Max Altergott Wins Grand Final €100,000 Super High Roller

Max Altergott won the EPT Grand Final Super High Roller event.

Max Altergott won the EPT Grand Final Super High Roller event.

The third and final day of the €100,000 European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monte Carlo  has come to a close and Max Altergott walked away with the title after defeating Jason Mercier in heads up and more importantly, €1,746,000 ($2,244,543 USD). The event fielded 50 players that payed out the top seven finishers with a prize pool of €4,851,300 ($6,236,512 USD).

The final seven players started the day with Mercier holding a significant chip lead over the field with 4.16 million. A three-way chase pack of Vladimir Troyanovsky (2.15 million), Sorel Mizzi (2.14 million) and Altergott (2.1 million) were close behind. Timothy Adams returned with 830,000, Scott Seiver held 625,000 and Mike Watson was the shortest stack with 480,000.

The first elimination occurred about 45 minutes into play when Altergott opened for 100,000 in late position, Watson shoved from the button for 665,000 and Mizzi called from the big blind with pocket aces. Altergott folded and Watson tabled K Q. The board ran 6 6 5 9 3 and Watson was the first to hit the rail.

The table played five-handed for an hour and a half before Seiver would run into Mercier. Seiver open-shoved for 895,000 with pocket nines and Mercier insta-called and tabled A Q. The board ran K 5 5 T 8 and the runner-runner flush would eliminate Seiver in sixth place.

Just fifteen minutes later Troyanovsky opened from under the gun, Mizzi raised enough to set the Russian all in from the big blind and Troyanovsky called with K Q. Mizzi tabled A J and watched the board run his way when it ran T 8 4 6 7. Troyanovsky was eliminated in fifth place.

The pace didn’t slow after Altergott opened in early position and Adams shoved from the button. Altergott called with A 8 and Adams had to fade an ace with pocket nines. The board ran 7 7 4 A 4 and the ace on the turn ended Adams’ deep run in fourth place.

Three-handed play lasted for around an hour before Altergott opened on the button, Mizzi moved his stack in from the small blind and Altergott snap-called with pocket jacks. Mizzi turned up K Q and whiffed on the 8 4 4 3 J board. Mizzi was eliminated and Altergott brought 7.35 million into heads up play to Mercier’s 5.15 million.

After about thirty minutes of heads up play Altergott took a stranglehold on the event when they each put in a million chips preflop to see a J 8 7 flope. Mercier check-called 700,000 to see the 4 turn. Mercier checked again, Altergott bet 1.2 million, Mercier shoved all in and Altergott called with pocket queens. Mercier was behind with K 7 and stayed behind when the river came 2. Mercier was left with just three big blinds and got the rest of his stack in two hands later.

Mercier was all in with T 6 and Altergott tabled J 9. The board ran K 6 5 7 8 and Mercier was eliminated and Altergott’s first live tournament cash was a big one.


EPT Grand Final Monte Carlo €100,000 Super High Roller Payouts

  1. Max Altergott – €1,746,400
  2. Jason Mercier – €1,115,700
  3. Sorel Mizzi – €679,100
  4. Timothy Adams – €485,100
  5. Vladimir Troyanovsky – €339,500
  6. Scott Seiver – €266,900
  7. Mike Watson – €218,300


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