Greg Kolo Wins $1,500 Pot Limit Hold’em, First Bracelet & $169,225

Greg Kolo won the Pot Limit Hold'em bracelet in quick fashion. (Photo by Drew Amato)

Greg Kolo won the Pot Limit Hold’em bracelet in quick fashion. (Photo by Drew Amato)

The $1,500 Pot Limit Hold’em event entered it’s final day at the 2014 World Series of Poker with just eight players remaining. Greg Kolo carried the chip lead into the final table, kept his momentum going and won his first WSOP gold bracelet and $169,225 in under three hours.

“The key to the final table being so fast was that me and Kazu (Oshima) won most of the big pots,” Kolo said. “I thought we might have a four-hour heads-up match because we were so deep, but it didn’t happen to go that way. I had a decent run of cards.”

“I lost the first two hands I played and I was really mad at myself – I called one of Oshima’s bet I shouldn’t and bet a flop I shouldn’t have,” Kolo continued. “But once I hit the first break with 900,000 I didn’t have too many doubts. I’ve played a lot of tournaments and it feels good to be rewarded.”

Though Phil Collins did make the official final table, he did not return for Day 3 as Day 2 played until the hard stop. Collins got in a preflop raising war with Kolo and both stacks ended up in the middle. Collins tabled pocket queens but found a cooler form Kolo with pocket kings. Kolo flopped a set, Collins never caught up and he was eliminated.

Kazu Oshima, Dan Goldman and Ryan Schoonbaert returned with above average stacks while David Martirosyan, Ahmed Amin, Dean Bui and Tom McCormick rounded out the final table.

It took a few orbits around the table before the first elimination and Schoobaert was able to get his stack all in against Oshima preflop. Oshima held K J and was ahead of Schoonbaert’s Q 9. The board ran 7 4 3 4 J, Schoonbaert was eliminated and Oshima broke the million chip mark.

Just a few hands later Martirosyan and Amin were heads-up and all in preflop. Martirosyan held A K and dominated  Amin’s K J. The board ran A J 4 5 5 and Amin was eliminated in seventh place.

Then another three hands later, Oshima and Goldman saw a flop of Q 5 3. Goldman checked, Oshima bet the pot and Goldman check-raised all in holding K Q. Oshima called with a flush draw holding K 2 and the A fell on the river, eliminating Goldman.

The pace didn’t slow and five hands later Oshima called McCormick’s preflop all in bet. Oshima tabled J 9 and McCormick was looking to hold with a pair of threes. The flop hit Oshima when it fell J T 6 and McCormick was looking for one of the two remaining threes in the deck. The board completed with Q Q and McCormick was sent to the rail.

Twenty minutes later Martirosyan got his stack all in preflop and Oshima called holding A 9. Martirosyan needed help with Q 9 and watched the board run Oshima’s way with A 9 4 7 7. Martirosyan was eliminated in fourth place.

Two hands later Bui opened, Kolo three-bet and Bui moved all in. Kolo called, tabled A 8 and Bui showed pocket tens. The board ran 7 5 4 6 J, Bui was eliminated and Kolo and Oshima were set for heads-up play less than three hours after the restart.

Just six hands of heads-up play was needed to decide the champion. It began with Kolo opening, Oshima called and the flop fell J 3 2. Oshima check-raised to 130,000 and Kolo called. The turn came T, Oshima bet 200,000 and Kolo called. The river came 4, Oshima moved all in and Kolo called holding J 3 for a flopped two pair. Oshima threw his cards to dealer and they were revealed as Q 9.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Greg Kolo – $169,225
  2. Kazu Oshima – $104,513
  3. Dean Bui – $74,134
  4. David Martirosyan – $53,328
  5. Tom McCormick – $38,898
  6. Daniel Goldman – $28,769
  7. Ahmed Amin – $21,565
  8. Ryan Schoonbaert – $16,384
  9. Phil Collins – $12,610
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