Meet the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event Final Table

Blair Hinkle leads the six-handed final table for the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Blair Hinkle leads the six-handed final table for the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Day 4 of the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event began the day with 21 players and after less than eight hours the field was trimmed to the official final table of six players. The remaining players have already locked up over $375,000, but all eyes are on the $1.745 million for first place.  Topping the leader board is Blair Hinkle after bagging up 22.8 million.

Justin Bonomo sits second in chips with 18.5 million with Ray Qartomy in third with 13.05 million. Rounding out the final table are Mukul Pahuja, Samuel Bernabeu Guilabert and Greg Lehn.

“Early on I had a monster hand where I rivered quads on a four flush board. I got paid off big there,” Hinkle said. “From then on I kept having monster hands and kept having people pushing into me. So it was actually one of the easiest days I’ve played.

Pangaiotis Nifakos bubbled the official six-handed final table and ended play for the day. Qartomy opened from under the gun, Guilabert moved all in for 2.2 million and Nifakos moved his shorter stack in the middle as well. Qartomy tanked for a moment before mucking sixes face up. Guilabert flipped up A K and Nifakos tabled pocket queens for the better hand, by a slim margin. The board ran K T 8 2 6 and Guilabert’s pair of kings knocked Nifakos out of the tournament.

Hinkle picked up big pots all afternoon and built a lot of momentum after a flop of Q 9 8. Larry Kurr bet 325,00, Hinkle called and the turn came A. Kluk check-called 415,000 and then checked in the dark before the 3 river. Hinkle bet 1.6 million Klur called and Hinkly showed a flush with 7 5. Klur mucked and Hinkle built, then held his large lead over the field.

Bonomo chipped up late in play when he knocked out Derrick Cutler. On a flop of Q 3 2, Bonomo bet 700,000 and Cutler moved in for 3.5 million. Bonomo called with A Q and Cutler had kicker problems showing Q J. The board bricked for him and Bonomo crossed 17 million after the hand.

The first two levels saw the eliminations of Mark Radoja, Amir Lehavot, David “Doc” Sands and Griffin Benger. Ryan Olisar (13th) and Krystal Sieling (12th) were eliminated short of the final table which saw Hinkle, Qartomy and Bonomo arrive with healthy chip stacks.

Radoja was eliminated when he shoved all in preflop with a short stack. Hinkle and Kurr called to play a side pot. The flop fell Q J J, they checked to the K turn and Hinkle bet Klur out of the pot. Hinkle tabled K Q for top two and Radoja held A 7 needing help to survive. The river bricked with a the 4 and Radoja was eliminated in 17th place.

2013 WSOP November Niner Lehavot was the next player eliminated after he moved all in holding deuces. Klur called with pocket kings, the board ran Q J T J 6 and Lehavot was eliminated. He topped all the other November Niners that played the event  and gained valuable table time for his preparation for the Main Event Final Table. In total five November Niners played the event – J.C. Tran, Ryan Riess, David Benefield and Mark Newhouse.

Sands was eliminated when his K Q failed to outrun Ray Qartomy’s A 9. They got the money in preflop, the flop gave Qartomy’s aces up, Sands had to catch runner-runner for a flush but came up empty to exit in 15th place.

Benger bowed out in 14th place when he lost a flip holding A J against Qartomy’s pocket eights. The board ran 9 9 2 9 8 to ship Qartomy the pot with a full house.

The final table will kick off at 12 pm ET at the Paradise Live Theatre on the Seminole Hard Rock property.

Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event Final Table

  1. Blair Hinkle – 22,800,000
  2.  Justin Bonomo – 18,500,000
  3.  Ray Qartomy – 13,050,000
  4. Mukul Pahuja – 10,200,000
  5. Samuel Bernabeu Guilabert – 4,675,000
  6. Greg Lehn – 2,200,000

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