Matt Perrins and Eli Elezra Pick Up Bracelets, $10K PLO Underway

NBA star and former Boston Celtic Paul Pierce showed up for the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha.

NBA star and former Boston Celtic Paul Pierce showed up for the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha. (Photo by Jay Newnum)

Two of the six remaining bracelets at the 2013 WSOP were scooped up by Matt Perrins and Eli Elezra before the lights dimmed on Day 38, the final day before the Main Event. Perrins took down the $5,000 No Limit Hold’em and the $2,500 Limit Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Lowball went to Elezra, leaving a mere three bracelets up for grabs before the Main Event officially kicks off on Saturday.

The final $1,500 No Limit Hold’em of the summer drew a field of more than 2,500 players and some of the best Pot Limit Omaha players took their seats in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha in hopes of adding their name to the WSOP record books.

$5,000 No Limit Hold’em 

Matt Perrins earned his second WSOP bracelet when all the chips were pushed toward him after the final hand of the $5,000 No Limit Hold’em was played. Perrins outlasted a 784-player field and bested Arthur Pro heads-up for the bracelet and $792,275 in first place prize money.

Final Table Results:

  1. Matt Perrins – $792,275
  2. Arthur Pro – $489,451
  3. Seth Berger – $315,529
  4. Antonio Buonanno – $231,147
  5. Matt Berkey – $171,822
  6. Thomas Muehloecker – $129,447
  7. Randal Flowers – $98,715
  8. Joe Serock – $76,164
  9. Kent Roed – $59,398

$2,500 Limit Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Lowball

The conclusion to a much-watched final table in the $2,500 Limit Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Lowball came when Eli Elezra bested Daniel Negreanu heads-up for the title and $173,236. Elezra picked up his second career WSOP bracelet when he ousted Negreanu but he also kept the original WSOP Player of the Year from re-taking his lead in the 2013 POY standings.

Negreanu was pushed to the No. 2 spot on the leaderboard Thursday night when Matthew Ashton won the $50,000 Poker Players Championship. Negreanu needed a win in the $2,500 Limit Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Lowball in order to re-take the lead.

Final Table Results:

  1. Eli Elezra – $173,236
  2. Daniel Negreanu – $107,055
  3. Brian Brubaker – $70,743
  4. David Chiu – $48,077
  5. David “ODB” Baker – $33,399
  6. Scott Seiver – $23,698

$1,111 Little One for One Drop

The $1,111 Little One for One Drop drew 4,756 players and with Day 2 in the books only 67 remain. More than 4,500 entrants meant a massive prizepool of over $4.2 million and $663,727 for the eventual winner. During both Day 1A and 1B players were willing to gamble a little more than normal due to the re-entry option, but now that players are in the money and a final table is within sight, play has returned to normal.

“It’s a fun tournament and I’m just letting the game come to me,” said Mike Sowers, who chipped up to 217,000 before play ended for the day.

Xuan Liu said prior to the tournament’s beginning she was excited to play the tournament as was looking forward to seeing poker players chip up for charity. Liu did her part and bought in on both Day 1’s but was ultimately eliminated by Byron Kaverman late on Day 2. Bryan Piccioli, Tom Koral, Lee Childs, Jeff Gross, Amanda Baker, Matt Brady and Andy Bloch also found the rail on Day 2.

Top Ten Chip Counts:

  1. Joseph Wilson – 983,000
  2. Nghi Tran – 803,000
  3. Roberto Romanello – 781,000
  4. Mikolaj Zawadzki – 715,000
  5. Andrey Pateychuk – 552,000
  6. Brian Yoon – 537,000
  7. Gregory Brewer – 526,000
  8. David Catalano – 516,000
  9. John Gulino – 497,000
  10. Alexander Case – 492,000

$1,500 No Limit Hold’em 

Players turned out in droves for the final $1,500 No Limit Hold’em of the summer on the eve of the 2013 Main Event in hopes of picking up of the final bracelets left to be won. A total of 2,541 players put up the buy-in, creating a prizepool of more than $3.4 million with $609,017 awaiting the eventual winner.

When chips were bagged for the night Ryan Hughes was out in front with 171,100 and will lead the remaining 295 players who will be back for another day of action on Day 2. When only 270 players are left with chips the payouts will begin. Alex Queen, Frank Rusnak, Melanie Weisner and Calvin Anderson will also return for Day 2.

Cherish Andrews, Bryan Devonshire, Marvin Rettenmaier, Dee Dozier, Dominik Nitsche, Elisabeth Hille, Matthew Waxman, Jason Koon and Jake Balsiger were among the many players to hit the rail on Day 1.

Top Ten Chip Counts:

  1. Ryan Hughes – 171,100
  2. Joseph Froehle – 144,200
  3. Malek Kalayli – 143,000
  4. Nate Silver – 134,600
  5. Lauren Kling – 123,300
  6. Bao Dao – 116,400
  7. Moritz Muehlebach – 111,200
  8. Yuval Friedman – 109,200
  9. Henry Lu – 108,400
  10. Ben Yu – 107,500

$10,000 Pot Limit Omaha 

Some of the best Pot Limit Omaha players showed up for the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha, the final event before the 2013 Main Event. Jason Mercier, Vanessa Selbst, Michael Mizrachi, Daniel Alaei, Scott Clements and Ben Tollerene were among the 383 players to put up the buy-in. But among the poker pros there was at least one different type of professional player – former Boston Celtic Paul Pierce was also in the field.

Having just lost heads-up to Eli Elezra in the $2,500 Limit Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Lowball, Daniel Negreanu wasted no time jumping into the second to last tournament of the Series.

“I’m feeling good. I just jumped right in,” he said. “You got to. It’s one of the last ones, you got to keep grinding.”

Matthew O’Donnell and 2010 Main Event Champion Jonathan Duhamel gathered the most chips throughout Day 1 and will return with the lead over the remaining 168 players when Day 2 begins.

Tom Schneider, the sole player to win multiple bracelets this summer, defending champion Jan-Peter Jachtmann,Phil Ivey, JC Tran, Ognjen Sekularac, Alex Phahurat, Brock Parker, Ben Sulsky, Mizrachi and Clements were all eliminated on Day 1.

Top Ten Chip Counts:

  1. Matthew O’Donnell – 269,200
  2. Jonathan Duhamel – 253,000
  3. Jared Bleznik – 246,500
  4. Alexey Rybin – 245,600
  5. Joseph Cheong – 244,800
  6. Morten Stenheim – 191,700
  7. Scott Palmer – 190,300
  8. Mihails Morozovs – 171,000
  9. Mike Watson – 158,500
  10. Robert Lay – 156,000

Looking Ahead

The 2013 Main Event will kick off Saturday and cards will be in the air for players choosing to play Day 1A at 12 pm PT and a winner will be crowned in the $1,111 Little One for One Drop. Continue to follow for all of the action.

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