Main Event End of Level 20: Kyle Keranen Takes Over Chiplead, 234 Remain

Kyle Keranen has over 3.5 million after Level 20, making him the new chipleader in the 2014 WSOP Main Event. (Drew Amato photo)

Kyle Keranen has over 3.5 million after Level 20, making him the new chipleader in the 2014 WSOP Main Event. (Drew Amato photo)

We’re entering the crucial stages of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event, and with the first level of Day 5 in the books there’s a new chipleader in town. Kyle Keranen has been this deep in the Main Event once before, having finished 38th in the 2012 WSOP Main Event, and now he’s put himself in position to make another big run with a strong start to Day 5.

Griffin Benger, Leif Force and Dan Smith are among just a few of the other big stacks in the room as well, with 2013 November Niner Mark Newhouse climbing quickly in his own right. It should be a crazy day with five-ad-a-half levels on the schedule for Saturday, so let’s get right into all of the highlights so far.

Keranen Clears 3 Million Mark

Timur Margolin check-called 60,000 from Keranen on a flop of K65. The turn was the 5 and Margolin check-called again, this time 125,000. The river was the 4 and Margolin checked a third time.

Kernanen took some time before pushing forward 225,000 and Margolin went into the tank for several minutes before tossing in a call. Keranen tabled 8 7, good for a straight, and Margolin mucked his hand.

Keranen was sitting with just shy of 3 million after the pot, while Margolin was left with 1.3 million. Keranen’s since peaked at over 3.5 million, and finished level 20 with 3.44 million.

Velador Moves Up to 2 Million

Luis Velador opened the action to 31,000, Simon Charette called from the button and Maximilian Senft raised to 115,000 from the small blind. Velador took a couple moments and then made it 225,000 to play. Charette sent his cards to the muck and Senft followed suit. Velador chipped up to just over 2 million after the hand.

2014 Bracelet Winners Sam Jaddi and Kory Kilpatrick Eliminated

Sam Jaddi won the last $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event of the summer on the 4th of July. He returned short-stacked to Day 5 and moved all in preflop. Sean Kelly and Brian Roberts called. The flop came T 8 7 and the two active players checked. The turn came 7, both players checked again and the river came A. Kelly tossed out 60,000, Roberts folded and Kelly tabled A 7. Jaddi tapped the table, flashed A 5 and was eliminated in 284th Kelly moved up to 240,000.

Late in the level we caught Kory Kilpatrick standing with a floorman waiting for a runner to escort him to the payout desk. His former table filled in the action – Kilpatrick opened, Quentin Siffledeen three-bet and Kilpatrick shoved holding Ax Kx. Siffledeen snapped him off holding pocket aces, Kilpatrick never caught up, and the $3,000 Shootout winner was eliminated in 249th place.

“That’s The Plan”

Newhouse and Munir Shahin got their stacks in preflop with Newhouse holding A Q and Shahin holding pocket kings. The board ran 9 7 2 3 T and Newhouse made a the nut flush.

“Guess you’re trying to get back?” said Shahin – referring to Newhouse’s November Nine run last year.

“That’s the plan,” Newhouse responded.

Hwang Cracks MacPhee’s Big Slick

Action folded to Kevin MacPhee in the small blind, who raised to 29,000 and Soon Hwang moved all in for 724,000 from the big blind. MacPhee quickly called and the hands were tabled. Hwang showed JT and was behind MacPhee’s AK.

“Hey, you guys might want to come film this,” yelled Jon Aguiar to the ESPN film crew. “It’s a pretty big hand.”

The ESPN crew made their way to the table and the dealer put out a flop of TT4 and Hwang let out a yell in celebration. The turn was the 9, which gave MacPhee a flush draw, the river was the A and Hwang fist-pumped in celebration before sitting back down.

“Very classy,” said MacPhee as he shipped almost all of his stack to his neighbor.

MacPhee was crippled and sitting with 130,000 while Hwang chips up to 1.45 million. MacPhee held on a bit longer, but he was knocked out near the end of Level 20 in 242nd place.

Monnette Upset By Mandatory Stack Counts, Goes Out Shortly Thereafter

Things operate a little bit differently at the ESPN featured tables than they do everywhere else in the tournament. Hole cards are either shown to cameras or picked up by RFID, and bets are broken down immediately after they’re made by the dealers, so ESPN can pick up every detail of every hand. It was the latter part of the process that upset John Monnette, whose short-stack shoves were getting counted every time they went in – rather than only being counted if a player specifically requested it, as is standard operating procedure. A floor man was called over to the table to confirm these unusual rules.

One of Monnette’s shoves eventually got called, as his A T took on Mike Parisi’s K K. Monnette actually added an out when Parisi flopped a set on a K J 8 board, but the 4 turn and 3 river secured his exit in 272nd place.

Alex Outhred and Tale of the Accidental Pay Jump

After picking up a small pot one player asked Alex Outhred if he was a “known pro” so Outhred, who $431,000 in lifetime earnings, brought up some of his bigger scores including his 2008 WSOP Main Event finish where he wound up 54th. How he ended up 54th is an interesting story.

With his tournament life on the line, Outhred’s wife at the time was doing her best to see the action from the rail. Just then a security guard stepped in front of her, blocking her view. She tapped the man on the shoulder and asked him to move. While the board is running out on Outhred the security guard turned around and started yelling at his wife. Outhred lost the hand and hustled over to take care of the situation on the rail. In the meantime another player was eliminated from the event and made it to the payout desk before Outhred.

The pay jump from 55th to 54th in 2008? $19,300.

Baron Knocks out Luft

Action folded around to Isaac Baron, who opened from middle position for 26,000. No one seemed interested until Antonio Luft used his option to shove a short stack of approximately 170,000 on the button holding A 8. It folded around to Baron and he called, turning over a dominant A J. The flop came down T65, keeping Baron in the lead. The turn was a meaningless 7, and the river K kept Baron’s ace-jack high best. Baron added to his growing stack, reaching 1.3 million, while Luft was eliminated in 274th place.

Nick Yunis’ Tank Scores Him Double Through Jean-Jacques-Zeitoun

With a completed board of J7656, Nick Yunis checked and Jean Jacques-Zeitoun moved all in for effectively Yunis’ last 300,000, which was slightly less than a pot sized bet.

Yunis went into the tank for several minutes while giving his thoughts aloud to his table.

“I don’t beat anything,” said Yunis as he sighed and shook his head. “This could be the worst call ever. I’m supposed to fold, but I want to call. My gut is telling me to call for some reason.”

It took several minutes, but Yunis eventually called with AJ and doubled through Zeitoun, who tabled Q8. Zeitoun slipped to 400,000 while Yunis chipped up to 1.1 million.

Sean Kelly Scores Double KO on Day 5

Sean Kelly opened the action on Table 387, Jay Goldenberg moved all in and John Andrews called off all in. Kelly called holding pocket aces, Goldenberg had A Q and Andrews had pocket jacks. The board ran K 6 4 K 7 and Kelly eliminated both players and moved over 500,000.

Aguiar Flushes On Campbell

On a flop of QJ9, Jon Aguair checked out of the big blind and Robert Campbell bet 30,000 from the cutoff. The turn was the A and now Aguiar led out for 65,000. Campbell took a moment before calling and they watched the 5 fall on the river.

Aguiar pushed forward 125,000 and Campbell went into the tank. He finally tossed out five green 25,000 denomination chips to signal a call and Aguiar tabled 8 7, causing Campbell to muck his hand.

Aguiar raked in the pot and chipped up to 830,000 while Campbell slipped to just over 450,000.

Notable Bustouts
Mike Sowers – 286th
Sam Jaddi – 284th
John Monnette – 272nd
Konstantin Puchkov – 262nd
Nipun Java – 256th
Paul Tedeschi – 251st
Kory Kilpatrick – 249th
Kevin MacPhee – 242nd
Farzad Bonyadi – 238th

Players Remaining: 234

Top 10 Chip Counts – 2014 WSOP Main Event, End of Level 20

  1. Kyle Keranen – 3,441,000
  2. Griffin Benger – 3,429,000
  3. Zach Jiganti – 3,070,000
  4. Dan Smith – 2,550,000
  5. Leif Force – 2,495,000
  6. Trevor Martin – 2,490,000
  7. Martin Jacobson – 2,385,000
  8. Mark Newhouse – 2,360,000
  9. Mike Finstein – 2,345,000
  10. Matthew Haugen – 2,270,000
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