Mukul Pahuja Finishes 2014 with Win at WSOPC Atlantic City, $148,345

Mukul Pahuja started as one of the short stacks, but he finished on top to cap off a career-best 2014, winning over $148,000 at the WSOP-C Main Event at Harrah's Atlantic City (photo credit - WSOP)

Mukul Pahuja started as one of the short stacks, but he finished on top to cap off an amazing 2014, winning over $148,000 at the WSOP-C Main Event at Harrah’s Atlantic City (Photo credit – WSOP)

Mukul Pahuja had a pretty good 2014 – 15 cashes, over $1,200,000 in live tournament winnings and six final tables along with World Poker Tour Player of the Year honors. The only thing missing was a tournament win. The final major tournament of the year was the $1,675 World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event at Harrah’s Resort and Casino in Atlantic City. Pahuja started the final table eighth in chips, but ran well at the right moments, earning $148,345 and an automatic seat at the 2015 WSOP National Championship.

The final WSOPC event of the year drew a field of 460 players, generating a prize pool of $690,000 with the top 54 players making the money. Notable players making the money included Greg Kolo (24th), Julie Cornelius (27th), Tony Sinishtaj (30th), Brian Lemke (33rd), Paul Sokoloff (45th), Ralph Massey (51st) and Tim West (53rd).

Play started December 22nd with the final table of nine seated in the following order:

Seat 1: Jim Petolicchio – 1,343,000
Seat 2: Jesse Cohen – 794,000
Seat 3: Michael Dentale – 1,600,000
Seat 4: Jake Toole – 1,171,000
Seat 5: Joseph Liberta – 1,250,000
Seat 6: Adam Teasdale – 866,000
Seat 7: Mukul Pahuja – 761,000
Seat 8: Gajan Jeganathan – 1,107,000
Seat 9: David Matthews – 373,000

The two shortest stacks at the final table tangled in the first elimination as Mukul Pahuja sent David Matthews to the rail in ninth. Pahuja opened from the button and Matthews moved all in for less than ten big blinds and Pahuja called. Pahuja had Matthews dominated with K Q versus K 7. The Q 8 3 flop left Matthews drawing slim, and the Q turn and Q river gave Pahuja unnecessary quads.

The next elimination was over a level and a half later, bringing a flurry of action in its wake. Eighth place went to Joseph Liberta when he ran his A T into Jake Toole’s K K. Jesse Cohen suffered a bad beat when he was knocked out in seventh place against Pahuja. Cohen flopped a set of fours and was well ahead when Pahuja put Cohen all in with a turned two pair. Pahuja made his full house on the river to move up the leaderboard. Adam Teasdale won the Harrah’s Atlantic City Main Event in 2012 and was hoping for a second title, but Pahuja got the best of him as well. Teasdale shoved with 5 5 and Pahuja called with A K and the A J 6 flop moved Pahuja in front. The Q on the turn left Teasdale drawing dead as five remained.

James Petolicchio was all in for his tournament life with A K, dominating Jake Toole’s A 7 but the board ran out 8 5 4 6 6 as Toole turned a straight to send Petolicchio to the rail in fifth. Michael Dentale started the final table as the chip leader and was under 10 big blinds when eight remained, but some key double ups left him alive among the final four, but under 10 big blinds. The good fortune ran out when he moved all in with A 5 against Pahuja’s K T. The board ran out
Q 9 4 2 T as Pahuja continued to roll.

The biggest pot of the tournament came when three remained as Gajan Jeganathan five-bet shoved with A K and Pahuja called with J J. No help came when the board ran out Q 4 2 6 7 to give Pahuja a five-to-one chip lead over Jake Toole heads-up.

Heads-up play didn’t take long as Toole shoved with K J and Pahuja snap-called with 5 5. The final five cards of the tournament were Q 8 2 4 8 gave Mukul Pahuja the win, closing out the year with a well-deserved victory.

The next stop for the WSOPC takes players to the Choctaw Resort and Casino in Durant, Oklahoma with the $1,675 Main Event running from January 16th-19th having a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

World Series of Poker Circuit Harrah’s Atlantic City Final Table Results

  1. Mukul Pahuja – $148,345
  2. Jake Toole – $91,722
  3. Gajan Jeganathan – $67,006
  4. Michael Dentale – $49,673
  5. Jim Petolicchio – $37,357
  6. Adam Teasdale – $28,497
  7. Jesse Cohen – $22,046
  8. Joseph Liberta – $17,298
  9. David Matthews – $13,766
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