Little Movement In NJ OPOY Rankings; “smaulerg” Still Leads


The 2015 New Jersey and Nevada Online Player of the Year rankings are provided by thepokerdb.

This year, on top of comprehensive online Sunday Major coverage from regulated sites in New Jersey and Nevada, also brings you weekly Player of the Year rankings and player features, highlighting some of the best online players in the country as they compete for the 2015 POY titles in their respective states.

After almost a month of NJ Online POY Contender updates and partypoker NJCOP recaps, the regularly scheduled mid-week New Jersey Online POY updates are back, but not with as much movement as one may think after such a long layoff between updates.

The majority of the bigger names held their top spots but the real trend from this week was the bottom half fall out, as five players dropped out of the rankings.

Those dropouts allowed for some OPOY first timers to climb into the top 20, including one player that jumped all the way into the top five, a move these rankings haven’t seen since earlier in 2015 when the list was far more fluid on a week-by-week basis.

Without further ado, the next installment of the 2015 Online Player of the Year rankings, as of May 6th:

2015 NJ Online Player of the Year Rankings*

  1. smaulerg ( – 22,878.64 (-)
  2. juice ( – 19,951.30 (+3)
  3. JayRiv22 (partypoker) – 19,859.30 (-1)
  4. deerpathdave (partypoker) – 19,238.07 (NR)
  5. AnthonyMason ( – 19,232.10 (-2)
  6. sofcknsickk (partypoker) – 18,935.44 (-)
  7. JohnnyDrama (BoragataPoker) – 18,396.37 (-3)
  8. Flawlessbinkage (BorgataPoker) – 18,198.96 (+5)
  9. phatdaddy ( – 18,101.33 (-1)
  10. PocketProfits (BorgataPoker) – 17,605.58 (+6)
  11. Hyperion (partypoker) – 17,546.00 (-)
  12. centrfieldr ( – 17,452.40 (-2)
  13. itWasThatOr0 ( – 17,433.28 (-4)
  14. NYR9414 ( – 17,368.14 (-7)
  15. GiantGenius (partypoker) – 17,314.71(+3)
  16. Thatgood45 (partypoker) – 17,129.10 (NR)
  17. RUA11 ( – 17,124.54 (NR)
  18. jakep474 (partypoker) – 16,783.33 (-3)
  19. AvonBarkz ( – 16,589.43 (NR)
  20. AcesZhuited ( – 16,455.41 (NR)

Dropped off: schaf4206 (12th), CharlieBrown (14th), olmuggins (15th), MikeyCasino (17th), BigDaddy (20th)

*The website listed next to each players name in the NJ POY rankings represents the site that recognizes as the players “main” account, but as you can see, nearly all of these players have linked accounts and results from other New Jersey sites.

While it’s been a month since the last OPOY rankings update, it’s been much longer than that since this list has seen a player make a jump into the top five from outside the top twenty, which is exactly what “deerpathdave” did over the last few weeks.

He used two massive NJCOP scores to make that jump, with an outright win in the $100,000 Guaranteed event and a fifth place finish in the $150,000 Guaranteed event a week later, with those two scores earning  “deerpathdave” just over $25,000 and a spot in the OPOY top five.

That wasn’t the only movement in the top five though, as “juice” climbed back to where he stared the year near the top of the rankings and OPOY Contender Michael “JohnnyDrama” Haberman fell to his lowest position of the year, while another OPOY Contender and now WPT World Champion, Asher “AnthonyMason” Conniff dropped into that fifth spot.

There were other big movers as well, with “flawlessbinkage” and “PocketProfits” each jumping five and six places, respectfully, to move themselves into the top ten.

But for all the upward movement, there had to be some drop offs and there were, as five players fell from the top 20, the most since these bi-monthly OPOY updates began.

Some of the drop-offs were small, as “MikeyCasino” and “BigDaddy” fell just a few spots to lose their places, but “schaf4206“, who has been a staple in the top twenty for the last few months, completed potentially the biggest fall that we’ve seen, dropping from 12th to off the list entirely.

The rise and fall of both “deerpathdave” and “schaf4206″ show two extreme sides to these rankings, as a red hot three week stretch of play can shoot a player from outside the top twenty to a spot in the top five, but that a below average stretch of play can do the exact opposite and bounce you from the rankings.

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