Hansen & Blom Leaving FTP?, Smith’s Future, Cody Finds Perspective

Gus Hansen may not be rocking the Full Tilt Poker patch much longer.

Gus Hansen may not be rocking the Full Tilt Poker patch much longer.

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Did Full Tilt Poker Dump Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom or Not?

When PokerStars acquired Full Tilt Poker in July 2012 one of the pressing questions was what new ownership meant for the fate of the Red Pros. In most cases it meant unemployment, but Tom Dwan and Gus Hansen both maintained their Red Pro status while Vitkor Blom, a much-hyped member of Team PokerStars, had gone from the red spade of PokerStars to the red triangle of Full Tilt. Well, Dwan left the company in December 2013 leaving just Blom and Hansen as “The Professionals” representing the company. Now rumors suggest that those two may also have been dumped.

A weekend post on TwoPlusTwo.com mentioned that there were “lots of rumours out there that FT has sacked Viktor and Gus” and then went on to point out that the players profiles no longer appear on FullTiltPoker.com. A quick Google search however turns up www.fulltilt.com/full-tilt-pros which links directly to a page promoting Blom and Hansen. Getting to that page from FullTiltPoker.com however proves to be a bit of a challenge.

BLUFF has reached out to Full Tilt Poker for confirmation either way.

Dan Smith Meets His Dad’s Best Friend

About two weeks ago Houston Chronicle columnist Ken Hoffman wrote a touching piece about his childhood best friend “Smitty”. Turns out “Smitty” was the father of pro poker player Dan Smith. David Smith, Dan’s father, died in 2007. The column made its way around the poker world and eventually to Smith, who decided he wanted to meet Hoffman for the first time. That meeting happened last week.

Smith traveled to Bastrop, Texas to have lunch with Hoffman. And if you’re guessing that Hoffman wrote about the lunch with Smith for this week’s column, you’re bang on. Hoffman quickly noticed some similarities between 25-year-old Smith and his father.

“He was waiting for me on the patio of the Road House in Bastrop. Dan looks a lot like his dad – a few features in his face, some gestures with his hands, same Yankees cap. We ordered a couple of burgers and fries.”

The column goes into what Smith is doing now, how Black Friday impacted his life and Hoffman attempts to find out what Smith has planned for the future. It’s a worthy read.

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Jake Cody Puts It All In Perspective

British poker pro Jake Cody has won $3.7 million over the course of his poker career, including a fifth place finish in the EPT London Main event last week. He walked away disappointed that he wasn’t able to close out the win for his second career EPT title and second major victory in London (Cody won WPT London in 2010). While he was initially disappointed he quickly found perspective with a video of his young daughter watching her father on the livestream.


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