Main Event Reaches 1,031 Players, Pascal Lefrancois Leads Day 2

Pascal Lefrancois tops the 234 remaining players in the PCA Main Event. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Pascal Lefrancois tops the 234 remaining players in the PCA Main Event. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Day 2 of the 2014 Caribbean Adventure Main Event kicked off with 632 returning players from two Day 1 flights. The field picked up a few more entrants to top out at 1,031 players. After five 90-minute levels the field was trimmed to 234 players and leading them all is Pascal Lefrancois after bagging up 412,000.

Close behind Lefrancois are Matt Berkey, Max Silver and Tyler Reiman. Also moving on to Day 3 are Maria Ho, Daniel Weinman, Vanessa Selbst, Alex Fitzgerald, John Dibella, Greg Merson, Sylvain Loosli, Loni Harwood and Liv Boeree.

Daniel Negreanu, Philipp Gruissem, Ryan Riess, Jonathan Little, Scott Seiver, Chris Moorman, Dan Shak, John Juanda, Chris Moneymaker and Isaac Haxton were eliminated in the day’s action.

Loosli earned a big double up late in the day when he went to a Q T 6 with James Calderaro. Loosli bet 14,500, Calderaro raised to 30,000 and Loosli moved all in for about 85,000. Calderaro called, tabled pocket sixes for a set and Loosli turned up pocket aces. The turn hit Loosli when it came A and he took the lead. The river bricked with 7 and Loosli chipped up to around 200,000.

Boeree also earned a big double up late in the day when she moved all in preflop with pocket aces. Eugene Todd called holding A Q and failed to outrun Boeree’s aces when the board ran K Q 8 2 8. Boeree doubled up to just over 75,000 and sits below the average stack for Day 3.

Dibella, the 2012 PCA Main Event champ, crossed the 300,000 chip mark after winning a sizable pot on a T 5 3 K Q board. He bet 30,000 on the river, his opponent called and then mucked after Dibella tabled 9 6 for a flush.

Ho and Musumeci were seated next to each other throughout the day and played several pots against each other. On one of the last hands of the night Musumeci opened from under the gun and Ho called from the big blind. The flop came T 3 2, Ho check-called 5,200 and the turn came T. Ho bet out 10,600, Musumeci called and the river came 2. Ho bet 16,500, Musumeci called and Ho tabled 7 4 for a flush to cross the 300,000 chip mark.

Negreanu was eliminated after he got his stack in preflop holding K J after Raymond Chen set him all in holding A 8. The board ran 9 8 6 5 2 and Negreanu’s 2014 was off to a rocky start.

Team PokerStars Pro Katchalov knocked out two dangerous players early in the day to cross the century mark. Katchalov held pocket aces and eliminated Gruissem while holding pocket nines and Dominik Nitsche holding pocket eights.

The prize pool was calculated and the top 151 finishers will make the money. The min-cash will be worth $17,600 and a final table run will lock up at least $135,400. The top two finishers will earn $1,820,420 and $1,101,080 respectively.

Main Event Day 2 Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Pascal Lefrancois – 412,000
  2. Sam Greenwood – 402,500
  3. Matt Berkey – 372,100
  4. Roger Teska – 369,000
  5. Brian Altman – 362,100
  6. Christopher Ulsrud – 338,600
  7. Jason Helder – 328,000
  8. Max Silver – 320,000
  9. Jorge Breda – 315,000
  10. Vladimir Schemelev – 313,500

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