How and Why Sylvan Loosli Was Eliminated in 4th Place

Sylvan Loosli avoided big chip swings and finished in fourth place.

Sylvan Loosli avoided big chip swings and finished in fourth place.

Sylvain Loosli returned to the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event sixth in chips with 19,600,000. The first couple of hours Loosli didn’t play many hands and dipped as low as around 10 million but after the third elimination he put his stack in play more often.

Loosli picked up two key pots back-to-back during six-handed play that increased his stack by a little over 50%. It began when Jay Farber min-raised and Loosli three-bet behind him to 3.65 million from the small blind. Farber called, the flop fell T 7 3, Loosli c-bet 3.6 million and Farber folded. Then he called a Marc Etienne McLaughlin open from the button and the flop came T T 2. McLaughlin bet 1.4 million and Loosli called. The turn came 5 and McLaughlin check-called 2.2 million. The river came 2, McLaughlin checked and Loosli bet 4.8 million. Mclaughlin folded and Loosli was suddenly up to 30 million.

Loosli hovered as the biggest stack of the four short stacks while Ryan Riess and Farber dominated table with about 60 million each. Loosli held around 25 million while McLaughlin, JC Tran and Amir Lehavot hovered around 20 big blinds. Then a key hand developed where Loosli appeared to misclick and it seemed to be the beginning of the end for the Frenchman.

He opened to 1.75 million in late position and McLaughlin called from the big blind. The flop came K 8 5, McLaughlin checked, Loosli bet two million and McLaughlin check-raised to 5.2 million. Loosli slid out a tall stack of chips, without counting, and it was less than a legal raise. But since it was more than half of a raise Tournament Director Jack Effel ruled that he had to complete the bet to 8.4 million. McLaughlin took advantage, moved all in and Loosli folded.

He dipped down to a little over 14 million and tightened up – both visibly and on the felt. But he caught a wave of fortune and climbed two pay jumps with the eliminations of McLaughlin and Tran. In four-handed play Farber held 103 million, Riess had 65 million and Loosli was just above Lehavot with 11.4 million to 10.4 million respectively.

Lehavot doubled up through Riess and Loosli was the short stack with about ten big blinds. He made his final stand moving in preflop from the small blind and Riess called from the big with A T. Loosli turned up Q 7 was just 35% to survive and the flop came K 9 8 and dropped down to 25% to stay in the tournament. The turn came 9 and the door shut a little further to about 13%. The river came A and Loosli was eliminated in fourth place for $2.8 million.

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