More Dmoongirl Love, WPT Caribbean Down to the Final Table

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Danielle Andersen Gets Some Love from Vegas Seven

Danielle Andersen continues to pay dividends for Ultimate Poker.

Danielle Andersen continues to pay dividends for Ultimate Poker.

It wasn’t that long ago that Danielle Andersen moved her family to Las Vegas so she could become a sponsored pro with Ultimate Poker. She continues to garner mainstream media attention thanks largely to the uniqueness of her story.

Andersen was grilled by Jessi Acuna – okay, grilled is an overstatement – about life as a mother, wife and online poker player.

Being a professional poker player is a perfect job for a mother, because I create my own schedule. I don’t have to miss big events. If I want to volunteer at my son’s school [or] if I want to make an appointment, I just don’t play that day—no big deal.

Read the full story from Vegas Seven.

Might Be a Live Stream From the WPT Caribbean Final Table Today. Might Be.

Later today Christophe Rosso will sit down as the chipleader of the final table of the WPT Caribbean stop at Casino Royale in St. Maarten. If he’s really lucky his friends and family will be able to watch on a livestream on It seems that the technology infrastructure on St. Maarten is having a bit of trouble handling the demand for updates from the WPT crew.

The final table gets underway at 5 pm ET.

For the latest updates on whether or not the stream happens follow @WPTLive. Or just ask BLUFF’s own @Kevmath.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Christophe Rosso  –  1,932,000
  2. Darren Elias  –  495,000
  3. George Griffith  –  349,000
  4. Mike Linster  –  329,000
  5. Ziga Jamnikar  –  314,000
  6. Dan Murariu  –  122,000




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