New PPA iPhone Application Features “Click to Call Congress”

ppa_logoThe Poker Players Alliance has made fighting for your right to legally play poker even easier with their brand new iPhone application. By downloading this app, you can connect to your local member of Congress in just a single click on your iPhone.

Utilizing the “click to call Congress” button in the PPA’s new app, players can easily reach their congressmen and senators via telephone by clicking a button in the application. For online players who are members of the PPA, this new feature fits right into their affinity for new technology.

“Our members are extremely tech savvy and always looking for more ways to show their support for protecting their right to play poker,” said John Pappas, executive director of the PPA.

The application, which can be downloaded from the PPA’s iPhone site or the iTunes app store by searching for “Poker Player’s Alliance” , also hasĀ  a host of other features that can help PPA members stay informed.

“The PPA iPhone app, like our Tweet for Poker website, provides a cutting edge tool for our members to quickly and easily show their support for online poker.” said Pappas.

In addition to the “click to call Congress” feature, the app aggregates PPA-related tweets, news and updates from the PPA website, and tournament feeds from PPA members can also search for other players in their hometown who support the PPA, and enter contests and promotions sponsored by the PPA.

The “click to call Congress” button connects the user directly with their member of Congress’ offices in Washington, D.C., empowering the person to speak directly to their representatives about their concerns over the ongoing battle of the legality of poker and the rights of poker players all over the country.

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