Minimal Movement In Both New Jersey and Nevada Online POY Rankings


The 2015 New Jersey and Nevada Online Player of the Year rankings are provided by thepokerdb.

This year, on top of comprehensive online Sunday Major coverage from regulated sites in New Jersey and Nevada, also brings you weekly Player of the Year rankings and player features, highlighting some of the best online players in the country as they compete for the 2015 POY titles in their respective states.

There was no movement in either of the New Jersey or Nevada Online POY rankings top five spots over the last two weeks, following a trend for POY updates as it was a static week in the 2015 BLUFF Player of the Year race as well.

The last OPOY rankings saw tons of movement throughout both states’ rankings but that was not the case this week. New Jersey only saw two big movers in the top 20 and the only movement of note in Nevada saw two players jump from outside the rankings into the top ten.

It should be interesting to see if this lack of movement trend continues through the rest of the month, as’s Spring Poker Series is set to run in both New Jersey and Nevada from April 12-19. The New Jersey Championship of Online Poker, with over $1,000,000 in guaranteed prizepools running from April 16-26, should certainly create some bigger prizepools and perhaps some shifting on the OPOY leaderboard.

Without further ado, the next installment of the 2015 Online Player of the Year rankings, as of April 7th:

2015 NJ Online Player of the Year Rankings*

*The website listed next to each players name in the NJ POY rankings represents the site that recognizes as the players “main” account, but as you can see, nearly all of these players have linked accounts and results from other New Jersey sites.

  1. smaulerg ( – 22,334.68 (-)
  2. JayRiv22 (partypoker) – 20,071.77 (-)
  3. AnthonyMason ( – 18,240.91 (-)
  4. JohnnyDrama (BoragataPoker) – 17,922.60 (-)
  5. juice ( – 17,168.00 (-)
  6. sofcknsickk (partypoker) – 17,129.04 (+1)
  7. NYR9414 ( – 17,087.68 (-1)
  8. phatdaddy ( – 17,061.07 (+2)
  9. itWasThatOr0 ( – 16,798.20 (+6)
  10. centrfieldr ( – 16,603.14 (-2)
  11. Hyperion (partypoker) – 16,391.84 (-2)
  12. schaf4206 (partypoker) – 15,647.53 (+5)
  13. Flawlessbinkage  (BorgataPoker) – 15,626.94 (-1)
  14. CharlieBrown ( – 15,311.88 (-1)
  15. olmuggins ( – 15,213.17 (-4)
  16. PocketProfits (partypoker) – 14,991.88 (-2)
  17. MikeyCasino (partypoker) – 14,931.75 (+3)
  18. GiantGenius (partypoker) – 14,872.00 (DO)
  19. jakep474 (partypoker) – 14,621.25 (-3)
  20. BiggDaddy ( – 14,519.36 (NR)

Dropped off: Deuxexmachin (18th), Thatgood45 (19th)

After debuting in 15th place of the most recent New Jersey OPOY rankings, Michael “itWasThatOr0” Gagliano continued to climb, using good Sunday Major results to climb into the top ten as he was the only real mover in the top half of the rankings.

The only other notable change in the top half was OPOY Contender Kevin “sofcknsickk” Campbell, who now is just a mere 50 points from surpassing “juice” for a top five spot.

schaf4206” was close to breaking into the top ten though, using multiple deep runs, including two runner-up finishes in back-to-back partypoker daily $10,000 Guaranteed events to close out March.

The bottom quarter of the rankings saw the biggest changes, albeit smaller ones, with Mike “MikeyCasino” Azzaro jumping a few spots to 17th, “GiantGenius” regaining a place in the top twenty after dropping off last week and “jakep474” continuing to slide after peaking in the top ten just over a month ago.

2015 Nevada Online Player of the Year Rankings:

  1. butters – 10,707.50 (-)
  2. freezer – 10,655.71 (-)
  3. bmcmlawh – 9,953.92 (-)
  4. BShriever5 – 9,100.25 (-)
  5. whiteyslacks – 8,894.38 (-)
  6. PaulDewald – 8,763.57 (-)
  7. Castor – 8,659.44 (NR)
  8. jchak – 8,355.66 (NR)
  9. helionic – 8,153.30 (-2)
  10. Carl0sDanger – 7,844.19 (-)

Dropped off: papaya (8th), itsmrtrfle (9th)

While the Nevada rankings followed the same trends as the New Jersey rankings this week, the leaders held their top spots in very different ways. “Smaulerg” continued to churn out results and points in New Jersey while “butters” didn’t record a single online cash over the last two weeks, showing how sizable of a lead he held on the rest of his OPOY competitors.

freezer” came close to jumping back to the top spot as he now sits a dozen points behind the leader, with the rest of the top five all holding their respective spots.

The bottom half of the Nevada top ten has shown the most movement over the last few weeks. A revolving door of players, with “Castor” and “jchak“, taking over this week and look to fare better than the last few players that made the jump; as few have been able to hold down spots in the rankings for any substantial period of time.

Next week we will bring you another player feature as will highlight a top contender for both the New Jersey and Nevada Player of the Year titles.

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