Martin Jacobson Takes Over Chiplead, Jorryt van Hoof Short Stacked

Martin Jacobson took over the chiplead during the first level on Tuesday night. (Photo by Drew Amato)

Martin Jacobson took over the chiplead during the first level on Tuesday night. (Photo by Drew Amato)

The 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table returned Monday night and play went deep into the night with Jorryt van Hoof, Martin Jacobson and Felix Stephensen bagging up their stacks at around 4:30 am after 244 hands. The three finalists returned to a raucous introduction from the voice of the UFC Bruce Buffer on Tuesday to play down to a winner, award $10 million for first place and crown poker’s newest ambassador.

The final three players began play at Level 40 with blinds at 600,000/1,200,000 with a 200,000 ante. The chips stacked up like this:

  1. Jorryt van Hoof – 89,625,000
  2. Martin Jacobson – 64,750,000
  3. Felix Stephensen – 46,100,000

The table saw the first all in bet 11 hands into the evening. Jacobson opened for 2.4 million on the button and Stephensen three-bet to 8.2 million out of the small blind. Jacobson tanked for a short bit, called and the flop came 9 8 7. Stephensen checked, Jacobson bet 6.2 million and Stephensen check-raised all in. Jacobson folded quickly and Stephensen chipped up to over 60 million.

Fifteen minutes later Jacobsen opened to 3.6 million, Stephensen called and the flop came T 7 5. Jacobson led out for 4 million, Stephensen called and the turn came K. Jacobson measured out 10 million, pushed it forward and Stephensen called. The river came Q, Jacobson thought for a good bit before betting 15 million and Stephensen called holding K J. Jacobson tabled A A, took down the massive pot and came just shy of taking over the chiplead with 86 mil

A couple hands later van Hoof opened for 3.6 million, Jacobson called and the flop came A K 6. Van Hoof bet 4.8 million, Jacobson called and the turn came K. Van Hoof checked, Jacobson bet 9 million and van Hoof tanked for a minute before folding. The pot gave Jacobson 88.9 million to van Hoof’s 84.1 million.

Stephensen had moved his short stack all in four times and took the pot without a call, but the fifth time would double him up. Van Hoof opened for 2.6 million, Stephensen called and the flop came 9 4 3. Both players checked, the turn came 5 and Stephensen bet 4 million. Van Hoof called, the river came K and Stephensen moved all in for 17.1 million. Van Hoof called and insta-mucked when Stephensen tabled 9 8 for a pair of nines.

With about 30 minutes remaining in the level Van Hoof dipped from the chipleader to the short stack at the table. Stephensen limped from the small blind, van Hoof made it 3 million to play from the big and Stephensen called. The flop came 7 5 3, Stephensen bet 4.3 million and van Hoof called. The turn came 4, Stephensen pushed out 8.5 million and van Hoof called. The river came 4 and Stephensen bet big again – this time for 15.5 million. Van Hoof went into the tank, mucked his hand and Stephensen took the pot. Van Hoof held 50.1 million – nearly 40 million less than he began the night with and Stephensen stacked 58.6 million.

End of Level 40 Chip Counts

  1. Martin Jacobson – 97,400,000
  2. Felix Stephensen – 68,100,000
  3. Jorryt van Hoof – 35,000,000
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