New Leaders In Both New Jersey and Nevada Online POY Rankings


The 2015 New Jersey and Nevada Online Player of the Year rankings are provided by thepokerdb.

This year, on top of comprehensive online Sunday Major coverage from regulated sites in New Jersey and Nevada, also brings you weekly Player of the Year rankings and player features, highlighting some of the best online players in the country as they compete for the 2015 POY titles in their respective states.

While there were moves throughout both the New Jersey and Nevada Online POY rankings over the last two weeks, the most notable of those moves occurred at the top, with players in both states parlaying recent Sunday Major success to move themselves into the OPOY lead.

The move in Nevada was somewhat sudden, as “butters” regained his spot atop the rankings after starting 2015 as an early leader, but the move in New Jersey has been a few weeks in the making and saw the red hot “smaulerg” finally overtake “AnthonyMason“, creating a sizable gap between himself and the rest of the contenders.

The rest of the notable movement would occur just under the top spots as both state’s rankings saw some drastic changes to the top five, as well as two of the biggest names in New Jersey making their first top twenty appearances of 2015.

Without further ado, the next installment of the 2015 Online Player of the Year rankings, as of March 23rd:

2015 NJ Online Player of the Year Rankings*:

*The website listed next to each players name in the NJ POY rankings represents the site that recognizes as the players “main” account, but as you can see, nearly all of these players have linked accounts and results from other NJ sites.

  1. smaulerg ( – 21,934.34 (+1)
  2. JayRiv22 (partypoker) – 18,589.86 (+3)
  3. AnthonyMason ( – 18,144.84 (-2)
  4. JohnnyDrama (BoragataPoker) – 17,521.74 (-1)
  5. juice ( – 16,858.70 (-1)
  6. NYR9414 ( – 16,555.84 (+4)
  7. sofcknsickk (partypoker) – 16,363.90 (-1)
  8. centrfieldr ( – 16,082.25 (-1)
  9. Hyperion (partypoker) – 16,054.14 (-1)
  10. phatdaddy ( – 15,657.47 (+1)
  11. olmuggins ( – 15,213.17 (+2)
  12. Flawlessbinkage  (BorgataPoker) – 15,086.80 (-3)
  13. CharlieBrown ( – 15,008.96 (-1)
  14. PocketProfits (partypoker) – 14,905.93 (-)
  15. ItWasTheOr0 ( – 14,701.21 (NR)
  16. jakep474 (partypoker) – 14,339.57 (-1)
  17. schaf4206 (partypoker) – 14,073.74 (NR)
  18. Deuxexmachin ( – 13,805.78 (-)
  19. Thatgood45 (partypoker) – 13,740.95 (-2)
  20. MikeyCasino (partypoker) – 13,711.42 (NR)

Dropped off: hud_seriously (16th), AvonBarkz (19th), GiantGenius (20th)

The way “smaulerg” has been playing over the last month and a half, it was only a matter of time until he was atop the NJ OPOY rankings as he’s been a dominating force, making two massive Sunday Major scores and adding an almost countless number of four figure cashes to his 2015 resume that has given him an over 3,000 point advantage on the rest of the New Jersey field.

To put that point advantage into perspective, the top ten players in this week’s rankings, other than “smaulerg”, earned between 500 and 1,000 points over the last two weeks, clearly showing that even though there is a lot of poker left to be played, that gap at the top will not be easy to overcome.

The only player able to keep pace with the new leader is Jason “JayRiv22″ Rivkin, who continued to pile up results and move himself into 2nd place, a move that would bump Mike “JohnnyDrama” Haberman out of the top three for the first time this year.

The middle portion of the rankings were more or less just a shuffling of positions with no big jumps or falls to note but there was some newsworthy activity in the bottom quarter, as Mike “MikeyCasino” Azzaro and Michael “itWasThatOr0” Gagliano, two of the bigger names in New Jersey online poker, both made their 2015 OPOY debuts after they both finished in the top ten of the 2014 version of the rankings.

2015 Nevada Online Player of the Year Rankings:

  1. butters – 10,707.50 (+1)
  2. freezer – 10,542.23 (-1)
  3. bmcmlawh – 9,135.42 (NR)
  4. BShriever5 – 8,924.82 (+2)
  5. whiteyslacks – 8,894.38 (+4)
  6. PaulDewald – 8,533.77 (-3)
  7. helionic – 8,153.30 (-2)
  8. papaya – 7,990.79 (-4)
  9. itsmrtrfle – 7,862.31 (-2)
  10. Carl0sDanger – 7,844.19 (DO)

Dropped off: Kody10 (8th), brokefinger (10th)

It looks to be a two horse race as “butters” and “freezer” have been trading places at the top of the Nevada OPOY rankings through the first few months of 2015, with “butters” using a Sunday Major victory to complete the most recent first place takeover.

The Nevada rankings would also see the biggest jump in either state get made this week, as “bmcmlawh” would vault from outside the rankings all the way into the third spot, certainly helped by the fact that he’s notched a half dozen four figure scores over the last two weeks, including winning two WSOP online satellites since they went live on the Nevada site this past weekend.

Carl0sDanger” has been dangerously close to the rankings over the last few weeks and has since recovered after falling out of the top ten, a fate he should avoid if he can continue to final table Nevada’s biggest $15,000 Guaranteed Sunday Major, as he did this past weekend.

Next week we will bring you another player feature as will highlight a top contender for both the NJ and Nevada Player of the Year titles.

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