November Nine: Dolan Out Sixth, Racener Doubles

John Racener Doubles Up

Michael Mizrachi raised to 2,500,000 form under the gun and John Racener moved all-in behind him for 9,825,000. Action folded back around to Mizrachi, who thought a while before calling. Mizrachi showed A8 and Racener had the best of it with AK. Racener held his advantage on the T22 flop and left Mizrachi drawing dead with the K on the turn. Racener doubled up to 20 million while Mizrachi dropped back to second in chips behind Joseph Cheong

John Dolan Eliminated in Sixth Place ($1,772,959)

John Dolan was in push-fold mode when he shoved all-in from the small blind for less than 15 million chips. Jonathan Duhamel was in the big blind and called with 44, while Dolan showed Q5. The J76 flop gave Dolan some hope for a chop, and the 9 on the turn only improved his chances. Any non-heart queen, five, or eight would give the pot to Dolan, while any heart would put a flush on the board and chop the pot. The river 3 was no help to Dolan and Duhamel’s fours were enough to bounce Dolan in sixth place.

By the Numbers:

Chip lead changes: 1
First chopped pot: Hand 127
Flops seen since dinner break: 8
Players wearing shades: 3
Players wearing hats: 3
Players with ominous hoods: 2
Level the 2009 Main Event ended on: 42. We are currently on Level 39, the same level Joe Cada and Darvin Moon began heads-up play on last year. While Level 39 blinds are steep 500,000/1,000,000 ante 150,000, Level 42 blinds are double that at 1,000,000/2,000,000.

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