November Nine: Racener and Duhamel Double Up; Cheong Leads

Things are starting to get down to the nitty gritty as the final five each vie for one of the coveted spots in Monday’s heads-up battle. The decision making is becoming more deliberate, the all-ins are coming at a faster clip, and the dramatic suck outs of the all-in situations just keep coming, most recently when John Racener spiked a lucky queen to double through Jonathan Duhamel.

The chips have shuffled around quite a bit and BLUFF player Joseph Cheong is currently the man to beat while Filippo Candio is fighting with an increasingly shorter stack. For the past hour, you might have forgotten Candio was even at the table as he went a remarkable 24 hands—nearly five orbits—before raking in a pot. While Candio can’t seem to get much going, John Racener gets the award for mover and shaker of the past hour, doubling up a second time and rising to the top half of the chip counts.

John Racener Doubles Up Again

Ten hands after doubling through Michael Mizrachi, John Racener raised to 2,200,000 from the cutoff and Jonathan Duhamel reraised all-in from the big blind having Racener covered. Racener called with AQ and he was trailing Duhamel’s AK until the flop fell Q84 to give Racener top pair. The queens held as the turn came J and the river the 3 to double Racener up to nearly 35 million and drop Duhamel to 26 million and last in chips.

Jonathan Duhamel Doubles Through Michael Mizrachi

The very next hand after doubling up Racener, Jonathan Duhamel raised to 2,500,000 in the small blind and Michael Mizrachi reraised all-in out of the big blind. Duhamel thought for a bit before calling all-in for his tournament life with A9. He was racing with Mizrachi’s 33 and paired up on the K95 flop. Duhamel’s hand only improved with the 9 on the turn and the J on the river ensured a double up to nearly 48 million while Mizrachi dropped to 32,500,000.

By the Numbers:

All-in Confrontations Since Dinner Break: 5
All-in Confrontations Before Dinner Break: 3
Hands Candio went without raking a pot: 24

Post Dinner Break Pots Won:

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