Kevin Eyster Leads, Salsberg Takes POY Lead at Seminole Hard Rock Showdown

Jeff Madsen is one of six remaining players in the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown.

Jeff Madsen is one of six remaining players in the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown.

The official TV final table for the World Poker Tour Seminole Hard Rock Showdown was set as Day 4 wrapped up with Kevin Eyster once again out in front. Eyster, the Day 3 chipleader, finished the night with 5,680,000 in chips and will lead the six-handed final table on Day 5. Trailing Eyster will be Paul Dlugozima with 4,470,000 and Ben Tarzia with 2,380,000. Daniel Letts, Jeff Madsen and Zo Karim round out the final six with 1,665,000, 1,385,000 and 685,000 respectively.

It was the elimination of James Joyner and Mike DeGilio by Dlugozima in the same hand which made the official final table and brought Day 4 to an end.

Joyner moved all-in from the cutoff for 490,000 and DeGilio raised over the top to 1,150,000. Dlugozima re-raised to put DeGilio all-in and DeGilio called. Dlugozima showed TT, DeGilio showed 99 and Joyner showed AQ. The board ran out K652T and Dlugozima knocked out both players and climbed to second in chips.

The unofficial final table was set with the elimination of David Tuthill as the 11th place finisher. After losing several sizable post, Tuthill was down to his last 135,000 and moved all-in with 33. Dlugozima called with Q5 and the board was spread 6528A to give Dlugozima the pot with a pair of fives.

Matt Salsberg took the lead in the Season XI Player of the Year race when he was eliminated as the 13th place finisher. Salsberg had been tied with Paul Volpe for the lead but Volpe held the tie breaker with more money won on the season. Volpe was eliminated yesterday at the 27th place finisher and Salsberg needed to finish 18th or better in order to take the lead. Salsberg’s finish earned him 150 points and he now has 2,500 POY points in total. Volpe has 2,400 and Paul Klann has 1,800.

Salsberg was eliminated when he ran his AQ in to the JJ of Tuthill. Salsberg raised under the gun to 55,000 and Tuthill shipped all-in for 499,000 from UTG+1. Salsberg went in to the tank before calling for less with about 480,000.  To board ran out 65273 to give Tuthill the Jack-high flush and Salsberg was out.

Ben Hamnett had a chance to best Volpe for the No. 2 spot on the POY list and put pressure on Salsberg but he was eliminated before he could do so. Hamnett, the Season XI Borgata Poker Open winner, would have earned 150 points for winning the tournament and at one point during the final 11 was third in chips. A win would have brought Hamnett up to 2,450 POY points and put him a mere min-cash away from taking the lead from Salsberg. However Hamnett was eliminated in tenth place and will not close in on Salsberg for the lead.

Other Day 4 eliminations included Matt Giannetti who went out in 21st, Doug Lee was the 14th place finisher, Tony Ruberto was eliminated 12th and Faraz Jaka was ousted from the unofficial final table as the ninth place finisher.

 World Poker Tour Seminole Hard Rock Showdown Final Table Chip Counts:

  1. Kevin Eyster – 5,680,000
  2. Paul Dlugozima – 4,470,000
  3. Ben Tarzia – 2,380,000
  4. Daniel Letts – 1,665,000
  5. Jeff Madsen – 1,385,000
  6. Zo Karim – 685,000


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