Matt Affleck & Tyler Patterson – Poker’s Newest Odd Couple?

Matt Affleck and Tyler Patterson moved all their stuff and left for the BPO the next day. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Matt Affleck and Tyler Patterson moved all their stuff and left for the BPO. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Matt Affleck and Tyler Patterson got to know each other from the local games they played a few years ago and formed a friendship which led to them traveling together. Earlier this year their living situations synced up and they decided to share an apartment in the Freemont area of Seattle. The biggest question they faced was who was going to get the master bedroom?

The larger room and private bathroom came down to a best of seven flips and they talked about it during a break at the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open. “Tyler can tell you how good he ran, that’s the easiest way to say it,” Affleck said.

“Yeah, we made up a bunch of big flips, I mean we had a year riding on it,” Patterson said. “It was a big moment.”

“We had an Omaha flip, a Hold’em flip and during a Mariners game we had odds and evens on the pitch count for one inning,” Affleck added. “We did a couple of other things with the game that we just randomly thought of.”

Patterson won four games to one and said, “It was one of the biggest flips I’ve won in my poker career.”

Affleck and Patterson spend a lot of time discussing poker together. “We bounce ideas off each other in and out of tournaments,” Patterson said. “There are some things we disagree on, it’s interesting when hands come up that we disagree on, but it’s not that often – we’re pretty similar.”

Their similarities extend to their resumés – they both have won over $1.4 million in tournament earnings. Affleck has Patterson edged out by just $324. So who is going to have the higher number after the BPO?

“Wow, I didn’t know that,” Patterson said. “On this trip?  I don’t know, we’ll probably flip flop back and forth a bunch of times.”

“Yeah, but he’s in on two bullets and I’m on just one,” Affleck pointed out. “In terms of profit, no. We should add in online (winnings).”

Affleck first found success playing online and live poker is a relatively new thing for him considering the numbers he’s put up. “I came up playing online tournaments and ever since Black Friday I’ve been playing exclusively live,” he said. “I’ve only really been playing live poker for the last five years versus Tyler who came up playing live poker.”

But Affleck did get out for the occasional live game and that’s where he met Patterson. They played in the same $5/$10 games in Seattle a few times a week and their friendship grew from there. But do two opponents from the same game make for good roommates?

“We don’t know yet,” they both laughed.

“We literally moved in the day before we got here,” Affleck said. “All our stuff is there but it’s barely set up and unpacked. There’s still stuff out on a patio we’re finding room for.”

“We’ve done well traveling together and sharing hotel rooms –  we’ll be ok,” Patterson said. “Now we’ve got a little more space, but a lot more time. We have similar characteristics, no good cop, bad cop.”

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