Kevmath Draws Tough Table in Main Event, Holds His Own in Level 1

Kevmath drew a very tough table on Day 1C of the 2015 WSOP Main Event, but he held his own through the first level of play Tuesday.

Kevmath drew a very tough table on Day 1C of the 2015 WSOP Main Event, but he held his own through the first level of play Tuesday.

BLUFF’s Poker Information Manager Kevin Mathers, better known to the world as Kevmath, is playing the World Series of Poker Main Event for the third time as part of the Day 1C field Tuesday.

With so many members of the poker community taking a small piece of his action BLUFF felt it would be appropriate to give everyone a look into some of the early action on Day 1, with a full rundown of Kevmath’s Level 1 of the 2015 WSOP Main Event.

12:00 pm: Kevin Mathers takes his seat in the Green section of the Pavilion Room at Table 246. Only two other players are already seated, and it’s tough news for Mathers as its WPT Season XIII One to Watch Justin Zaki and 2009 WSOP bracelet winner Ray Foley waiting for him.

Tournament Director Jack Effel walks to the podium on the stage in the adjacent Brasilia Room to run down some of the rules and circumstances before play begins, and he audio is broadcast throughout the Rio Convention center.

12:04 pm: Effel introduces Executive Director Ty Stewart, who runs down a list of some of the great WSOP Main Event champions – Brunson, Ungar and Chan. He then mentions the gallery of champions that started at Binions and is carried on in spirit with the banners showing all of the Main Event champions hanging on the wall. He then introduces reigning champion Martin Jacobson for the Shuffle Up & Deal.

12:05 pm: After a few quick words, Jacobson does the honors and with his Shuffle Up & Deal the action begins.

12:07 pm:

Mathers starts in the big blind. During the announcements the table fills out some more, and it only gets tougher as Joe Tehan sits in Seat 5 and Micah Raskin takes Seat 6. Tehan raises to 250 and takes down the first pot of the day.

12:09 pm: Mathers’ view, with Alex Turyansky taking his spot in Seat 1 as Ian Searing walks towards his spot in Seat 4:

12:13 pm: Mathers folds his first few hands. The table is pretty chatty, and the conversation turns to the issues throughout the summer with the Modiano decks. “These are the new cards,” says Mathers, mostly unable to help but do his usual due diligence in giving players all the information they need.

12:16 pm: Mathers folds through his first full orbit.

12:20 pm: Tehan raises to 300 from early position and it folds around to Mathers in the big blind, who calls. The flop falls 9 9 9 and both players eventually check all the way down through a 4 turn and J river. “Ace-high” says Mathers, turning over A Q. “Not just any ace,” replies Tehan as he mucks. Mathers claims his first pot of the 2015 Main Event.

12:29 pm: Seat 9 and Seat 10 remain unoccupied and unsold. Seat 3 has been getting blinded out, but Ryan Patchell eventually sits down about 20 minutes into the day.

12:34 pm: All quiet for Mathers, who feels obligated to keep his fans abreast of the situation.

12:35 pm: Raskin raises to 250 from the hijack, Zaki calls in the cutoff and Mathers calls in the big blind. All three check a 9 9 4 flop, and Zaki takes it with a bet of 500 on the 8 turn.

12:36 pm: Action folds around to Mathers in the small blind, he limps, and Patchell checks his option in the big blind. The flop is 6 6 4, Mathers check-calls a bet of 100, and the turn is the K. Mathers checks again, Patchell bets 300 and Mathers folds.

12:54 pm: With most of them likely cursing their luck with drawing such a tough Day 1 table, all eight players discuss when the register. Everyone, without exception, bought in between 9 pm and 11:30 pm Monday night. Zaki notes that all of the receipts he saw in person and on Twitter from around that time were tables in the Green section.

1:03 pm: Searing raises to 250 from early position, Zaki calls in the cutoff and Mathers three-bets to 625 in the big blind. Searing and Zaki both call, the flop is 9 8 3 and Mathers leads out for 700. Searing calls, Zaki folds and the turn is the A. Mathers bets 1,100 and Searing folds.

1:08 pm: Raskin limps under the gun, Zaki limps, Mathers limps in the cutoff, Patchell calls on the button, Searing completes the small blind and Tehan checks his option.

“Nothing bad’s going to happen here, right?” jokes Mathers. Raskin bets 300 and takes it down on the flop.

1:12 pm: Mathers raises to 250 in middle position, Searing calls in the cutoff and Zaki calls in the big blind. The flop is J T 9, Zaki checks, Mathers bets 500 and both of his opponents fold.

1:19 pm: Jason Strochak sits down in Seat 9. When he shows his Florida ID, the players realize that four of the nine hail from that state.

1:22 pm: Turyansky raises to 250 from the cutoff, Mathers calls on the button and Searing calls in the big blind. The flop is T 7 6, Searing bets 250, Turyansky folds and Mathers calls. The turn is the 3, Searing bets 400 and Mathers calls. Both players check the J river and Searing shows A T to take the pot.

1:34 pm: A quiet orbit follows for Mathers. There are 30 minutes left in Level 1, and he’s just over a starting stack.

1:44 pm: Mathers raises to 300 in the hijack and Raskin calls in the big blind. The flop is K 5 3 and both players check. The turn is the 5, Raskin bets 500 and Mathers calls. The river is the J, Raskin bets 500 again and Mathers calls. Raskin takes the pot with K 9.

1:48 pm: Mathers raises to 250 from middle position, Raskin calls on the button and Foley calls in the big blind. The flop is A 6 2, it checks to Raskin, and he bets 500. Foley calls and Mathers bows out.

1:50 pm: Mathers raises to 250, Searing calls and Tehan three-bets to 1,100 in the hijack. Mathers and Searing fold.

1:55 pm: Searing raises to 300 from under the gun, Zaki calls in the hijack, Strochak calls on the button and Mathers calls in the big blind. The flop is 7 5 2 and Mathers leads out for 400. Searing calls, Zaki calls and Strochak folds.

The turn is the 9 and Mathers bets 1,200. Zaki calls and the river is the 3. “25,” says Mathers, throwing out two yellow 1K’s and a blue 500. As Zaki goes into the tank, Raskin asks about the length of the break and Mathers goes back to full information-giving mode. He runs down how the break is a little longer than 20 minutes because of the bracelet ceremony and answers a few follow-ups.

Zaki eventually folds. “I’ll show,” says Mathers, turning over 5 5 for a flopped set of fives. “I had a set of deuces,” says Zaki. “Knew you didn’t have the flush.”

2:05 pm: Level 1 comes to a close.

“Impossible,” says Mathers of his table draw. “Probably the worst I could get. I’m happy with 32K, though.”

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