Olivier Busquet Tops Daniel Colman In Barcelona Super High Roller

Olivier Busquet took down the EPT Barcelona Super High Roller. (Photo courtesy of PokerStars)

Olivier Busquet took down the EPT Barcelona Super High Roller. (Photo courtesy of PokerStars)

The Super High Roller event at EPT Barcelona came down to classic match of teacher versus student. The teacher, Olivier Busquet, was looking for his first EPT win after three runner-up finishes and the student, Dan Colman, was looking for his third high roller win this year. Ultimately, Busquet defeated his protégé for $1,197,484 after the two players agreed on a nearly even chop.

“Honestly, it just feels so good to win. I have had a bunch of second places on teh EPT so to win one feels amazing,” Busquet said. “Dan is probably the best heads-up player in the world but obviously anything could happen. Yes we’re friends but when it got to heads-up, I was rooting for myself totally.”

The tournament attracted 77 entries, of 58 unique players, and had a prize pool of $4.9 million.

Nine players returned for the final day of play with Morten Klein leading the field with 3.7 million with Vladimir Troyanovskiy and Sven Reichardt on his heels with 3.3 million and 3.2 million respectively. Dan Shak (2.6 million), Busquet (2.04 million) and Colman (1.4 million) formed the chase pack with Scott Seiver (1.3 million), Sam Trickett (760,000) and Mustapha Kanit (690,000) rounded out the final table.

Kanit’s short stack didn’t last long and his tournament would end at the completion of the first orbit. Reichardt opened, Kanit shoved from the small blind with A Q and Reichardt called with A 8. The board ran 8 3 2 3 K and Reichardt’s pair of eights made Kanit the first player eliminated.

Around 90 minutes later Tricket opened the action and Shak three-bet and Busquet four-bet from the big blind. Trickett mucked his hand, Shak moved all in holding A 8 and Busquet called holding pocket aces. The board ran 7 5 3 Q Q and Shak was eliminated.

Then 15 hands later Colman opened, Busquet three-bet from the small blind and Klein shoved from the big blind. Colman got out of the way, Busquet called with pocket aces (again) and Klein’s tournament life hung on A Q. The dealer spread 9 5 3 T 7 to end Klein’s day and Busquet took over the chip lead.

Seven hands later Reichardt open-shoved and Colman re-shoved behind him to isolate Reichardt. The blinds folded, Reichardt tabled pocket tens and Colman turned up pocket kings. The board ran 5 4 3 9 2. Colman’s kings held and Reichardt was eliminated in sixth place.

On the very next hand Colman opened the action, Busquet called on the button and Trickett moved all in from the small blind. Colman called with A K, Busquet mucked and Trickett tabled Kx Qx. The board ran K 8 7 3 T and Tricket was sent to the payout desk for a fifth place payout.

Twenty minutes later Busquet opened the action in first position, Colman three-bet from the small blind and Seiver shoved from the big blind. Busquet kicked his cards back to the dealer, Colman called holding J 9 and Seiver revealed A Q. The board ran out T 6 6 K 9 and the nine on the river paired Colman and sent Seiver to the rail.

The action didn’t slow and the very next hand Busquet moved all in from the small blind and Troyanovskiy called off from the big blind holding A 8. Busquet flipped up pocket fives and and the T 7 6 flop gave Troyanovskiy a straight draw. The board completed 3 J, Troyanovskiy bricked his draw and was eliminated.

Heads-up play began with Busquet holding a slight advantage over Colman with 10.4 million to 8.7 million respectively. The pair negotiated a near even chop and saved roughly ten percent for the winner. Colman battled to take the lead for a few hands but Busquet took it right back after a half-dozen hands.

In all Busquet and Colman played 65 hands before Colman limped on the button holding A K and Busquet three-bet holding Q J. Colman moved all in and Busquet snap-called. The final board ran 8 2 2 Q T, Busquet’s pair of queens took down the pot and his first tournament win since 2009.

EPT Barcelona Super High Roller Final Table Payouts

  1. Olivier Busquet – $1,197,484*
  2. Daniel Colman – $1,126,193*
  3. Vladimir Troyanovskiy – $632,115
  4. Scott Seiver – $486,509
  5. Sam Trickett – $385,253
  6. Sven Reichardt – $301,230
  7. Morten Klein – $237,110
  8. Dan Shak – $185,146
  9. Mustapha Kanit – $140,870

*Denotes heads-up deal.

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