Jay Farber: Poker Player, Business Man, Socialite, Millionaire

Jay Farber has a substantial chip stack on Day 2 of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event. (Photo Credit: Drew Amato)

Jay Farber has a substantial chip stack on Day 2 of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event. (Photo Credit: Drew Amato)

Jay Farber is a local Las Vegas business man, and socialite, who came runner up in the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event. Farber was doing well in life before his final table performance, but the $5 million dollars he received afterward definitely afforded him a more comfortable lifestyle.  Farber had a massive stack by the middle of Day 2 at the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event, and was completely running his table over, before BLUFF got a chance to ask him a few questions.

He took a  minute and elaborated on how his day had been going, and what life has been like before and after his big score.

“My day’s been going well. I’ve just been steadily chipping up, I most be close to 135k or something like that. It’s a pretty good table draw, I’m really happy with it. I like the seat, and the players,” said Farber.

“”I work with all the night clubs here in Vegas. I’m kind of like a glorified concierge. I take people out and make sure they have a good time, and party. It’s my own company. I work for myself with all the nightclubs in Vegas. So if anybody wants to be anywhere, I’m pretty much able to get whatever they want. My website is jayfarberlv.com, and I’m reachable through my twitter and instagram, so if anybody needs to get a hold of me, they can contact me that way.””

Although most people would have been greatly changed by winning such a large sum of money, the score hasn’t seemed to have quite the affect on Farber’s life as it would others.

“My life’s pretty much the same post final table as it was before. I still work, I still hang out. I bought a house, and I’ve got some dogs to keep myself grounded,” said Farber.

“I had to give some of the money away obviously. I had some people that took pieces of me, and the government took a big chunk. I love what I do. I mean, I get to make sure people have a good time while they’re on their vacation in Vegas. People come to Vegas with dreams of what they want to do, and I get to help them fulfill that. I get paid pretty well to go out and hang out. Its not a lot of work, and it’s a lot of fun. So it’s hard to just walk away from that, especially when I’m dealing with guys that I’ve known for as long as I’ve been in Vegas. When they come to town they still want me to host for them, and I wouldn’t be a very good person if I told them that I didn’t want to anymore.'”

Though Farber was taxed and had to give away a large portion of his winnings, the chunk he did get to keep definitely has made things easier on him in the past year. So that he doesn’t have to push as hard with advertising his business and getting himself out there, like he used to have to.

“I haven’t really been putting myself out there and promoting that part of my life. I’ve actually been trying to take a step back and enjoy the money and my life a bit more, rather than just grinding. So it’s kind of stayed roughly the same. It’s good. I like it – I like having free time to sort of do what I want, when I want,” explained Farber.

“I hustle a lot less hard – you know – I’m not leaving the house to go walk somebody in to a nightclub just to get a line pass. I’ll send one of my buddies to go do that. I’ve got a couple of guys who I work with. They’ll take care of a lot of the people for me. It’s much better than running around to ten different places, trying to hustle a dollar here and there.”

Spending so much time in the spotlight isn’t always easy, especially when things hit as fast as they had for Farber. He talked a little bit about the attention he receives, and how he deals with it.

“The attention that I get is sort of a negative, but at the same time it’s a positive. I don’t mind it that much but, generally speaking I’m a quiet and private person, so it’s kind of weird being in the spotlight for someone like me. I get a lot of haters but those people are motivating more than anything. People talk shit on the internet, just to talk shit. People think I’m a terrible poker player, or they don’t like my lifestyle. Whatever it is, people will find something. I’ve talked to NFL players, baseball players, and a lot successful people – they’ll always get somebody saying something negative about them. It’s how you deal with that negativity that defines you. I like to talk shit back to them, I like trolling trolls, and I use it as motivation to get better. You want them to watch you succeed so it makes them more upset,” said Farber.

All attention aside, Farber loves to travel in his spare time, and plans to do so after the series is over.

“After the main event I’ve got a trip planned in Nappa with some of my buddies from poker, like; Sam Stein, and Ben Lamb. Hopefully get away for a few days and unwind. After that we’ll see what the World Series brings – if some big opportunity comes up I’ll take it. Other than that, I’ve got a couple business I’m working on that are slowly coming to fruition. But I’m not really a long term planner, I just kind of take it how it goes,” said Farber smiling.

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