German Wunderkind Ole Schemion Wins EPT San Remo High Roller

Ole Schemion won the EPT San Remo High Roller event for his tenth career title (PokerStars photo / Neil Stoddar)

Ole Schemion won the EPT San Remo High Roller event for his tenth career title (PokerStars photo / Neil Stoddart)

The legend of young poker phenom Ole Schemion continues to grow. On Sunday the 21-year-old German poker pro took down the EPT San Remo High Roller event, beating Canadian poker pro Max Greenwood heads-up, for a $366,076 score.

In just three short years Schemion has had a career that most poker players would be happy with as their body of work from an entire career. He has now cashed 39 times, 30 of those cashes are final table appearances and, with his win in San Remo, he’s now won 10 events for career earnings of $4,657,277.

The $14,000 buy-in three day event attracted 105 players putting the total prizepool at $1,421,480.

The first player to leave the eight-handed final table was Ben Mahmoud who found himself a victim of then-chipleader Philip Sternheimer on the very first hand of play. After a small raise from Sternheimer, Mahmoud moved all-in from the small blind and was called only by Sternheimer. Mahmoud, a short stack to start the day, tabled A Q but found himself in a world of hurt when Sternheimer tabled A A. The T 9 4 K 7 board didn’t help Mahmoud and he was out in eighth place while Sternheimer increased his lead and surpassed the 1,000,000 chip mark.

About 90 minutes later Max Greenwood raised from UTG and found two callers, including Tamer Kamel in the big blind. The flop came Q Q 5 and action checked to Greenwood who fired a bet only to be check-raised all-in by Kamel. Greenwood called instantly, tabled Q J and watched as Kamel showed A 5. The 6 turn ended any chance of a miracle for Kamel and he was eliminated in seventh once the 5 completed the board.
Schemion picked up his first elimination of the day about 30 minutes later after Griffen Benger moved all-in from the button with A 5. Schemion called from the big blind with A K and watched as the dealer dealt out the 9 8 4 8 J board given Benger no relief and an exit in sixth place.
An hour passed with little action before Schemion sent another player to the rail. Action folded to Mustapha Kanit in the small blind and he threw in a small raise only to have Schemion defend from the big blind. After a flop of 9 4 7 Kanit bet 43,000 and Schemion called again. After the A turn Kanit bet again, this time putting 103,000 into the middle and again Schemion just called. After the Q on the river, Kanit announced he was all-in and Schemion called quickly. Kanit showed A 4 but Schemion showed A 7 for a better two pair and Kanit was eliminated by Schemion.
Not letting his momentum slow, Schemion took only 30 minutes to find another player to send packing. This time he found himself coming out ahead of Sternheimer in a clash of big stacks. Schemion opened with a raise to 67,000 from the small blind. Sternheimer fired back with a raise to 174,000 and Schemion responded with a re-raise to 349,000. After some time Sternheimer put in another raise to 675,000 and Schemion again put in another bet, this time announcing all-in. Sternheimer called and flipped over J J but Schemion tabled the A A monster. Sternheimer failed to connect with the Q 7 4 7 K board and found himself down less than a single bet and found himself out of the tournament in fourth place on the very next hand, again at the hands of Schemion.
Just one hand later Schemion did it again. The German pro opened with a raise to 50,000 from the button and got one call from Alex Bilokur in the big blind. The flop came A 6 2 and after Bilokur checked to him, Schemion bet 40,000. Bilokur moved all-in for his last 330,000 and Schemion called and flipped over A 7 for top pair while Bilokur showed J 2 for bottom pair. The 3 turn and 8 river didn’t give Bilokur any assistance and he was eliminated in second place leaving Schemion and Greenwood to play for the title and $366,076 first place prize money.
Thanks to his slew of eliminations Schemion began heads-up play with a 2-1 chip lead and it took him only 20 minutes to send the Canadian pro to the rail. After wearing Greenwood down over a few big hands Schemion finally got all of the chips. Schemion opened the action with a raise to 65,000 but Greenwood fired back with a raise to 170,000. Schemion fired one more time, raising again to 333,000 but again Greenwood had more bullets to fire and moved all-in and Schemion called. Greenwood turned up A 4 and found himself dominated by the [Ah J of Schemion. After both players connected on the J 9 4 flop the 6 turn and T left Greenwood behind and gave Schemion yet another title to add to his ever-growing collection.
Final Table Payouts
  1. Ole Schemion – $366,076
  2. Max Greenwood – $251,556
  3. Alex Bilokur – $164,941
  4. Philip Sternheimer – $133,583
  5. Mustapha Kanit – $107,336
  6. Griffin Benger – $83,852
  7. Tamer Kamel – $66,032
  8. Ben Mahmoud – $50,491
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