Jared Jaffee Earns WPT Title, $252,749 at bestbet Jacksonville

Jared Jaffee won over $250,000, a seat to the 2014 WPT Championship and a spot on the Champions Cup. (Photo c/o World Poker Tour)

Jared Jaffee won over $250,000, a seat to the 2014 WPT Championship and a spot on the Champions Cup. (Photo c/o World Poker Tour)

Jared Jaffee entered the final table of the 2013 World Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble with a commanding chiplead and the most experience among the last six players.

A short final table would seem to favor Jaffee, and in the end he emerged victorious to the tune of $252,749 and a seat to the 2014 WPT Championship, but it wasn’t quite that easy. Blake Purvis made a strong run of his own at the title, briefly pulling even with Jaffee after eliminating Michael Horchoff in third place.

Jaffee would quickly establish a lead during heads-up play, though, and he never trailed Purvis during their match for the title. After maintaining a fairly steady 2-to-1 lead, Jaffee finally put himself in position to win – but it was also a chance for Purvis to take a big lead of his own. Purvis raised to 250,000 at 50,000/100,000 and Jaffee called, with the flop coming out J J 6.

Jaffee checked, Purvis bet 400,000 and Jaffee check-raised to 1.3 million, only for Purvis to quickly move all in over the top. Jaffee called and tabled 2 4 for a heart draw, which he’d have to hit for any realistic chance of beating Purvis’ A A. The turn was the 6, keeping Purvis ahead to the river, but the Q made Jaffee’s hand and brought the tournament to an end on the 99th hand of the final table.

Things went the right way for Jaffee at the final table when it came to pocket aces. After just one orbit at the final table Johnny Price found his spot to double up, or so he thought. Price was the only player to start the day with less than 1 million, and he raised to 90,000 on the cutoff with T T. Jaffee three-bet to 215,000, Price four-bet all in for 615,000 and Jaffee beat him into the pot, tabling A A. There’d be no hope from the board as it ran out a clean K 5 4 5 6 as Jaffee sent Price out in sixth place.

After opening up an even bigger lead during a lengthy period of five-handed play, Jaffee faced an all in from Corrie Wunstel in a blind against blind scenario. Jaffee eventually called the 22 big blind shove with 9 9 and Wunstel had A J, with a 4 4 3 flop and 7 turn. Jaffee improved to a full house on the 9 river, eliminating Wunstel in fifth and further extending his lead.

Margo Costa was still well in the mix with four players remaining, hoping to become the first woman to win an open WPT event in the tour’s 12 year history. She then got involved in a massive pot with Purvis and they battled for a pot that would send them in opposite directions. Purvis raised to 125,000 and Costa called on the button, with the flop coming down Q 4 3.

Purvis bet 225,000 and Costa raised all in for 1.5 million, about 25 big blinds in total. Purvis eventually called with his 7 7 and his read was right on as Costa had K T for just king-high. The turn was the 2 and the river was the A, knocking Costa out in fourth place and pushing Purvis ever-closer to Jaffee and the lead.

Horchoff had less than 10 big blinds left and he shoved several times, picking up several pots as he searched for a much-needed double. After Purvis raised to 120,000 on the button Horchoff three-bet all in, and Purvis elected to call. Horchoff’s K 7 was ahead of Purvis’ J 8 and got stronger on the Q 6 4 flop. Purvis had just four outs going into the turn but the J suddenly put Horchoff on the brink, and with the 8 river, not the club or king Horchoff needed, it was time for heads-up play.

Jaffee battled Horchoff for 41 hands heads-up, nearly half of the total hands played at the final table, before ultimately finishing him off. The Champions Cup will have Jaffee’s name engraved upon it but it will soon be on the move – there are five more WPT events on the schedule in the last six months of 2013. Day 1A of WPT Caribbean is already underway, with the final table scheduled for Sunday.

2013 WPT bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble – Final Results

  1. Jared Jaffee – $252,749
  2. Blake Purvis – $166,139
  3. Michael Horchoff – $106,904
  4. Margo Costa – $79,114
  5. Corrie Wunstel – $59,335
  6. Johnny Price – $47,468
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