amsterdam Final Table Results (Payouts in USD):

  1. Farid Yachou – $241,669
  2. Steve Warburton – $168,606
  3. Kees van Brugge – $101,164
  4. Fredrik Andersson – $76,435
  5. Joep van den Bijgaart – $57,326
  6. Jason Wheeler – $46,086
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