Harut Arutyunyan Wins Legends of Poker for $576,369

Harut Arutyunyan won the biggest prize of his career at WPT Legends of Poker. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Harut Arutyunyan won the biggest prize of his career at WPT Legends of Poker. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Harut Arutyunyan entered the final table of the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Main Event second in chips and navigated a final table that lasted nearly 200 hands to win the first event of Season XIII. Arutyunyan earned $576,369 and his first title after having just three previous cashes for a total of $3,425.

Massoud Eskandari began the final table with a large chip lead (5.9 million) followed by Arutyunyan (3.6 million) and Tyler Kenney (2.5 million). Tyler Cornell (2.5 million), Taylor McFarland (2.2 million) and Jeremy Kottler (1.9 million) rounded out the final six.

The first elimination came around two hours into play when Kottler, Eskandari and Cornell went to a flop of A 8 3. Eskandari led out, Cornell folded and Kottler raised. Eskandari called, the J came on the turn and Eskandari moved all in. Kottler called holding pocket kings and Eskandari had flopped an ace holding A 6. The river came J, Eskandari took the pot and Kottler was eliminated.

Around an hour later Cornell open-shoved, Arutyunyan called from the button and McFarland re-shoved behind and Arutyunyan called holding A T. Cornell tabled K J and McFarland showed pocket queens. McFarland had a slightly larger stack than Cornell and held the best hand. The board ran A 9 3 2 2 and Arutyunyan’s pair of aces knocked both players out. Cornell was credited with a fifth place finish and McFarland was out in fourth place.

The three-handed table settled in two hours before Kenney opened on the button, Eskandari raised from the small blind and Kenney four-bet shoved. Eskandari called with pocket sevens and Kenney had to hit the board holding A 2 to survive. The dealer spread J 9 5 3 9, Eskandari’s sevens held and Kenney was sent to the rail.

Heads up play began with Eskandari holding a significant chip lead with 15.2 million to Arutyunyan’s 3.7 million. The pair battled for almost 100 hands with the lead exchanging hands a few times. They each took turns doubling up as the short stack until Arutyunyan finally found a small edge.

The final hand began when Arutyunyan opened, Eskandari moved all in and Arutyunyan called holding A 8. Eskandari had kicker problems with A 7 and needed a bit of luck to stave off elimination. The board ran J 3 2 T 6 and Arutyunyan won over a half million dollars out-pipping Eskandari on an ace high winning hand.

Legends of Poker Final Table Payouts

  1. Harut Arutyunyan – $576,369
  2. Massoud Eskandari – $330,110
  3. Tyler Kenney – $213,600
  4. Taylor McFarland – $145,640
  5. Tyler Cornell – $103,560
  6. Jeremy Kottler – $83,075
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