Jose Macedo Disqualified From Lock Poker Challenge

Just three days after making a late surge to win the Lock Poker Challenge, Jose “Girahh” Macedo has been disqualified from the contest for multi-accounting. After winning the contest by earning $104,000 at the Lock Poker tables in the month of April, an audit of his account revealed he violated the terms of the contest.

According to a statement from Lock Poker, Macedo’s account logged in and played from a secondary location, which is both a violation of the contest and of Merge Gaming Network terms of service. Macedo addressed the issue in a blog written following his disqualification and said the breach came because his backer logged into his account to check his balance and decided to play some $25/$50 PLO under the Girahh account.

“The unraveling of this whole event has been bizarre and overwhelming,” wrote Macedo. “Although I genuinely believed up until this whole thing exploded that I had won the challenge fair and square, I recognize that I have no choice but to accept full responsibility for breaking the rules. As I said before, I want to be fully transparent and let the poker world know exactly what happened and why so there is no question about what my actions and intentions were.”

“José is young and he has made a big mistake here. We wanted to make sure that regardless of being a LockPRO that he won this fair and square. After doing an audit of his account we have found that he broke an important rule and that will not be tolerated by Lock” said Jennifer Larson CEO/Owner of Lock Poker.

“We pride ourselves in standing for trust, legitimacy and loyalty. The truth is sometimes hard to stand by but it is the only way we can move forward. Although José won enough money from his own IP to have legitimately won the challenge, the unfortunate fact remains that breaking the rules is strictly disallowed. It nevertheless remains José is an exceptional player and I firmly believe that his mistakes only lead to greatness if he learns from them and himself moves forward.”

With Macedo’s disqualification, the prize, which includes a cover story in the July issue of BLUFF, will now be awarded to runner-up finisher Michael “bigguylegend22” Drummond, who earned $90,198 over the course of April.

Drummond decimated the rest of the field, earning more than twice that of the next-closest finisher in the contest, Sweeeeeet. The 24 year-old from New Hampshire will receive the BLUFF cover story as well as join the team of Lock Poker sponsored pros as its newest member. As part of the prize package, Drummond receives seats in 2012 WSOP events as well as a Lock Poker campaign featuring him.

“BLUFF is obvioulsy disappointed with how this turned but we’re happy to see Lock Poker put player security ahead of all else,” said BLUFF Magazine Editor-In-Chief Lance Bradley. “Hopefully this doesn’t detract too much from the accomplishments of bigguylegend22′ who more than doubled his next closest competitor to win it.”

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