Main Event End of Level 28: Jacobson, Keranen & McCorkell Form Lead Pack With 37 Left

Craig McCorkell's part of the lead pack after Level 28 of the 2014 WSOP Main Event, and he's one of four bracelet-winners remaining in the field. (Drew Amato photo)

Craig McCorkell’s part of the lead pack after Level 28 of the 2014 WSOP Main Event, and he’s one of four bracelet-winners remaining in the field. (Drew Amato photo)

The chips moved around quite a bit during Level 28 of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event, but the field has remained stuck at 37 players for a long stretch. A pay jump of $44,099 awaits those who outlast just a single additional player, and that seems to have weighed on the decision-making of some of the short stacks.

Craig McCorkell is part of a three-pronged lead pack at this point in the Main Event, along with Martin Jacobson – who maintains his overall lead for the second level – and Kyle Keranen. McCorkell is one of four WSOP bracelet-winners left in the field, along with Luis Velador, Leif Force and Sean Dempsey.

Van Hoof Holds Against Lamphere

Jorryt van Hoof opened the action and Adam Lamphere moved all in behind him. Van Hoof called holding pocket eights and Lamphere turned over pocket fives. The dealer spread 4 2 2 Q Q and Lamphere was eliminated. Van Hoof stacked about 3.6 million after the hand.

Greer Doubles With Flopped Flush

The action began with Robert Park, after it folded to him in the cutoff, and he opened for 180,000. Garrett Greer was in the big blind, and he elected to call.

The flop came down A84, and Park put out a continuation bet for 125,000. Greer thought for a few seconds before raising to 305,000. Action was back on Park, and he pondered for a solid minute before jamming his stack all in. Greer had about 1,600,000 to start the hand, and made the call.

Greer turned over Q T for the flopped flush, and Park was drawing super slim, as he had A 3.

The turn was the Q, sealing the deal for Greer, and the river was a meaningless K. Greer had a huge smile on his face as he raked in the pot worth approximately 3,300,000.

Maguire Hits The Rail

The hand began with a short stacked Clayton Maguire shoving from middle position for 515,000. It folded around to McCorkell who then three-bet to 1,365,000, isolating Maguire. Everyone else folded, and McCorkell turned over Q Q. Maguire opened his hand and he had K 7.

There was some hope on the flop for Maguire, as it came, 724. But ultimately, Maguire would bust in 44th, as the turn was the 2 and the river the T.

Keranen Briefly Reclaims Lead Again With Finstein Elimination

Michael Finstein pushed his chips all in, for a total of 1,225,000. Keranen tanked for a minute or two before choosing to call. Keranen flipped over the A Q and he was up against Finstein’s T T. Keranen flopped a gutshot straight draw on a K J 8 board, but it was the Q, which made him a pair of queens, that doomed Finstein. The river was the 2, failing to give Finstein a ten or complete the straight and Finstein was eliminated in 42nd place, with Keranen reclaiming his spot atop the Main Event chip counts on Day 6.

McCorkell Puts Michael Kamran Out of His Misery

Down to his last 870,000, Michael Kamran moved all-in from the cutoff and was called only by Craig McCorkell in the small blind. Kamran found out the bad news when he turned over K 2 and found out he was dominated by McCorkell’s A K. The flop Q Q 8 gave Kamran some hope but the 5 turn and 9 river were no help and Kamran was eliminated in 40th place for $186,388 while McCorkell neared the 10 million chip mark with 9,800,000.

David Tuthill Eliminated by Luis Velador in 42nd Place

“If you want to live, then you have to be willing to die,” said David Tuthill as he moved his last 1.1 million into the middle from middle position. Action folded to Velador on the button, who took a few moments before calling. Both blinds folded and the cards were turned face up.

Tuthill tabled 9 8 and was slightly behind Velador’s A Q. The flop gave Tuthill a big draw as the dealer spread a flop of Q 7 6, giving Velador top pair, but Tuthill an open-ended straight flush draw.

“Live poker is so rigged,” said Bryan Devonshire with a cackle.

The turn was the Ah, giving Velador two pair, which eliminated a couple of Tuthill’s flush outs, and the river was the 9, giving Tuthill a pair, but it wasn’t enough to stay in the tournament. He was eliminated in 42nd place while Velador climbed to 5.3 million in chips.

Gal Erlichman Wins a Flip to Double

Paul Senter moved all in from early position for 1.45 million. Gal Erlichman was in middle position and called off his last 1.1 million and everybody else mucked their hands.

Senter tabled 99 and was flipping with Erlichman’s AJ. The flop gave Erlichman a gigantic lead as the dealer peeled off the KJ4, giving Erlichman a pair and a flush draw.

The turn was the K and the river was the T to keep Erlichman’s pair in the lead and earn him a double up to 2.35 million. Senter was left with 380,000.

Paul Senter Eliminated in 39th place

After moving all in a few times, Senter was back up to 600,000. Thomas Sarra Jr. min-raised to 160,000 from early position and Paul Senter moved all in from middle position. Action folded back to Sarra Jr., who called and it was off to the races.

Sarra tabled K J and was flipping with Senter’s T T. The flop was safe for Senter as it came 884, but the dealer found the Kd on the turn to leave Senter with just two outs. The river was the 5 and Senter was eliminated in 38th place.

Shahen Martirosian Eliminated in 38th Place

In the blink of an eye, after a few preflop raises, Shahen Martirosian got his last 2.5 million chips into the middle against Luis Velador. Velador showed K K and was in great shape against Martirosian’s Q Q.

The board ran out A6596 ad Martirosian was eliminated and quietly headed out to collect his $186,388 in prize money.

Sean Dempsey Doubles Up Twice

Sean Dempsey earned two double ups in short order. In the first, he was all in preflop with A Q against the pocket tens of Chris Greaves. The board ran 8 7 4 A Q and Dempsey chipped up to 2.2 million.

A few hands later Dempsey went to a flop of J 9 4 with Robert Campbell. Dempsey led out on the flop and Campbell raised all in. Dempsey called holding Q T for a two-way straight draw and Campbell showed J 5 for top pair. The board finished 6 K, Dempsey made his straight and moved to up over 3.2 million.

Jacobson Hits 12 Million

Jacobson and Peter Placey went to a flop of K J 2 and Placey checked. Jacobson bet 250,000 and Placey played right back at him and made it 575,000 to go. Jacobson called, the turn came 3 and Placey bet 650,000. Jacobson tossed out a call and the river came 8. Both players checked, Placey showed J 9 for a pair of jacks and Jacobsen made a pair of kings holding K Q. Jacobsen furthered his tournament-leading stack to 12.75 million.

Sabat Scoops Massive Pot With Rivered Set Against Palmer

Sabat was first to act and raised to 180,000. Scott Palmer, directly to Sabat’s right, called, and the flop came out 8 7 2. Sabat led out for 150,000 and Palmer raised to 400,000. Sabat called to see the 4 land on the turn. Palmer bed 825,000 and Sabat called once again. The J came on the river and Palmer pushed a big bet into the middle, totaling 1.6 million, and Sabat quickly called and flipped over the J J for a rivered set. That pot pushed Sabat all the way up to 8.2 million while Palmer, once one of the chipleaders, was left with just over 24 big blinds.

Greer Loses Big One Late

It folded around to Scott Mahin in the hijack and he opened for 185,000. Action folded to Garrett Greer in the small blind, and he called. The flop came out T32, Greer checked his option back to Mahin, and he bet 300,000. Greer called. The turn came the T, Greer checked again and Mahin fired again, this time 575,000. Greer thought about it for 30 seconds before calling. The river was the 2, and again Greer checked. Mahin instantly shoved his whole stack into the middle, having Greer’s remaining 1,100,000 stack covered. Greer put his head down on the table, and mulled it over for a good four minutes before foldings his hand. Mahin raked in the pot, and showed everyone aces.

Bustouts This Level
44th – Clayton Maguire
43rd – David Tuthill
42nd – Mike Finstein
41st – Adam Lamphere
40th – Michael Kamran
39th – Paul Senter
38th – Shahen Martirosian

Players Remaining: 37

Top 10 Chip Counts – 2014 WSOP Main Event, End of Level 28

  1. Martin Jacobson – 12,750,000
  2. Kyle Keranen – 12,075,000
  3. Craig McCorkell – 11,250,000
  4. Luis Velador – 9,100,000
  5. Dan Sindelar – 8,950,000
  6. Matthew Haugen – 8,480,000
  7. Andoni Larrabe – 8,400,000
  8. Eddy Sabat – 8,250,000
  9. Felix Stephensen – 7,600,000
  10. Dong Guo – 6,940,000
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