Ognyan Dimov Wins 2015 EPT Deauville Main Event, $616K

Ognyan Dimov worked hard for a come-from-behind victory in the EPT Deauville Main Event Saturday, with a heads-up match that took up over 60 percent of the final day's action. (Photo c/o Neil Stoddart / PokerStars Blog)

Ognyan Dimov worked hard for a come-from-behind victory in the EPT Deauville Main Event Saturday, with a heads-up match that took up over 60 percent of the final day’s action. (Photo c/o Neil Stoddart / PokerStars Blog)

Ognyan Dimov took down the 2015 EPT Deauville Main Event Saturday evening, but it didn’t come easy. After winning a pot for almost all of their combined chips with third place finisher Benjamin Buhr, Dimov still faced a deficit of nearly two-to-one heads-up against Dany Parlafes. Dimov made up a substantial amount of ground and eventually edged in front for the lead.

While he’d never give that lead back to Parlafes, their heads-up match went on for 117 hands – which represents over 61 percent of the hands played on the final day of the tournament. When he did ultimately seal victory, it wasn’t for lack of trying on Parlafes’ part. Facing an overbet of 1.2 million into a pot of 680,000 on a board of 9 7 2 6 5, Parlafes thought his options over for nearly three minutes with Q 8 – a hand beaten only by ten-eight – and eventually mucked.

It was the right decision as Dimov did indeed hold T 8, but things just didn’t go Parlafes’ way for much of the latter part of their showdown Saturday night. It looked as if he’d finally get to retake the lead on the 190th hand of the day; Parlafes opened and then four-bet all in with A K for 5,210,000, only to get called by Dimov and his A J.

Parlafes was instantly put on the defensive as the Q 6 3 flop put him one heart away from disaster. The 3 turn gave Dimov the nut flush and rendered the J river a moot point. Parlafes was left to settle for second and Dimov earned the victory – taking home $616,376 (€543,700) and the coveted EPT title.

It was a disappointing finish for Parlafes, who carried nearly 44 percent of the total chips in play when Day 6 got underway. Six quickly became five as the bombastic Joseph Carlino lost a coinflip with A K to Andrius Bielski’s J J. Bielskis wouldn’t climb any further than that, as he ran A 3 into Buhr’s pocket aces a couple orbits later.

Dimov slipped into the shortest stack briefly as Benjamin Pollak earned a double through Parlafes in a coninflip, A T against 8 8. It was a brief respite for the accomplished French pro, however, as a coinflip against Buhr saw Pollak’s 4 4 fall in yet another coinflip, as Buhr flopped top two-pair with K Q.

Pollak got all in with K 7 on a Q J T 9 board, only for Parlafes to show A K. The T river sealed Pollak’s fate in fourth, and Parlafes had 11,585,000 – compared to just over 6.1 million combined for Dimov and Buhr.

Buhr got dangerously short, but managed a lucky double with A 4 against Dimov’s Q Q. They’d quickly get their chips in the middle again, with 5,930,000 in the pot and just 445,000 left if Dimov were to lose. It looked unlikely, however, as Dimov’s A A had Buhr’s A K in rough shape – especially considering Parlafes folded the K.

The A K J flop would have normally been a godsend for a hand like Buhr’s, but it left him needing runner-runner straight cards to fall for any chance of survival. The 5 turn ended things, and once the chips were counted down Buhr was officially named the third place finisher.

Despite playing such a lengthy final table and trading big pots in either direction, neither player was all in and at risk until the very last hand of the tournament. Parlafes held on for as long as he could, but when he needed to hold most things simply didn’t go his way, and the title went to Dimov.

That closes out the action from EPT Deauville, and the tour takes off for just over a month before making its debut stop in Malta in mid-March.

2015 EPT Deauville Main Event – Final Table Payouts

  1. Ognyan Dimov – $616,376 (€543,700)
  2. Dany Parlafes – $383,974
  3. Benjamin Buhr – $274,790
  4. Benjamin Pollak – $212,620
  5. Andrius Bielskis – $167,511
  6. Joseph Carlino – $131,109
  7. Massou Cohen – $96,963
  8. Matas Cimbolas – $66,682
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