Main Event End of Level 33: Jorryt van Hoof Takes Big Lead; 13 Players Remain

Jorryt van Hoof busted two players and ended Level 33 with over 34 million, giving him a sizable chiplead. (Drew Amato photo)

Jorryt van Hoof busted two players and ended Level 33 with over 34 million, giving him a sizable chiplead. (Drew Amato photo)

The November Nine is creeping closer by the hour, and players are starting to stake their claims to one of the final table spots at the final table of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Jorryt van Hoof made a serious run towards the top in this level, eliminating players at the beginning and end of this particular two hour stretch to push his stack all the way to 34 million. Felix Stephensen had quite a level in his own right, and he’s in second after winning the biggest pot of the tournament for the second straight level.

Newhouse Takes Politano to Valuetown, Claims Biggest Featured Table Stack

After a misstep against Felix Stephensen before the dinner break, Mark Newhouse made quite a recovery soon after play resumed. He raised to 500,000 from under the gun and Bruno Politano called in middle position, with the pair going heads-up to a flop of Q J 2. Newhouse bet 600,000, Politano called and the turn was the 9.

Newhouse bet 1.1 million and Politano called again, and as the 4 hit on the river the Brazilian rail was poised to explode in yet another explosion, should Politano take down this pot. There was one more bet from Newhouse, this time for 2,750,000, and Politano called quickly. Newhouse tabled 2 2 for a set and Politano mucked. Newhouse had 15.5 million after this pot, making him the biggest stack at the featured table – albeit by just two antes over Politano.

Rivered Flush Over Flush Sinks Sabat in 16th; van Hoof Takes Chiplead

Jorryt van Hoof raised to 525,000 in the cutoff and Eddy Sabat called in the big blind, with a flop of J 9 5 falling before them, and both players checked. Sabat bet 600,000 on the 5 turn7 and was called by Jorryt van Hoof. The river was the 4 and Sabat bet 1.025 million. Van Hoof took a few moments before announcing he was all in for effectively Sabat’s remaining 5.5 million.

Sabat went into the tank for several minutes while contemplating his decision. Eventually Sabat called and looked in pain to see van Hoof’s A 8, good for the nut flush. Sabat tabled J T, which was ahead until the river, when he made a lesser flush, and he headed off to collect his money.

Van Hoof took over the chiplead at this point, with over 26 million.

Velador Flops Flush, Takes Chunk Off Sarra

Jose-Luis Velador raised to 500,000 in middle position and Tom Sarra Jr. called in the big blind. Velador bet 500,000 on the A 5 4 flop and Sarra called, and Velador bet 750,000 on the 7 turn, which Sarra called once again. The river was the 3 and Velador stepped up the pressure, betting 2,675,000, and once more Sarra decided to call. Velador showed K 7 for the nut flush, and he climbed to 14.3 million while Sarra dropped to 10.4.

Stephensen Busts Sarra in 25 Million Chip Pot, Takes Chiplead

Mark Newhouse opened the action with a raise to 500,000, which was called by Tom Sarra Jr. and Bruno Politano in the cutoff. Felix Stephensen three-bet to 2,250,000, Newhouse folded and Sarra Jr. snapped to life with a four-bet to 6.7 million, which represented nearly two-thirds of his stack. Politano got out of the way, but Stephensen five-bet all in, having Sarra covered. He called, showing K Q, but for the second time in as many levels Stephensen was playing the biggest pot of the tournament – this one coming in at over 25 million – holding A K in a dominating spot.

Stephensen flopped Sarra nearly dead as it came down A 9 8 and the 7 turn confirmed it, with Sarra quickly going from a healthy stack to out in 15th place. Stephensen’s meteoric rise reached a new peak, as the massive pot brought him all the way up to almost 28 million – temporarily giving him the chiplead.

Oscar Kemps Eliminated by Jorryt van Hoof in 14th Place, Giving van Hoof the Chiplead Back

Action folded to Oscar Kemps in the hijack, who moved all in for his last 3 million in chips. Jorryt van Hoof called from the big blind and quickly tabled A A, pitting the two remaining Dutch players against each other with one likely to bust the other. Kemps slowly showed K J and began to gather his belongings.

“This isn’t like the 9-10 vs. ace-king situation,” said Kemps as he grabbed his backpack.

The flop was QQ7 and Kemps was in dire straights. The turn was the 4, which left him drawing dead. The river was a meaningless 7 and Kemps headed out the door with a 14th place finish, felled by his fellow countryman.

Van Hoof was over 30 million in chips with his elimination of his fellow countryman, and he got even higher by the close of the level.

Politano’s Big Calldown Against Newhouse Sends Crowd into Hysterics as Level 33 Closes

Andoni Larrabe raised to 500,000 in middle position and Mark Newhouse flatted on the button. Bruno Politano three-bet to 1,580,000 in the small blind, Larrabe folded and Newhouse called, with the flop falling 9 7 3. Politano led out for 1,350,000, Newhouse called, and the turn was the 4. It went check, check, and the river was the 3. Politano checked again, but this time Newhouse bet 2,250,000. After four minutes in the tank, Politano called and showed 2 7 for a pair of sevens, and Newhouse mucked. Politano had just shy of 20 million after that pot, while Newhouse fell under 10 million to end the level.

As the dealer collected the pot to push to Politano, he feigned trying to quiet his raucous rail down, but when he pulled in all the chips he led them all in a cheer that rattled the Main Stage and reverberated throughout the Amazon Room as Level 33 came to a close.

Players Eliminated This Level
16th – Eddy Sabat ($347,521)
15th – Tom Sarra Jr. ($441,940)
14th – Oscar Kemps ($441,940)

2014 WSOP Main Event – End of Level 33 Chip Counts

  1. Jorryt van Hoof – 34,700,000
  2. Felix Stephensen – 29,220,000
  3. Dan Sindelar – 22,450,000
  4. Jose-Luis Velador – 20,790,000
  5. Bruno Politano – 19,820,000
  6. Martin Jacobson – 18,850,000
  7. Billy Pappaconstantinou – 11,725,000
  1. William Tonking – 11,400,000
  2. Mark Newhouse – 9,225,000
  3. Andoni Larrabe – 8,430,000
  4. Christopher Greaves – 5,425,000
  5. Craig McCorkell – 4,960,000
  6. Maximilian Senft – 4,375,000
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