Main Event End of Level 29: Play Slows, Velador Doesn’t

Luis Velador took the chip lead during level 27 of the Main Event (Drew Amato Photo)

Luis Velador took the chip lead during level 27 of the Main Event (Drew Amato Photo)

Level 29 of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event was the slowest two hours of the entire tournament, both in pace of play and in action. Only three players were eliminated during the level while Aaron Kaiser was admittedly stalling to try and make the just over $44,000 pay jump.

When hands were being played, Luis Velador was winning most of them. Velador won a couple big pots and moved into the chip lead with 14.6 million and held the chip lead for most of the level. Late in the level, Martin Jacobson eliminated Peter Placey and retook the chip lead from Velador.

Dan Sindelar, William Pappaconstantinous and Bruno Politano round out the top five chip stacks in the room.

All of the players are guaranteed a payday of at least $230,487 and they will take a 20-minute break before returning to blinds of 60,000/120,000 with a 15,000 ante.

Gal Erlichman Doubles Through Bryan Devonshire

One of the first hands at the new ESPN Main Stage table saw a crucial double-up for one of the short stacks.  In middle position, Gal Erlichman open-shoved for 1,675,000 chips only to see Bryan Devonshire snap-call from the big blind.

Devonshire held KK as he was well ahead or Erlichman’s AJ. Erlichman made a pair on the J43 flop, then turned trips when the J appeared on the felt.  Devonshire was drawing to two outs, but it was the Q on the river to bump Erlichman to 3,450,000 while Devonshire slips to 4,240,000.

Luis Velador Takes the Chip Lead

Kyle Keranen opened the betting with a raise to 225,000. From the small blind, Jose-Luis Velador three-bet to 650,000 and Keranen called.  The flop was T65 and Velador led out with a bet of 650,000 that Keranen called.

The turn was the 3 and Velador fired out another bet, this time to 1,100,000 and Keranen called once again. The river brought the A and this time Velador checked. Keranen bet 1,800,00 and Velador quickly called, showing pocket queens. Keranen tossed his cards into the muck, putting Velador into the chip lead with 14,930,000 chips as Keranen fell to 7,850,000.

Kaiser Doubles Through Dan Smith, Slowrolls with Top Set in Bizarre 10 Minute Hand

With one of the shortest stacks in the room with 37 players left, Aaron Kaiser had been stalling and slowing down the action at his table since they got down to this point, with a pay jump of over $44,000 awaiting players who survived one more elimination. The floor was called multiple times and Kaiser was even put on a shot clock at one point.

Kaiser was first to act and waited for over two minutes before throwing all of his lavender 100,000 chips and most of his green chips in the middle, leaving himself 175,000 behind. It folded to Smith in middle position and he flat-called, with the rest of the table getting out of the way. The flop was A Q 6 and once again, Kaiser tanked for almost 90 seconds before gently hitting the felt to check. Smith eventually threw in four purple chips to put Kaiser all in, but he didn’t call right away.

After about 20 seconds, Kaiser called and rolled over A A for top set, while Smith had J J.

“This is the card that matters,” said Smith, who took the J and slid it towards the board, where the turn was going to fall. The turn was indeed one of the two best cards Smith could have seen, as the T gave him straight, flush, and even a Royal Flush draw going into the river.

“If he’s gonna beat me, give him a Royal Flush,” said Kaiser.

“I want the Royal Flush!” exclaimed Smith.

The river was the 4, however, and Kaiser doubled to 2.5 million. Smith had 3.2 million left after the hand. Kaiser apologized several times for slowrolling Smith with top set after he scooped the pot.

Gal Erlichman Coolered, Finishes in 37th Place

With a pay jump of over $43,000 looming over the remaining 37 players, action had slowed down considerably with no players eliminated in almost two hours of play. It would seem someone needed to be coolered for a player to get knocked out, and it was Dan Sindelar who would be responsible.

In early position, Sindelar opened to 250,000 as Jose Luis Velador and Gal Erlichman called from the blinds.  The flop was 983 as Velador checked, Erlichman bet 475,000 then Sindelar shoved, having Erlichman well covered. Erlichman quickly called and showed KK as Erlichman revealed AA. The T and A on the turn and river sent Erlichman to the payouts area, earning $186,388 with the remaining players locking up a payday of at least $230,487.

Aaron Kaiser Eliminated by Dan Smith in 36th Place

Action folded around to Aaron Kaiser in the hijack, who raised to 225,000. Dan Smith called from the button, and everyone else got out of the way. The flop came down A86 and Kaiser bet 250,000. Smith called and the turn was the J.

Both players checked and the river was the K. Kaiser led out for 450,000 and Smith tanked for a minute before putting a massive stack in the middle, which was more than enough to put Kaiser all in for his last 1.6 million.

Kaiser thought for a bit, but ultimately called with AA, good for top set. Smith turned over QT and dragged the pot with a big smile.

Bruno Politano Clears 10 Million

Politano opened the action from middle position to 225,000. Robert Park was in the cutoff and three-bet him to 575,000. Politano pondered for a second before calling.

The flop came down 92A and Politano checked. Park continuation bet for 675,000. Politano called and the turn was the 9. Both players checked and watched the K fall on the river. Politano check-called a bet of 1,100,000 from Park and flipped up 97 for trip nines. Park showed AK before mucking.

Politano is sitting with 10,3000,000 in chips.

Maximilian Senft Doubles Through Matt Haugen

Maximilian Senft open shoved from the cut-off for 1,695,000 with 33and Matt Haugen quickly called from the button with AQ as the blinds got out of the way. The board ran out 85297 moving Senft up to 3,860,000 as Haugen dropped to 8,450,000.

It’s Good To Be King

Just two hands Dan Smith opened from under-the-gun to 210,000 and Chris Johnson called from the cutoff. The flop was 8 5 2 and Smith bet 250,000 and Johnson called. The turn was the K and Smith did not slow down, betting 350,000 this time. Johnson called. The river was the 2 and Smith bet 675,000. After thinking for two minutes Johnson moved all-in and Smith snap-called, tabling K K while Johnson showed the A A. Smith’s boat took down the pot giving him a shade less than 7.5 million while leaving Johnson with just 3,060,00

Peter Placey Eliminated in 35th Place

Peter Placey opened the action for 200,000 and Martin Jacobson raised to 500,000 on the button. Placey four-bet to 1.2 million, Jacobson called and the flop fell A 5 4. Placey moved all in and Jacobson insta-called, tabling A K. Place turned up A Q and had to get lucky to survive. The board completed 2 6, Place was eliminated and Jacobson’s stack grew to around 16.7 million.

Eliminations This Level

Gal Erlichman – 37th
Aaron Kaiser – 36th
Peter Placey – 35th

Players Remaining: 34

Top 10 Chip Counts – 2014 WSOP Main Event, End of Level 29

  1. Martin Jacobson – 17,800,000
  2. Luis Velador – 14,670,000
  3. Dan Sindelar – 12,420,000
  4. William Pappaconstantinou – 11,700,000
  5. Bruno Politano – 9,910,000
  6. Craig McCorkell – 9,900,000
  7. Matthew Haugen – 8,085,000
  8. Andoni Larrabe – 7,700,000
  9. Eddy Sabat – 7,300,000
  10. Dan Smith – 7,290,000
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