Georgios Zisimopoulos Leads 280 Survivors in EPT London Day 1B

Giorgios Zisimopoulos edged out Leo Nordin for the Day 1B chip lead at EPT London. (Photo by Neal Stoddart)

Giorgios Zisimopoulos edged out Leo Nordin for the Day 1B chip lead at EPT London. (Photo by Neal Stoddart)

Georgios Zisimopoulos finished on top of Day 1B of the European Poker Tour London Main Event. He picked up a large pot near the end of play to edge out Leo Nordin for the chip lead.

Two Team PokerStars Pros landed in the top ten counts – Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and two-time EPT champ Vicky Coren Mitchell. Steven Watts, Liv Boeree, Theo Jorgensen, Mickey Petersen and Stephen Chidwick all bagged up above average stacks.

American standouts Jennifer Shahade, Matt Waxman, Shannon Shorr and Dan Colman all bagged up chips and advance to Day 2.

Olivier Busquet, Fabrice Soullier, Bryn Kenney, Phillip Gruissem, Griffin Benger and David Peters will not play Day 2 as they didn’t survive the day.

Zisimopoulos’ decisive late-night pot came when he and Steven Lewzey went to a five-bet flop of T 2 2. Zisimopoulos led out on the the flop, Lewzey folded and and Zisimopoulos stacked over 150,000.

Talal Shakerchi, fresh off a cash at the WPT Alpha8 London event, went to a Q T 7 flop with Martin Stazsko and Carter Swidler. Shakerchi check-folded after Staszko bet and Swidler called. The turn came 4, Staszko bet 3,600 and Swidler called. The river came 7, Stasko fired again, Swidler mucked and Staszko moved over 50,000.

Coren Mitchell and Ole Schemion got involved in a pot before the dinner break. They went to a J 9 6 flop, Coren Mitchell bet, Schemion called and the turn came 5. They both checked, the K came on the river and they both checked again. Coren Mitchell turned up 8 7 for a straight and Schemion mucked.

Boeree picked up a big stack early in the day when she fired every street on a T 3 2 Q A board. Alexis Urli called the whole way with A Q for top two pair but Boeree had bad news when she tabled K J for Broadway and claimed a near six-figure pot.

The second Day 1 flight saw 441 entrants but only 280 remained at the end of play. The combined field of 415 players, 135 from Day 1A, resume for six levels Tuesday.

Top Ten Day 1B Chip Counts

  1. Georgios Zisimopoulos – 171,500
  2. Leo Nordin – 169,100
  3. Nicolas Chouity – 152,700
  4. Bertrand “ElkY” Gropellier – 147,900
  5. Pablo Gordillo – 145,000
  6. Frederik Jensen – 124,000
  7. Christopher Swaminathan – 121,600
  8. Victoria Coren Mitchell – 115,000
  9. Marco Caza – 114,000
  10. Steven Watts – 111,000
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