McLaughlin Leads at Dinner Break, Steinberg, Bardah Eliminated

Jonathan Jaffe leads the final 109 players in the 2013 Main Event at the dinner break on Day 5.

Jonathan Jaffe is among the chip leaders over the final 109 players in the 2013 Main Event at the dinner break on Day 5.

Level 23 of the 2013 WSOP Main Event got underway with 137 players remaining and as the third level of Day came to a close the field had been trimmed down to the final 109. Chris Lindh stacked up the chip lead during Level 22 but fell from the top about an hour into the level. Marc McLaughlin replaced replaced Lindh as the leader, having chipped up to just over 6.7 million before the dinner break. Jonathan Jaffe is not far behind and over 5 million.

Ronnie Bardah picked up his fourth consecutive cash in the WSOP Main Event but saw his tournament run end as the 124th place finisher for $50,752. Max Steinberg, Ashton Griffin and Ashley Mason also saw their 2013 WSOP come to an end during the third level of Day 5.

With Greg Merson’s elimination during the previous level 2001 Main Event winner Carlos Mortensen is the lone remaining former champ in the field.

End of Level 23 Chip Leaders

  1. Marc McLaughlin – 6,075,000
  2. Jonathan Jaffe – 5,017,000
  3. Jason Mann – 3,700,000
  4. George Wong – 3,680,000

Jonathan Jaffe Clears 5 Million

Since sitting down at the featured table, Jonathan Jaffe‘s day has been tremendous. He got a full double-up after playing two pots against Rep Porter and became the first player to clear the 5 million chip mark. On the first hand, he opened to 52,000, Porter three-bet to 112,000 and Jaffe called. The flop was Q 9 5 and both players checked, with the 6 falling on the turn. Jaffe bet 122,000 and Porter called. The river was the 2 and Jaffe put Porter all in for a total of 574,000. Porter thought it over and then let it go, pushing Jaffe’s stack to 4.88 million.

On the very next hand, Jaffe opened to 52,000 in middle position and Porter called in the cutoff. The flop was 9 7 3, Jaffe bet 64,000 and Porter called. They checked the 5 turn and J river and Jaffe tabled A Q for ace-high. Porter mucked, and Jaffe’s stack was officially above 5 million, 5,080,000 to be exact.

Ronnie Bardah Gets Aces Cracked to Bust

Ronnie Bardah was walking away from his table and yelling to his friend on the rail. He wasn’t happy to bust out of the Main Event and had his aces cracked to bust.

“I had aces to king-ten for an 800K pot and I busted,” he said to his friend on the other side of the ropes. “It was all in preflop. He made a straight too.”

Mortensen Loses Half His Stack to Two-Outer, Climbs Back Before Dinner

Danard Petit open-shipped in middle position for 401,000 and Carlos Mortensen asked for a count. Mortensen then three-bet all in over the top for 794,000 from the button. The blinds folded and the hands were turned up – 9 9 for Mortensen, 5 5 for Petit. Petit’s friends shouted in excitement as the 5 was in the window along with the Q and 6 on the flop.

The turn was the 7 and Mortensen picked up four more outs to the straight. The K on the river was of no help, and Mortensen shipped more than half of his stack to Petit who moved up to 870,000. Mortensen, the last Main Event champion in the field, was left with 393,000.

Mortensen made a tremendous comeback in the final 40 minutes of the level though, doubling up once with A 8 against J J by spiking an A, then doubling again with A A against Q Q to rebuild his stack to over 1.5 million.

Lindh Adds to Lead Then Drops Down 

Shortly after the start of level 23, Christopher Lindh added to his chip lead. Alexander Kuzmin moved all in for about 300,000 from middle position and Lindh shoved over the top from the button.

Kuzmin reluctantly turned over A T and after seeing the A K told Lindh, “I know you have ace-king.”

The board ran out Q2793 and Lindh crept toward the 4.5 million chip mark.

Lindh’s lead would not last though, before Level 23 ended he dropped down to about 2.8 million.

Steinberg Out in 131st

Max Steinberg joined the featured table on Day 3 and proceeded to have the best day imaginable. He knocked out Phil Ivey in a huge pot in a set-over-set situation and built his stack to over 1 million. Steinberg cruised through Day 4 and continued to build, but Day 5 went about as poorly as it possibly could have for the WSOP bracelet-winner.

Steinberg had 385,000 when he moved to the featured table, part of a group that include JC Tran, Annette Obrestad, Rep Porter and Jonathan Jaffe. He had just over 300,000 when he open-limped in the cutoff, Griffin came along in the small blind and Eli Heath checked his option.

The flop was A 5 4, Griffin checked, Heath bet 36,000 and only Steinberg called. The turn was the K, Heath bet 67,000 and Steinberg raised all in for 265,000. After getting a count, Heath called and he was ahead with 5 4. Steinberg had some outs with K 2 going into the river, though. The Q would not be enough and Steinberg was eliminated in 131st place.

It was the end of a tremendous summer for Steinberg, who finished second in the WSOP National championship, made the final table of the $3,000 No Limit Hold’em Shootout, lost in brutal fashion heads-up for the title in the Mixed Max event and made two other deep runs that ended in top-30 finishes.

Watts Doubles Through Tripoldi

We caught the action as Clement Tripoldi on the button was calling the 841,000 all in shove of Steven Watts in the big blind.

Watts turned over K K, a big favorite over the Q Q of Tripoldi. The kings would hold as the board ran out T 7 3 A T, with Tripoldi dropping down to 1.020 million.

Steven Bets it Blind to Double up Lunkin

Vitaly Lunkin raised from the cutoff and was three-bet by Brandon Steven from the small blind. Lunkin called and only left himself with 157,000 behind.

Steven announced he was all in in the dark and after the dealer put out a flop of T 9 3, Lunkin committed the rest of his chips.

Lunkin was ahead with his small pair as he tabled 4 4 and Steven showed A K. The turn and river were the 6 and 5, respectively to double up Lunkin to just over 800,000 in chips.

Dato Knocks Out Truesdell

Justin Truesdell five-bet shoved 850,000 over Andrea Dato, only to be snap-called.

Truesdell showed A J and was in bad shape against the Q Q of Dato. The board ran out 993T9 and Truesdell was sent to the rail.

Dato reached about 2.5 million in chips after the hand.

Ashton Griffin eliminated

The established pros are falling fast in the Main Event, and Ashton Griffin recently joined the ranks of players headed to the payout cage. Goran Mandic opened to 50,000, Ashton Griffin three-bet all in for 323,000 and it folded around to Sergio Castellucio. He got an exact count, cold-called Griffin’s bet and Mandic got out of the way.

Castellucio was well ahead with T T against Griffin’s A T, but the 9 5 2 flop gave Griffin a lot more outs with a flush draw. The 9 on the turn changed very little, and the board double-paired on the river with the 5. Griffin made his exit from the main stage to a round of applause.

Petit at it Again, Cripples Mad Marvin

With 140,000 already in the pot on a flop of Q 7 4, Marvin Rettenmaier bet 52,000 and Petit called, with the K falling on the turn. Rettenmaier bet 126,000, Petit raised all in for 758,000 and Rettenmaier quickly called.

Petit’s tournament life was on the line once again, though he had a few more outs than he did in his previous all in. He had A 4 for a pair and the nut flush draw, but only the flush draw was live as Rettenmaier had flopped a set with 7 7. With 1.7 million in the pot, the dealer burned and dealt the river. It was the 8.

After being down to 401,000, two miracle cards built Petit’s stack to over 1.7 million. Rettenmaier’s stack, on the other hand, tumbled all the way down to 421,000.

Tease on the Turn

Bradley Myers shoved his last 446,000 into the middle and was called by Sylvain Loosli, who had him dominated.

Myers turned over AT only to see the A Q of Loosli. They both would flop top pair with A3J and Myers called for a running king, three turn and river to chop the pot.

He got more than he bargained for as the T rolled off on the turn. But it was only a tease, as the river J counterfeited his two pair and sent him to the rail. After the hand, Loosli had accumulated 2.6 million.

Ladies Still Alive

Jackie Glazier, Annette Obrestad, Beverly Lange and Kima Kimura, the only remaining ladies in the 2013 WSOP Main Event, are all still alive and will return to their tables post dinner break.

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