Main Event End of Level 27: Martin Jacobson Nears the Top

Martin Jacobson won a big pot off Chris Johnson to move to the top of the chip counts (Drew Amato)

Martin Jacobson won a big pot off Jason Johnson to move to the top of the chip counts (Drew Amato Photo)

The remaining 44 players remaining in the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event are heading on a 90 minute dinner break and they head to dinner guaranteed a cash of at least $186,388.

Martin Jacobson was one of the biggest benefactors of the 27th level of the tournament. He won over a 5 million chip pot off of Jason Johnson to move to the top of the chip counts, a familiar place for him as he finished as the chip leader at the end of Day 1A.

Jacobson is currently in second place on the chip counts, just barely behind Dan Sindelar, who stays near the top of the chip counts after a strong finish to the end of level 26.

With just five tables remaining in the tournament, all of the tables will be in ESPN featured areas and all of the remaining players will be getting significant camera time from the crew.

When they return from break, the blinds will be increased to 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante. They will play another three levels or until the field reaches 27.

Waxman Melting Down

Jorryt van Hoof and Matt Waxman got in a preflop raising war that resulted in all of van Hoof’s chips in the middle. He held pocket tens and Waxman showed A K. The board ran 9 3 3 6 5 and van Hoof doubled to 4.6 million and Waxman slid all the way down to 740,000.

William Cole Eliminated in 58th Place

William Cole was crippled after losing a flip with A-K against pocket queens on the featured table and then was moved away from the ESPN Mothership. Cole found himself all in with 99 and was drawing to two outs against Robert Park’s AA. The flop was JT6 which kept Park in the lead.

Cole’s rail continued to cheer for a nine as the turn was the 3 and the river was the 3 to eliminate Cole as Park moved over the 8 million mark.

David Tuthill Hits His Peak, Doubling Through Finstein

Action folded around to David Tuthill in the cutoff. He moved all-in for a total of 1,085,000 and Michael Finstein called from the big blind. Tuthill tabled 7 7 and found himself racing against Finstein’s A K. The flop came Q T 9 giving Finstein extra outs with a Broadway draw. The 9 turn kept Tuthill in the lead but gave Finstein even more ways to win. Thankfully for Tuthill the river was the 4 and he doubled up to 2,350,000 while Finstein was left with 2,750,000.

Devo Doing Work

Bryan Devonshire and Paul Senter built a sizable pot going into the river on a T T 6 Q 3 board. Senter checked and Devonshire bet 555,000. Senter tanked for a good while before finally tossing in a call. Devonshire quickly tabled T 6 for a flopped full house and Senter shook his head. Devonshire stacked up around 5.5 million after the hand.

Mark Newhouse Eliminates Clayton Hamm in 56th Place

Mark Newhouse picked up some much needed chips after sending Clayton Hamm to the payouts desk in 56th place, earning $124,447. The hand started with Andrey Zaichenko opening with a raise to 125,000 followed by Hamm moving all in for their last 710,000 chips.  Newhouse then re-raised to 1,500,000 as action folded back around to Zaichenko who also passed.

Hamm held AT but Newhouse held the lead with TT and when the board ran out K7669 Newhouse was sitting with 6,485,000.

Jacobson’s Set Takes a Big Pot off Johnson

Martin Jacobson raised to 125,000 from the hijack, Jason Johnson flatted from the cutoff, and Adam Lamphere came along in the big blind.

The flop was T6Q and Jacobson bet 175,000. Johnson called, and the Lamphere check-folded from thebig blind. The turn was the 7 and Jacobson fired 625,000, which sent Johnson into the tank for a few moments. Johnson thought for awhile before calling and the river was the 4.

Jacobson fired a third bullet of 1.4 million and  Jacobson called. Johnson KK, but Jacobson turned over 66 for the flopped set. Jacobson raked in the massive pot, while Johnson was left on the shorter end of the chip counts. Jacobsoon cleared the 10 million chip mark after raking in the pot.

Haugen Snaps Off Cha To Bust Him in 54th

Just as the floorperson was about to break their table, reducing the field to six tables overall, one more elimination would take place at Table 378. Matthew Haugen raised to 130,000 on the button and Kyung Cha three-bet all in from the small blind for 1.2 million. Haugen snap-called and showed A 8, which led against Cha’s J 7, though both cards were live.

The flop was A 9 7, giving both players a pair but leaving Haugen comfortably ahead. The 5 turn changed little, and Haugen tripped up with the A on the river, eliminating Cha in 54th place. Cha did indeed get a pay jump, though, becoming the first player to receive $152,025.

Trevor Martin Gets Coolered by Craig McCorkell, Eliminated in 53rd Place

Trevor Martin moved all in for his remaining chips on a flop of QT2 and was called by Craig McCorkell. McCorkell tabled 22 and was in the lead against Martin’s QT.

The turn and river couldn’t give Martin a full house as the dealer completed the board with the J and the 4 to send Martin home in 53rd place.

William Tonking Doubles Through Brian Roberts

William Tonking was a new arrival at the ESPN Main Stage and he soon found himself in action with a huge double up through Brian Roberts.

The hand started with Andrey Zaichenko opening to 125,000 followed by a three-bet from Tonking to 305,000 as Roberts made a cold four-bet to 720,000.  Zaichenko passed and Tonking moved all-in for 3,250,000 as Roberts thought, then called.  He got the bad news when Tonking rolled over KK against Roberts JJ. The board ran out 63297 as Tonking soared to 6,695,000 as Roberts fell to 1,805,000.

Isaac Baron Eliminated in 52nd Place

Isaac Baron had a tough Day 6. Starting the day with 3,000,000 chips, and slowly dwindling until he busted in 52nd.

It took two consecutive hands to bust Baron. The first hand saw him shove under-the-gun  and was called by Adam Lamphere on the button. Baron tabled AQ and was behind Lamphere’s AK. The board ran out 4K794 and Baron was left with with under 300,000.

The very next hand Luis Assuncao opened under the gun to 125,000 and Greaves flatted in the small blind. Baron moved the last of his stack into the middle and was called by both players.

The flop came down TK3 and Greaves who fired out a bet into a dry side pot. Assuncao mucked his hand and the cards were tabled. Greaves turned over 33 for bottom set. Baron turned over QT and was drawing slim. The turn and river brought the 4 and the 7 to send Baron off to collect his money.

Ryan Fair Eliminated in 48th Place

Ryan Fair moved all in for his last 880,000 preflop and was called by Andoni Larrabe. Fair tabled 88 and was up against Larrabe’s KK. The board ran out JT6T5 and Fair was eliminated. He took home $152,025 for his efforts.

Oscar Kemps Eliminates Jason Weber in 47th Place

The hand started with Aaron Kaiser opening to 135,000 as Oscar Kemps called from the small blind and Jason Weber moved all in for 790,000.  Kaiser gave it several minutes of thought before laying it down as Kemps called. Weber liked his spot when he saw the hands as he held AJ to Kemp’s KJ.

That feeling didn’t last long for Weber as the dealer spread a flop of KQ5. Weber was behind, but flopped a gutshot straight draw.  The 7 turn and 8 river were of no help for Weber as he settles for a $152,025 payday.

Luis Assuncao Busts Jason Johnson, Loses Big Stack to Dong Guo

From early position, Jason Johnson moved all in for his last 650,000. Action folded around to Luis Assuncao in the big blind and he called. Johnson had 6 6 and was up against the A 2 of Assuncao. The board ran out A J 4 8 3 and Johnson’s impressive 2014 WSOP was over.

On the very next hand Chris Greaves opened to 150,000 from the cutoff, Assuncao called from the button and Dong Guo called from the big blind. After a flop of K J 2 Guo and Greaves checked before Assuncao bet 175,000. Guo raised to 375,000, Greaves folded and after a two-minute tank Assuncao called.

The turn was the 3 and Guo check-called a bet of 650,000 from Assuncao. The river was the 7 and Guo checked again. Assuncao put out a bet of 1,650,000 and after taking two minutes to consider his action Guo called. Assuncao showed A T for busted straight and flush draws and Guo showed 2 2 for a flopped bottom set. Guo’s stack grew to 5,700,000 while Assuncao’s shrunk to 1,200,000.

Eliminations This Level

William Cole – 58th
Vitaly Lunkin – 57th
Clayton Hamm – 56th
Alexios Zervos – 55th
Kyung Cha – 54th
Trevor Martin – 53rd
Isaac Baron – 52nd
Jason Johnson – 51st
David Yingling – 50th
Chris Odle – 49th
Ryan Fair – 48th
Jason Weber – 47th
Vladimir Bozinovic – 46th
Matt Waxman – 45th

Players Remaining: 44

Top 10 Chip Counts – 2014 WSOP Main Event, End of Level 27

  1. Dan Sindelar – 10,380,000
  2. Martin Jacobson – 10,240,000
  3. Kyle Keranen – 9,670,000
  4. Peter Placey – 8,150,000
  5. Bruno Politano – 7,920,000
  6. Robert Park – 7,850,000
  7. Scott Palmer – 7,840,000
  8. Dong Guo – 7,600,000
  9. Craig McCorkell – 6,900,000
  10. Leif Force – 6,860,000
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