Freddy Deeb Deep in $5K Six Max, Matt Glantz Leads Omaha/Stud Hi-Lo

Freddy Deeb has a huge stack in the $5,000 Six Max (Photo by Paul Oresteen)

Freddy Deeb has a huge stack in the $5,000 Six Max (Photo by Paul Oresteen)

The 2014 World Series of Poker opened with a light day on the schedule Wednesday. Two events rolled into Day 2 – $5,000 Six Max No Limit Hold’em and $2,500 Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo. A $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event kicked off at noon and there was no 4 pm event on schedule.

$1,500 No Limit Hold’em

The noon event saw over 1,500 players registered before the dinner break. The massive field already has been halved and just over 700 players remain. Ami Barer held the chip lead at the break but had the likes of David Peters, Gabriel Nassif, Joe Kuether and Jonathan Duhamel on his tail.

Sam Trickett, Amanda Baker, Phil Collins, Greg Raymer and Antonio Esfandiari played the event but found an early exit.

Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Ami Barer – 29,000
  2. Jude Ainsworth – 26,000
  3. Connor Drinan – 24,000
  4. Mamba Dss – 23,000
  5. Apoorva Goel – 22,500
  6. Hector Quiroz – 21,950
  7. David Peters – 20,200
  8. Dana Castaneda – 19,750
  9. Barry Greenstein – 19,500
  10. Steven Watts – 19,500

$5,000 Six Max No Limit Hold’em

The $5,000 Six Max event drew 541 entrants on Day 1 and just 129 of those players returned for Day 2. Chris Hunichen returned with the chip lead with 177,200 and was joined by Bryn Kenney, Griffin Benger, Tom Marchese and Scott Seiver.

The day began with the march to the money set at 60 players. The field hit the money bubble approaching the dinner break with Andrea Dato and Freddy Deeb leading the field. “I’m hitting the cards and getting lucky,” Deeb said. “It’s a lot of action and you don’t need to have the nuts like you do in a full game.”

“I feel good, I quit smoking five months ago and I’m feeling healthy,” Deeb continued. “If you feel good everything else will follow.”

Nicholas Immekus was the unfortunate bubble boy and was eliminated by Jean Gaspard. Immekus moved all in preflop with pocket queens and Gaspard called with A 7. The board ran 9 5 3 4 6 and Gaspard back-doored a straight.

Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Andrea Dato – 297,000
  2. Freddy Deeb – 273,000
  3. Stefan Jedlicka – 260,000
  4. Jean Gaspard – 245,000
  5. Tommy Miller – 238,000
  6. Bryn Kenney – 215,000
  7. Ben Volpe – 213,000
  8. Griffin Benger – 210,000
  9. Noah Vaillancourt – 210,000
  10. Blake Whittington – 203,000

$2,500 Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo

Day 1 of the event  saw 470 players enter the event and 139 players survived. Cameron Tahmasebi returned as the chip leader but had a talented field that included Brett Richey, Noah Bronstein, Matt Glantz and George Danzer.

On the front of all their minds was the money bubble set at 48 players and the field was about 15 players off the bubble at the midway point of the day. Phil Galfond, Richey, John Racener, Chau Giang, Matt Savage and Dan Shak have been eliminated.

Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Matt Glantz – 130,000
  2. Cameron Tahmasebi – 120,000
  3. Fu Wong – 105,000
  4. Tyson Marks – 100,000
  5. Vanessa Selbst – 85,000
  6. Matt Lefkowitz – 85,000
  7. Chris Klodnicki – 84,000
  8. Jon D’Agostino – 80,000
  9. John Kabbaj – 80,000
  10. Michael Moed – 75,000

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The Pavilion Daily Deepstacks Crowd

The $235 Daily Deepstack event drew 962 entrants and created a prizepool of $182,780. The top 99 finishers will earn a cash but they are about 600 players away from the money.

Three tables were running $75/$150 Omaha Hi-Lo with two tables running $50/$100 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo in the bullpen area of the cash game area. Ten tables were spreading Pineapple OFC ranging from $10 a point to $25 a point.


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