George Danzer Wins Second Bracelet of WSOP in $10K Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Championship

George Danzer became the first multiple bracelet winner of the 2014 WSOP (Drew Amato Photo)

George Danzer became the first multiple bracelet winner of the 2014 WSOP (Drew Amato Photo)

George Danzer pushed back his $10,000 Razz Championship bracelet ceremony so that he could give his girlfriend time to get into Las Vegas and be in attendance for it. On Thursday night, Danzer had her in the crowd as he put on a repeat performance and took home his second bracelet of the 2014 WSOP in the $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Championship.

“It’s perfect,” said Danzer. “I said to her ‘I have to win another one now since you’re here and you can be on the rail and cheer me on’ but it was more like a joke. It came true so it’s awesome.”

It took Danzer three days to top a field of 134 players to earn his second piece of WSOP gold and becomes the first multiple bracelet winner of the summer. He also adds $352,696 to his lifetime tournament earnings with the win.

The win gives Danzer another 270 points in the WSOP Player of the Year race and a sizeable lead over his competition. Justin Bonomo is still in second, could win the $1 million buy-in One Drop tournament, and still would not pass Danzer in the race. Despite the lead, Danzer doesn’t plan on changing his schedule to chase the title.

“I had a very busy schedule anyway with one tournament every day,” said the German pro. “There were two or three days where I planned to play the noon event and the other one if I bust out. So I’m busy enough with the schedule I made for myself. I’m not adding anything to overload myself.”

With Danzer’s win on Thursday night, it is the fourth bracelet that a German player has won so far this year. Dominik Nitsche and Danzer have earned them all. Danzer’s have come in two small field, $10,000 buy-in Seven Card Stud variations, while Nitsche has earned his in the National Championship and in a large field, $1,000 No Limit Hold’em event.

“It depends on the variation,” said Danzer when asked who was the better player. “I’ll play him for the rest of our lives in Stud if he doesn’t get any better. And I wouldn’t play him any minute of our lives if it was No Limit Hold’em.”

Even though Danzer seems to be having a lot of success in these big buy-in non-hold’em fields, he still downplays his run and is attributing Lady Luck and the small fields with a lot of his success.

“It’s just easier to get through 100 players than going through 1,000 players no matter how the skill level is,” said Danzer. “Because maybe you are 20% or 30% better than players if you have a bigger field but if you have 50% more players, it’s still less likely for you to make it that far.”

The unofficial final table got off to a fast start with a double elimination on one of the first hands dealt. Richard Sklar and John Monnette both fell victim to Danzer. Sklar got his last 88,000 in on third street and Danzer bet fourth, fifth, and sixth street, with Monnette getting his last 12,000 in the middle on sixth. Their boards looked like this:

Sklar: (52)/A7T5
Danzer: (K9)/KK29
Monnette: (A3)/6Q53

Sklar and Monnette were drawing dead for half the pot as Danzer made a full house on sixth. Neither player filled their low on the river and Danzer scooped the whole pot. Monnette started the hand with more chips than Sklar, so Monnette gets credit for a final table appearance and takes home eighth place money.

David Singer was eliminated shortly after in a three-way pot. Jeff Lisandro completed and Singer moved his last 38,000 into the middle on third street. Danzer three-bet and created a side pot. Lisandro called a bet on fourth, but folded on fifth. Leaving Danzer and Singer heads-up with Singer at risk. Their boards ran out like this.

Danzer: (64)/5587/Q
Singer: (A2)/4JA6/Q

Danzer made an eight-high straight which gave him both the high and low halves of the pot and eliminated Singer in seventh.

Just before the limits went up, Chris George completed with the K and Calvin Anderson called with the 6. Brian Hastings called with the 2 showing and three players went to fourth street. George led out, Anderson folded and Hastings called. They got all in on fifth street with George at risk and their boards looking like this:

George: (K4)/K95
Hastings: (82)/2T8

George started the hand with split kings, but Hastings made two pair on fifth to take the lead. Neither player improved as George caught the J and the 2, while Hastings caught the A and the T to give Hastings the pot and leave the table five-handed.

Lisandro was the next player to bust, falling just short of yet another stud bracelet. With the limits having been increased to 25,000/50,000, Lisandro completed and Hastings called. Lisandro bet fifth and was raised by Hastings. Lisandro led out again on sixth and called off the last of his stack.

Lisandro: (AA)/K277
Hastings: (QQ)/Q9T2

Lisandro started with concealed aces and made two pair on sixth, but Hastings started with rolled up queens. Lisandro would need to fill up to stay alive, but he squeezed the 6 to be sent to the rail in fifth place.

The final four players took a 20 minute break with Anderson and Danzer at the top of the chip counts. Hastings was close behind and John Racener was the short stack. After coming back from break and dropping a few pots in a row, Hastings quickly became the short stack of the four.

With the limits increased to 30,000/60,000, Danzer completed with the T and Hastings raised with the K. Racener called with the A and Danzer called as well. Hastings got the last of his chips in the middle on fourth street and Danzer check-raised and Racener called as they built a side pot. Both players checked fifth and Racener called a bet on sixth before check-folding seventh.

Danzer: (AA)/T768/9
Hastings: (x-x)/K52Q/(x)
Racener: (x-x)/A75J/(x)

Danzer started with concealed aces, but ended up with a ten-high straight. Hastings mucked his hand and headed away from the tournament area to collect his winnings.

Danzer started three-handed play with just shy of 2 million in chips and Racener was on the short stack. With limits of 40,000/80,000, Anderson held 1.4 million and Racener was sitting with 680,000.

Racener got even shorter and had dropped to just over 1 big bet, but continued to survive his all ins and scoop pots, mostly at Anderson’s expense. Racner continued to hold over Anderson by eliminating him in third place.

Danzer completed and Racener called. Anderson called as well and three players went to fourth street. Racener and Anderson checked, Danzer bet, and Racener check-raised. Anderson called off the rest of his stack and Danzer called as well. It got checked to the river when Racener led out and Danzer folded.

Danzer: (x-x)/6443/(x)
Racener (AJ)/J28J/(7)
Anderson: (87)/6T57/(5)

Anderson showed two pair, but Racener tabled a full house and Anderson fell short of his second Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo bracelet of the summer.

Danzer started the heads-up battle with just shy of 2.5 million to Racener’s 1.6 million. Danzer quickly put some distance between him and his opponent by quickly getting up over 3.1 million and leaving Racener with just under 10 big bets.

Danzer made a straight and had a better low to scoop a pot from Racener, which left Racener with just over two big bets and then they got the rest of Racener’s chips in the middle just a few moments later.

Racener completed with the Q and Danzer raised with the 9. They got into a raising war that led to Racener committing the last of his chips on third street. Their hole cards were tabled and their boards ran out like this:

Danzer: (K8)/9JK3/2
Racener: (AT)/Q52Q/8

Racener made a pair of queens on sixth, but was behind Danzer’s pair of kings which he made on fifth. Neither player improved to better than one pair and neither made a low, which gave the whole pot to Danzer and he took home his second bracelet of the summer.

Here are a look at the results:

  1. George Danzer – $352,696
  2. John Racner – $217,935
  3. Calvin Anderson – $136,490
  4. Brian Hastings – $98,828
  5. Jeff Lisandro – $77,238
  6. Chris George – $61,594
  7. David Singer – $50,018
  8. John Monnette – $41,277
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