Naval Officer Receives Reprimand for Fake Chips, Dutch Boyd Ordered to Pay $60K

Fatherhood has done little to change Shaun Deeb's OFC habits.

Fatherhood has done little to change Shaun Deeb’s OFC habits.

Mornings are never fun. The best way to manage them – to get through them really – is to create a routine. For most people that means a shower, a commute, a coffee and spending the first 15 minutes of your day procrastinating before getting your workday started. Here at BLUFF, we think The Ante should be a key part of your routine. Every weekday we bring you all the poker news you might have missed and get you ready to take on your day.

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Judgement of Almost $60K Against Dutch Boyd for Squatting on Two Plus Two Domain

After more than two years of fights in various courts, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling against Dutch Boyd in a case filed by Two Plus Two. The verdict, which was originally rendered by U.S. District Court Judge Kent Dawson in March 2012, will cost Boyd $58,995 in statutory damages and attorney fees. Dawson ruled that Boyd acted ‘in bad faith’ by registering the domain “”, which Two Plus Two claimed Boyd did to cybersquat on and benefit from their profile in the poker industry.

Ex-StratCom Deputy Commander Receives Reprimand in Council Bluffs Fake Chips Case

Rear Admiral Timothy Giardina has been convicted of two counts of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman for passing off three fake $500 casino chips last June at the Horsehoe in Council Bluffs Iowa, effectively ending his 35 year career in the Navy. The ruling was made in a nonjudicial proceeding called an ‘admirals mast’, with presiding officer Admiral Bill Gorney issuing a letter of reprimand and an order for Giardina to forfeit $4,000. Giardina was dismissed from his position as second in command at STRATCOM – which oversees the US neuclear arsenal, and is based at Offutt Air Force Base just south of Omaha, Nebraska – last October, and he was reassigned to the Pentagon while awaiting sentencing.

Colson Whitehead’s “The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death” Hits Bookstores

Just after the launch of Grantland, writer Colson Whitehead was sent to write a story about playing in the 2011 WSOP Main Event. That series of stories, along with some additional insights from Whitehead, became “The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death”, which hits bookstores and online retailers on Tuesday. It’s 256 pages on Whitehead’s adventures in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, along with some life stories and his quest to become a worthy poker player – including the utilization of a ‘poker sensei’.

Dewey Tomko’s Anti-Online Poker Statements Are Not Real, Claims Dewey Tomko

Back in mid-March, an op-ed claiming to be written by Bill Byers and Poker Hall of Famer Dewey Tomko ran in the Press of Atlantic City. That op-ed spoke out against various dangers of online gambling, suggesting that collusion, money laundering and underage gambling were just a few of the risks with the implementation of online poker in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. Though it did purport to “fully support the legalization of Internet poker”, it points to Sheldon Adelson’s Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling and an ad they ran as evidence that online gaming can be used for criminal or terrorist financing.

Nolan Dalla penned an entry on his person blog titled “Who’s the Imposter [sic] Behind the Dewey Tomko Hoax?” Monday afternoon, detailing a phone conversation he had with Tomko and providing numerous pieces of evidence in defense of the Poker Hall of Famer.

Shaun Deeb has Son, Not Much Changes

Nothing can get between Shaun Deeb and gambling – not even fatherhood. Deeb and his wife Ashley welcomed their first son on Sunday afternoon, keeping him away from the first few days of SCOOP as he embraces his new role as a father. Even while his wife was in labor, though, Deeb’s mind occasionally wandered elsewhere.

As you can see from the photo at the top of the page, Deeb had to balance holding his son and his cell phone – until he learned how to do both simultaneously, getting him back to a better pace at the virtual OFC tables.

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