Max Altergott Wins Aussie Millions $25,000 Challenge

Max Altergott outlasted Dan Smith, Jason Mercier, Martin Jacobson and Scott Seiver after the final five players made a deal.

Max Altergott outlasted Dan Smith, Jason Mercier, Martin Jacobson and Scott Seiver after the final five players made a deal.

What started as a long path to the money on Day 2 and looked to be heading towards a long night in the $25,000 Challenge became something very different Monday at the Aussie Millions. A deal made five ways lead to a quick finish filled with laughter, and Max Altergott eventually took home the title.

Altergott, Dan Smith, Jason Mercier, Martin Jacobson and Scott Seiver each took home more than third place was scheduled to receive following the deal, but continued to play it out to determine a champion. In order to allow them a full night’s sleep prior to Day 1C of the Main Event Tuesday, they sped the structure up to more rapidly bring the tournament to an end.

Seiver was the first to go out post-deal, losing a coinflip with J J against A Q for almost all of his and Altergott’s combined chips when the Q hit the flop. Seiver was all in shortly thereafter with J 6 against Mercier’s 2 2 and the board bricked out, eliminating Seiver in fifth.

Mercier won another big pot as his A T dominated Jacobson’s A 7, crippling the Swede’s stack. Smith got the rest of Jacobson’s stack by sucking out with K 3 against K J, with the board running out K 6 3 A 4. Jacobson finished fourth, but took home the largest chunk of the prizepool.

The chips wouldn’t stay with Mercier for long. He got all in with T 8 against Altergott’s A 9 and managed to outflop him on a J T 4 board, only for the A to hit on the turn and seal his fate in third.

Heads-up play lasted one hand. Smith had 6 6 with all of his chips at risk, and he held the lead against Altergott’s A 2 going into the flop. The A 8 8 K 9 runout, however, gave Altergott the pot and the tournament crown.

Things weren’t quite so jovial early on in Day 2 of the $25,000 Challenge. 30 players came back to open up bags, but just the top eight spots came with a payout. Joe Hachem, Isaac Haxton, Ryan Riess, Justin Bonomo and John Juanda were just a few of the players who went home empty-handed.

As is typical with almost any High Roller event in this day and age, German players made up a large percentage of the field late. Three of their heavyweights narrowly missed out on the money, though – early chipleader Fabian Quoss went out 12th, and wunderkind Ole Schemion was eliminated in 10th to bring the action to a single table.

Benny Spindler made the unofficial final table, but he’d go on to bubble the final eight and the money, finishing ninth.

Two more Germans would finish just inside the money. Tobias Reinkemeier ran A K into Jacobson’s Q Q and couldn’t hit to go out eighth, and 2012 BLUFF Player of the Year Marvin Rettenmaier shoved with 4 3 only to run into Seiver’s A 5 and brick out, taking seventh.

  1. Max Altergott – AU$241,785*
  2. Dan Smith – AU$278,414*
  3. Jason Mercier – AU$263,342*
  4. Martin Jacobson – AU$285,921*
  5. Scott Seiver – AU$265,538*
  6. Dan Shak – AU$100,000
  7. Marvin Rettenmaier – AU$70,000
  8. Tobias Reinkemeier – AU$55,000

*Reflects five-way deal

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