‘One to Watch’ Kristy Arnett Talks About Her First WPT Experience

Kristy Arnett's run in the Borgata Winter Poker Open, her first career WPT event, ended on Day 2 - but she called it a great learning experience.

Kristy Arnett’s run in the Borgata Winter Poker Open, her first career WPT event, ended on Day 2 – but she called it a great learning experience.

The seven players picked to be BLUFF.com Season XIII WPT Ones to Watch are at various different points in their poker careers. While Garrett Greer and Jose Serratos are making final tables, Kristy Arnett sits on the other end of the spectrum – making her first real strides towards becoming a tournament pro.

Arnett’s been a successful cash game player for some time – and in that time she’s had the benefit of poker’s brightest minds at her disposal as an on-air personality, podcaster and writer for PokerNews. The tournament game is a different beast entirely, though, and Arnett’s looking to go toe-to-toe with many of those same great players on the WPT.

While she’s played several major events, including the WSOP Main Event on one occasion, Arnett had never entered a WPT event before coming to play the Borgata Winter Poker Open. After making it through Day 1 with a stack just under the average, her run came to an end early on in Day 2.

“My first experience was so much fun – Day 1 was amazing,” said Arnett. “I’ve got to say, at first I started out a little bit nervous, having it be my first WPT and everything, but I felt really comfortable playing deep. It was today, when I was playing a little bit more shallow, that I really got to see where tournament players are, their experience and [that] there are things that tournament-wise I’ve still got to learn.”

Arnett’s taking her role as a ‘Ones to Watch’ very seriously, and while she says her time in this tournament was enjoyable she’s set to put in some serious hours in an attempt to improve her game.

“Overall, it was a huge learning experience and a lot of fun,” said Arnett. “I have some specific things, like some notes I’ve taken, that I really need to work on. Right when I leave here I’m flying to Vegas, and I’m going to play some Venetian DeepStacks and just kind of keep getting at it.”

The next month will be filled with tournaments, training and study work – and if things work out the right way, Arnett will go hard during the WPT’s upcoming West Coast swing in her new home state of California.

“LAPC’s coming up. I’m going to try to win a seat there. If not, the next one is Bay 101. I am really excited. I just got Chris Moorman’s book of tournament poker, I forget what it’s called, but it’s getting really good reviews. A lot of friends like it. I’m excited to study that, learn from the best, as always.”

Arnett is ready to move on and look forward to her next tournament action, but her trip to the Borgata featured a virtual lockdown after all roads in the state of New Jersey were closed. Even having traveled the circuit for as long as she did as a member of the poker media, this was an unique experience for her.

“I have never seen anything like this,” said Arnett. “It was so funny because some of the dealers, they all had to stay here because if they would have left and not been able to come back. Luckily, I was staying here, so it was no big deal for me, but no, I’ve never seen a place like this snowed in before.”

After her stop in Vegas, her former home base, it’s back to a very different environment from the blizzard-rocked Northeast – San Diego, California. While there’s work to be done on her tournament game, it’s just another in a line of adjustments Arnett’s made recently in an effort to better herself.

“It’s been great,” said Arnett. “I think it’s a little bit scary because the games in San Diego are just not as plentiful. Vegas, you can play anytime; if the game sucks, you can leave. It’s not that way in San Diego, but it’s close to LA. The cash games have been good. The weather is so nice that you can never be upset when you get a bad beat, so that part’s awesome.”

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