Marty Mathis Grinding WSOP Main Event Day 1A; Mexico on Day 1B

Marty "TheLipoFund" Mathis traveled in from Mexico to play the first flight of the Main Event. (Drew Amato Photo)

Marty “TheLipoFund” Mathis traveled in from Mexico to play the first flight of the Main Event. (Drew Amato Photo)

Marty “TheLipoFund” Mathis is not your normal 25-year-old poker player. A graduate of Florida State, Mathis has played poker for the last several years since finishing school. He travels the world and plays, mostly online, and has made Mexico his home base for the last few years. One of the most popular questions Mathis gets is not about his poker playing abilities, or even his traveling, but about his online screenname.

“I had a friend back when I was in college who asked what I would do if she got fat. I told her I would buy her lipo,” joked Mathis. “When it came time to create a name for myself, for some reason, “TheLipoFund” just seemed like a perfect fit and it stuck.”

Mathis took some time at the beginning of the year to take a trip to Europe to visit friends and play poker. Although he is mostly an online grinder, Mathis decided to try his luck at a few EPT events and took a shot at the Irish Poker Open while he was overseas. Although Mathis did not do anything special in either of those events, his time in Europe was well spent. Two Tuesdays in a row, Mathis managed to score his two biggest online cashes of all time, totaling over $200,000. The first Tuesday, he was the runner-up in the Super Tuesday online tournament hosted by PokerStars. The following Tuesday, Mathis topped his own largest score as he won the largest recorded Super Tuesday when he chopped with the second place finisher, and still managed to take down the win. “It was just a really good time in life. I was really fortunate. I had been working hard for a long time and just had both scores at once was really cool.”

As he was traveling in Europe, Mathis took to the Twitter world to share his experiences and poker successes. Here is a tweet while Mathis was in Vienna, and shows a little about what his life is like.

Mathis traveled in for the Main Event this year, and opted to play the first flight. It didn’t take a genius to find out what his plan was. “I really prefer the online grind a lot more. I can just get a much larger volume in and poker is just a game where you need a really big sample size to come close to your expectations. I just feel like I can reach that a lot easier online. While I think live is a lot softer than online, there is a lot of variance live and I just prefer the online grind and focus on the softer live events.”

Two of Mathis’ close friends, Doug Polk and Dominik Nitsche, have had a great WSOP. Mathis went to the Facebook community to congratulate his friends and supporters on their wins, saying “Congrats to Doug Polk and Dominik Nitsche. Pretty amazing to have both friends/mentors scoop a bracelet on the same day.”

This is Mathis’ fifth WSOP, having layed every year since he turned 21. “I had a really good first table. It broke pretty early and they moved us out of Brasilia, and I’ve only been at my new table now for two hands so I’m not really sure how it is, but it looks pretty good. But I really liked my first table; we played short-handed a lot of the time like six or seven handed and there were lot of soft spots at the table. I chipped up pretty early to around 33K and as down to 20K early but its going okay.”

When asked how much success he has had here in the Main Event in years past? “I made my first cash last year, I finished 283rd for $37,000. Lost a big pot to David Benefield who ended up final tabling the event. Lost a big pot at the end of Day 4, but yeah, that was my first cash.”

Mathis, whose primary home base is in Rosarito, Mexico, explains how he feels about living outside of the US. “I like it now. I’ve been down there a little over two years now and its kind of my home. It’s the perfect location on the West Coast, just five hours from Vegas. I’m going to play today, go home tomorrow, and grind Sunday and come back for Monday. Its really great, its really cheap, and I can get where I need to go.”

When asked how important the Sunday grind is for Mathis, “More important than the Main Event.”

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