Nick Morales Tops Day 1C Counts, Saout Takes Chiplead in Event 1

Nick Morales led all players on Day 1C, taking 57,275 into Day 2.

Nick Morales led all players on Day 1C, taking 57,275 into Day 2.

After just three players made it to the end of both Days 1A and 1B of Event 1 at the 2013 World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific, the ‘Accumulator’ format really came into play on Day 1C as 14 players managed to bag chips for the second time in this tournament

Nick Morales had the biggest stack by the end of the day Saturday, bagging 57,275 which puts him fifth overall going into Day 2. Antoine Saout took full advantage of the format, adding 45,500 to the 59,875 he had on Day 1B to give him 104,375 total, making him the overall chipleader by a fair margin. Dan Kelly, the top stack from Day 1A, added 15,800 for a total of 82,050 and the second biggest stack going into Day 2.

By the close of registration 419 players had signed up for Day 1C, pushing the total field to 1,085 and easily securing the record for most entries for a bracelet event outside of Las Vegas. Just 64 of those players made it through, and with multiple stacks for 15 players it means that 144 will be coming back for what could be a long Day 2.

Melanie Weisner, Jeremy Ausmus, Dylan Honeyman, Wilson Yap Soon, Tristan Bain, Jeff Freichs, Ash Gupta, Ryan Pignatelli, Homan Houshiar and Chin Shim were also able to increase their stack by making it through a second session on Day 1C.

Jonathan Duhamel, Phil Hellmuth and Mike Leah each failed to add to their stacks for the second straight day, but their Day 1A efforts had already locked them up seats for Day 2. Jackie Glazier, Jonathan Karamalakis and Daniel Levy were just a few of the Day 1B survivors who couldn’t pad their stacks for Sunday.

Only three players had a chance Andrew Hinrichsen went out late in the day Saturday, but built a solid enough stack on Days 1A and 1B to give himself plenty of ammunition going into Day 2. The same can be said for Craig Blight and Ian Aldridge, who each have a solid stack of their own going into Day 2.

Quite a few familiar faces managed to strike out completely, with Marvin Rettenmaier, Antonio Esfandiari, Bertrand Grospellier, Oliver Speidel, Chad Brown, Sam Holden and Dominik Nitsche going 0-for-3 while Joseph Cheong and Daniel Negreanu failed in both of the sessions that they played.

Day 2 will begin at 12 pm local time in Melbourne, though it may seem slightly later as Daylight Savings time will push the clocks back one hour in the Southern Hemisphere.

Here are the top 10 combined chip stacks going into Day 2 of Event 1 at the 2013 World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific.

  1. Antoine Saout – 105,375
  2. Daniel Kelly – 82,050
  3. Dylan Honeyman – 68,100
  4. Alex Givotovsky – 65,600
  5. Nick Morales – 57,275
  6. Daniel Levy – 56,750
  7. Wilson Yap Soon – 53,150
  8. Jason Lee – 49,625
  9. Tristan Bain – 49,600
  10. Sam Georges – 48,775
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