Kenney and Jaddi Knock Out Bracelet Wins; Trickett Gets Second Chance

sam trickett

Sam Trickett holds strong in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha event, after losing his chip lead and eventually busting out of the Big One For One Drop.

Not everyone was at a barbecue, grilling out and eating food on this festive holiday; they would not be found soaking up the sun at a pool with their friends either. As fireworks were going off in the distance, the last few events leading up to the Main Event here at the 2014 World Series of Poker were coming to a close. The first rain in weeks, and the lightning fighting with the fireworks for attention on the Fourth of July were of little to no concern to the players inside the Rio. Bryn Kenney was focused on winning his first bracelet in the Ten Game Mix; Salman Jaddi had the same concern earlier as he returned for a fourth day in the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event. The extra rest paid off for Jaddi as he managed to take home his first bracelet in plenty of time to head outside and watch the excitement on the strip. The Little One For One Drop finally returned for Day 2, bringing back the remaining players from Flights 1A and 1B, as they will work their way into the money for Saturday. Last on the schedule would be Day 2 of the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha, which took most of the evening to hit the money, but would work down as close to a final table as possible before the end of play for the night.

$1,500 No Limit Hold’em

This was the last No Limit Hold’em event of the series, and also the biggest $1,500 NLHE of the WSOP, bringing in 2,563 players to participate in the event. The group created a prize pool consisting of $3,460,050, and put $614,248 up top for the winner. It would take four days of play before a winner would be decided, and the event finally came to a close on the fourth of July, awarding Salman Jaddi his first WSOP gold bracelet and the first place cash. Jaddi had begun heads up play on Thursday evening, and was offered the option to continue play or call it quits for the night. Jaddi and his opponent, Brandon Hall, agreed to return on Friday to finish the event. Hall would finish in second after almost five hours of heads up play, but will pocket a nice little chunk of change, totaling $381,885.

$1,111 Little One For One Drop

A big group of players returned for the first Day 2 of the event, taking any player that survived from either Flight 1 or Flight 2 and bringing them back today to the Amazon Room to fight it out together. Each of the players had donated a portion of their buy-in to the charity, giving $111 per entry to the event. The day brought back 885 players, and by the end of the evening only 102 competitors remained in the event. The group played just nine levels on Friday, and hit the money bubble in the second level of play. The honor of bubble boy belonged to Frank Yenigotchian, whose A T could just not stand up to Julian Parmann’s pocket tens.

Some of the big names that were able to cash in the event, but were unable to survive the day included Antonio Esfandiari, Alex Bilokur, Willa Failla, Humberto Brenes, and Dimitar Danchev. A few players were unable to make as much as a cash in the event, as they returned and busted out before the money bubble popped;  Pierre Neuville, Ryan LaPlante, Jennifer Tilly, Mike Sowers, Dan Heimiller, Xuan Liu, Amanda Musumeci, and Shannon Shorr all failed to get a refund from the event.

All of the remaining players are guaranteed $3,560 but would be much more focused on winning one of the last WSOP gold bracelets of the summer along with the $637,539 that is up for grabs for the first place winner. Here are the top ten players that will return at 1 pm (PST) for Day 3 in hopes of making a run for the win:

  1. Charbel Azzi – 514,000
  2. Alexander Ziskin – 480,00
  3. Julian Parmann – 471,500
  4. Matthew Lapossie – 458,000
  5. Vitaly Kovyazin – 415,500
  6. Andrius Bielskis – 406,000
  7. Nick Davies – 375,016
  8. Vimy Ha – 371,500
  9. Joseph Liberta – 340,000
  10. Maxim Panyak – 335,500

$1,500 Ten Game Mix Six Max

Another last for the World Series of Poker this year, this event would close out the mixed games, leaving Bryn Kenney to win his first WSOP gold bracelet by topping a field of 448 players. Kenney earned $153,220 for his time in the tournament, as he dominated the event from the start. Kenney had bagged up the chip lead after Day 1, and stayed among the top ten players when Day 2 came a to a close. With just nine players left on Day 3, Kenney jumped into the chip lead shortly after the restart, and held strong for the rest of the day. Randy Ohel had returned with Kenney, but ended up finishing in sixth place and took home $18,923; after some eliminations, Kenney would be forced to play heads up with Jan Suchanek. Suchanek would finish in second place and take home $94,618.

$10,000 Pot Limit Omaha

The last of the $10,000 buy-in events, and the fact that it is Pot Limit Omaha, brought in a lot of players to the field. Of the 418 entries, Germany’s Marko Neumann will lead the group of surviving souls into Day 3 with 1,442,000 chips. Neumann is in the best position at the start of the day to walk away with one of the last gold bracelet wins of the summer, and the $923,379 that is up top. Isaac Baron is just behind him though, and offers a decent threat to the youngest. Baron is a true online grinder, and have lots of cashes both live and online. Baron will not be Neumann’s only threat, as the likes of JC Tran,  Sam Trickett,  and Matt Stout all remain in the field and are fighting for the chance to pull of a win.

Catching up with Trickett on his dinner break, he talks about his run-bad in the Big One For One Drop and how he hopes this tournament will have a more positive outcome. “it’s going alright. It’s gone pretty smoothly. I can’t be too disappointed. Lost a couple big pots with trips and won a few all ins.Lots of variance, as you expect in a PLO tournament. It’s been fun. I don’t really dislike anyone too much. I mean, I have a few people out there I don’t like I’ve got a decent seat. Isaac Baron has all the chips and I’m two to his right. I’m pretty happy with my seat draw. We will see what happens.”

“There are lots of big stacks and big players out there. I think they timed this event perfectly. I mean for me personally they couldn’t have timed it better. After busting the One Drop i don’t really want to go grind a 1,500 or a no limit holdem event. I’m happy to play PLO and get in the mix and play a few more hands.”

“I’m not going to lie it was the most disappointing day I’ve ever had in poker. It was a big anti-climax. A lot of people had a disappointing one drop. You know the kid with the aces? And Antonio had the chips with 15-16 left, and Ivey was in second for a while;its not just me that had a disappointing One Drop. I got over it pretty quick because it was my birthday the next day which helps. I had all my friends and family around me so it was a good time.”

Here are the top players and their chip counts as they return for the third and final day of the event: ”

  1. Marko Neumann – 1,442,000
  2. Isaac Baron – 1,267,000
  3. Patrick Walsh – 1,173,000
  4. Javed Abrahams – 786,000
  5. Michael Shklover – 714,000
  6. David Williams – 698,000
  7. Tom Marchese – 677,000
  8. Sam Trickett – 468,000
  9. Miltiadis Kyriakides – 463,000
  10. Ruslan Dykshteyn – 453,000

Looking Ahead…

Saturday begins the first flight of the Main Event at noon; the second flight will be on Sunday, and the third will begin on Monday as the competition for the $10 million guarantee begins. Be prepared for big crowds and lines throughout the Rio over the next week as the Main Event will be in full swing. Feature tables will be broadcast live for people to view online as the event progress.

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