Jake Schindler Navigates Star-Studded Table, Wins $25K High Roller

Jake Schindler took down the title after chopping heads up with Greg Merson. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Jake Schindler took down the title after chopping heads up with Greg Merson. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

The third and final day of the 2014 PokerStars.net Caribbean Adventure $25,000 High Roller returned 14 players to action. After a ten hour day Jake Schindler bested an all-star field was the final player standing to win the title and $1,192,624.

“I’m pretty numb right now, I don’t know what to think – I’m speechless,” Schindler said moments after winning. “I though it was going to be pretty tough – which it was. It was a tough but awesome experience.”

Daniel Negreanu, Dan Smith, Dani Stern, Paul Newey, Myro Garcia and Marvin Rettenmaier were all eliminated in short order to trim the field down to the official final table.

Negreanu suffered a cooler in the opening minutes of the day. Greg Merson opened, Stern called and Negreanu three-bet from the big blind. Merson moved all in, Stern mucked and Negreanu insta-called with pocket kings. Merson had bad news for 2013 BLUFF Player of the Year when he tabled pocket aces. The board ran T 3 2 T 6 and Negreanu was eliminated.

Rettenmaier was eliminated on the final table bubble after he opened, Merson three-bet and Rettenmaier four-bet shoved. Merson called with A T and Rettenmaier was a slight favorite with pocket eights. The board ran A 9 4 Q 9 and Rettenmaier was eliminated.

The elimination from the final table came when Rob Mizrachi opened and Joao Vieira moved all in. Mizrachi called with pocket kings and Vieira tabled pocket nines. The board ran T 7 7 8 Q and Vieira was eliminated.

About an hour later Ole Schemion opened to 100,000, Schindler called from the big blind and the flop was 7 6 4. Schindler check-called 115,000, the turn came K and Schindler checked again. Schemion bet 225,000, Schindler check-raised all in and Schemion called. Schindler tabled 9 8 for a massive draw and Schemion held K J for a pair of kings. The river came T, filled Schindler’s straight and Schemion was crippled to just over an ante. He was eliminated on the next hand in seventh place.

The next elimination came when Aleksandr Denisov moved all in on a flop of K 5 4. Mizrachi called with pocket sixes and Denisov was way behind with pocket threes. The board finished T K and Deinsov was out as Mizrachi stacked 2 million.

Five-handed play drug on for a few hours without an elimination. The group went to dinner and after they returned the dam broke. Mizrachi opened the action, Vanessa Selbst three-bet and after the blinds released Mizrachi jammed. Selbst called with pocket eights and Mizrachi tabled K J. The board ran out A 7 7 9 5 and Mizrachi was eliminated.

Twenty minutes later Mustapha Kanit open-shoved in early position and Selbst called holding A A. Kanit was in a bad spot with pocket jacks and had to improve to stay alive. The board ran 9 8 4 7 8 and Kanit was eliminated.

Then just 20 minutes after that Selbst open-shoved on the button and Schindler called from the small blind holding A T. Selbst had kicker problems holding [Ax] [9x] and the board ran A Q 3 5 K. Selbst bowed out in third place and was unable to defend her title. However, she did finish third in the $100,000 Super High Roller and 42nd place in the Main Event for a pretty solid week.

Schindler and Merson took a short break and agreed to an ICM chop, leaving $200,000 for the winner. Upon returning Merson moved all in four times in a row without a call and then the pair to agreed to go all in blind.

The final hand saw Merson table 9 4 and Schindler with K T. The board ran T 8 3 A 4, they shook hands and Schindler won the title.

$25,000 Final Table Payouts

  1. Jake Schindler – $1,192,624
  2. Greg Merson – $948,996
  3. Vanessa Selbst – $607,580
  4. Mustapha Kanit – $492,600
  5. Robert Mizrachi – $389,720
  6. Aleksandr Denisov – $295,920
  7. Ole Schemion – $216,040
  8. Joao Vieira – $157,940
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