Jennifer Tilly Weathers Through Tough Start to Day 2B of 2015 WSOP

Jennifer Tilly and Ofir Mor clashed in several big pots over the course of Level 6 on Day 2B of the 2015 WSOP Main Event.

Jennifer Tilly and Ofir Mor clashed in several big pots over the course of Level 6 on Day 2B of the 2015 WSOP Main Event.

Jennifer Tilly entered Day 2B of the 2015 World Series of Poker with a very healthy 83,475 after a strong Day 1 performance. For Day 2, she drew Seat 3 at Table 62 in the Brasilia Bronze section and by Main Event standards Tilly seem to get a pretty fortunate break as far as her eight opponents go.

The most notable player in Tilly’s way to start play Wednesday was Ofir Mor, who has a pair of WPT final tables and a WSOP final table to his credit. Mor started the day to Tilly’s right, exactly where she’d like to have the most accomplished player at the table. The only other player with six figures in tournament cashes at Table 62 is David Packer of Austria.

With Tilly, an Academy Award nominated actress and 2005 WSOP Ladies Event Champion, among the leaders to start the day, BLUFF decided the first level of play on Day 2B following her progress.

Here’s what the chip counts and seating looked like at the start of Day 2B.

Seat 1: Andrew Rubin – 9,200
Seat 2: Ofir Mor – 58,800
Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly – 83,475
Seat 4: David Packer – 24,600
Seat 5: Ed Modlin – 55,850
Seat 6: Peter Spreadbury – 42,350
Seat 7: Andrew Rose – 48,725
Seat 8: Mathiue Martin – 90,450
Seat 9: Carlos Aoun – 85,675

12:00 pm: Tilly walks into the Brasilia room at 12 pm sharp. She’s the last player to unbag her chips, but there’s still a few minutes before cards go into the air

12:05 pm: After some wait, the official shuffle up and deal for the day appears to be off. Tournament staff announce the start of Level 6 with blinds of 250/500 and a 50 chip ante, and action gets underway.

12:06 pm: Tilly starts under the gun and folds.

12:11 pm: Mor raises to 1,300 in the cutoff and Tilly three-bets to 3,500 from the button. Mor calls, the flop is Q 4 2 and Mor checks. Tilly bets 3,500, Mor calls and the turn is the 7. Both players check, the river is the K, and Mor bets 10,000 to drive Tilly out of the pot.

12:14 pm: Tilly raises to 1,100 from the cutoff and Packer calls on the button. The flop is K 5 4, Tilly checks, Packer bets 5,300 and Tilly folds.

12:24 pm: A quiet orbit follows. Tilly occasionally sips her beverage, but stays out of the fray.

12:26 pm: Peter Spreadbury raises to 1,100 in middle position, Carlos Aoun calls in the cutoff and Tilly calls in the big blind. The flop is J T 6, it checks to Aoun who bets 2,600, and Tilly folds.

12:30 pm: Mor raises to 1,300 on the button and Tilly calls in the small blind. The flop is A 4 4, Tilly checks, Mor bets 1,200 and Tilly calls. Both players check the 7 turn and the river is the T. Tilly bets 3,000 and Mor folds, giving Tilly her first pot of the day.

12:33 pm: Mor raises to 1,300 in the cutoff, Tilly calls on the button and Ed Modlin raises to 4,500 from the big blind. Mor folds, Tilly calls and the flop is 4 2 2. Modlin checks, Tilly checks back and the turn is the 8. Modlin checks again, Tilly bets 3,000, Modlin pops it back to 8,500 and Tilly folds.

12:41 pm: Tilly raises to 1,300 in middle position and Mathiue Martin calls in the big blind. The flop is A T 6, Martin checks, Tilly bets 1,5000 and Martin calls. The turn is the 8, which prompts another check call from Martin to the the tune of 3,000 from Tilly. The river is the 5, putting a potential flush on board, and both players check.

Martin tables A 9 but Tilly shows A T to take the pot.

12:47 pm: Tilly raises to 1,150 from under the gun, Spreadbury calls in middle position and Mor calls in the big blind. The flop is T 6 4, Mor checks, Tilly bets 1,700 and only Mor calls. The turn is the 7, Mor checks, Tilly bets 3,500 and Mor quickly calls again. The river is the A and both players check.

Mor turns over A 6 for a rivered two-pair and Tilly quickly mucks.

12:50 pm: The first all in and call at this final table pits Andrew Rubin’s pocket jacks and Modlin’s A T. The J on the flop all but seals Rubin’s double.

1:04 pm: After another quiet orbit, Tilly decides to change up the eyewear and puts on a bigger and more reflective pair of sunglasses.

1:07 pm: Tilly raises to 1,150 from under the gun and Aoun in the small blind and Rubin in the big blind both come along. The flop is Q 4 2 and a bet of 2,500 earns Tilly the pot.

1:14 pm: A long hand between Mor and Packer causes Tilly to get up from her table to stretch her legs, and several others at the table follow suit.

1:17 pm: Rubin raises to 1,100 from the button, Mor calls in the small blind and Tilly three-bets to 4,000. That’s enough to get two folds, and Tilly scoops the pot.

1:22 pm: Tilly raises to 1,150 from the button, Packer calls in the small blind and Modlin calls in the big blind. Packer leads out for 2,200 on an 8 7 5 flop, Modlin raises to 6,200 and Tilly gets out of the way.

1:25 pm: Tilly raises to 1,150 in the cutoff, Modlin calls in the small blind and Spreadbury three-bets to 4,000. Tilly lets it go.

1:27 pm: For the third straight hand Tilly raises to 1,150, and this time, from the hijack, it gets through and gives her the pot.

1:33 pm: Mor and Tilly kept tangling in hand after hand during Level 6, and this one would be the biggest. Mor opened to 1,200 in middle position, Tilly three-bet to 3,500 and Mor called. The flop fell 8 5 3, Mor checked, Tilly bet 5,000 and Mor called. The turn is the 4, Mor checked again and Tilly bet 8,000.

This sent Mor into the tank for a little over two minutes and he eventually came out with a raise to 22,000. It was Tilly’s turn to think long and hard about the decision, but she eventually decided to call as the 7 fell on the river.

After about 10 seconds Mor declares himself all in. Tilly removes her glasses and runs through all the possibilities out loud. “Pocket fives, maybe?” she asks. She eventually lets the hand go, but probes Mor for answers. “Kings, right? Suckered me in,” she continues, seemingly getting some level of confirmation from Mor as she nods her head.

1:47 pm: Tilly scoops a small pot back from Mor

1:51 pm: For the first time all level Tilly has her phone out, and she takes her glasses off to read something. The ESPN cameras come over while she’s looking down, and when her glance falls upon them she immediately apologizes. She gets back into game mode, puts the phone away, puts her glasses back on and the cameras roll.

1:54 pm: Tilly raises to 1,200 from the cutoff and takes down the pot.

1:57 pm: Back to the phone with five minutes left in Level 6.

2:01 pm: Tilly raises to 1,175 from under the gun, Spreadbury calls in middle position, Martin calls in the cutoff and Mor calls in the big blind. The flop is 9 7 4, Mor checks, Tilly checks, Spreadbury bets 3,500 and Martin calls. Both Tilly and Mor call, and its the last hand either will play in Level 6

2:05 pm: Tilly got the rotten end of a couple big confrontations with Mor and had 41,050 after two hours of play. Mor, on the other hand, is now the chipleader at the table with 107,500.

With blinds going up to 300/600 with a 75 ante, there’s still plenty of play and plenty of opportunities for Tilly to correct her course as Day 2 rolls along.

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