George Danzer Wins Third Bracelet, Claims Stranglehold on WSOP POY

George Danzer's third bracelet of 2014 puts him in front for WSOP POY (Photos courtesy of Poker Asia Pacific).

George Danzer’s third bracelet of 2014 puts him in front for WSOP POY. (Photos courtesy of Poker Asia Pacific)

The final stretch of the race for 2014 World Series Player of the Year has been reminiscent of a 12 round heavyweight title fight with both combatants, Brandon Shack-Harris and George Danzer, landing body blows to score points. But Sunday night in Melbourne Danzer landed what is most likely the knockout punch. Danzer overcame a final table that included Scott Clements and Jonathan Duhamel to win the $5,000 Mixed Game event for his third WSOP bracelet of 2014 and $74,193.

Coming in to WSOP APAC, Danzer was hopeful he’d be able to wrap-up POY honors but his significant other had even more faith.

“My girlfriend was telling me I was going to get another bracelet. I thought I might cash two times and be happy if I maybe win Player of the Year,” said Danzer.

When the final table began Danzer was the shortest stack, with just 26,800 chips, well behind the the 179,200 that chipleader Scott Clements had. However, with so many different game variations in play, Danzer felt confident he at least had a puncher’s chance.

“On this final table I was happy to play all the games. Sometimes it happens when there are Stud-Hi specialists who have played for 20 years in New York and I don’t feel comfortable playing Stud-Hi against them,” said Danzer. “But this was a mixed table with some No Limit Hold’em players who are good at the mixed games like Jonathan, Ismael and Scott. They are good at all games, but they aren’t Stud-Hi specialists or anything like that.”

Over the first two hours of play the chip counts evened out amongst the five players chasing Clements. A few hands later Danzer had propelled himself into the top spot when things got interesting. In the span of five hands there were four elminations, leaving Clements and Danzer to play heads-up for the bracelet.

The first player to go was Sam Khouiss. Playing Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, Khouiss had the last of stack at risk against Clements before fourth street. Khouiss was ahead with wired aces but the run out put Clements ahead.

Khouiss: A A / 4 J 7 J / 4
Clements: A 3 / 4 9 2 8 / 3

With Clements making a flush and a low on sixth street and Khouiss, unable to improve to a full house, was eliminated in sixth place.

On the very next hand Duhamel used his own wired aces to earn an elimination. Tino Lechich paid the bring in showing 6 and then called a bet from Duhamel showing T to be all-in. The next four kids didn’t bring any relief for Lechich.

Lechich: 6 4 / 6 5 8 9 / J
Duhamel: A A / T 2 7 9 / T

Duhamel improved to two pair and Lechich was left with just a pair of sixes and was eliminated in fifth place.

The game then switched to Deuce to Seven Triple Draw and on just the second hand of that game, another player was eliminated. Ismael Bojang raised to 16,000, Duhamel raised to 24,000 and Clements and Bojang called. Duhamel drew one card while Clements and Bojang each drew two. All three players checked with Duhamel and Bojang drawing one and Clements drawing two. Clements then bet and Duhamel and Bojang both called. On the final draw Bojang stood pat, Duhamel drew one and Clements drew two yet again. Clements bet 16,000, Duhamel folded – leaving himself just 1,000 behind – and Bojang called his last 2,500. Clements turned over Tx 7x 4x 3x 2x, good enough to beat Bojang’s jack-low and Bojang, who has recorded 13 WSOP cashes in 2014, was eliminated in fourth.

With just a single chip left Duhamel was all-in on the very next hand as both Clements and Danzer came along. On the first draw Duhamel and Danzer both  drew three while Clements drew two. On the second draw Duhamel and Danzer both drew two and Clements drew one. The final draw saw Duhamel draw two, Danzer drew one while Clements stood pat. Danzer flipped over 8x 6x 4x 3x 2x and the other two players mucked, sending Duhamel to the rail in third place.

When heads-up play began Danzer was head of Clements 411,000 – 309,000. The pair played for just over two hours, with the chip lead going back and forth, before Danzer finally overcame Clements in a round of No Limit Hold’em. Clements put the last of his stack – 52,000 – all-in preflop from the button and Danzer called. Clements turned over Q 6 and was slightly ahead of Danzer’s J T. The board ran out T 3 2 K 2 giving Danzer a pair of tens and the third WSOP bracelet of his year.

Final Table Payouts

  1. George Danzer- $74,193
  2. Scott Clements – $45,902
  3. Jonathan Duhamel – $30,073
  4. Ismael Bojang – $20,774
  5. Tino Lechich – $15,234
  6. Sam Khouiss – $11,673
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