PCA: Ana Marquez Leads Main with Moneymaker Right Behind

Marquez is the leading lady in the PCA Main Event
Marquez is the leading lady in the PCA Main Event

Sometimes a little break can do a person a lot of good. Such is the case for poker pro Mike Sowers. He took some time away from the game in late 2009, opting to coach a high school football team rather than grind online all day every day.

“I took a step back at my life and where it was headed and I just decided it wasn’t headed where I wanted it to. I wasn’t focused on the right things, I wasn’t motivated in the right ways. Now I feel like I’m a lot more grounded and I’m taking it one hand at a time,” Sowers told BLUFF.

A one hand at a time approach is probably a wise move in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) Main Event, where things can change in the blink of an eye. It took less than six hours of Day 4 play for the field of 48 to shrink to 24 and, along the way, former chip leaders like Adam Geyer fell by the wayside, while formerly small stacks swelled into big chip leaders.

Sowers was the man on top during the penultimate level of play on Day 4, but massive action in the final fifteen minutes of action saw major movement in the chip counts. Ana Marquez, the last woman remaining in the event, is the chip leader heading into Day 5 with 3,805,000. Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker is right behind her with 3,765,000 after eliminating Timothy Finne in 23rd place on the final hand of the night.

The original plan was to play down to the final 24, but the last hand was full of action, with bustouts on three of the four tables. Finne, Josh Bergman, and Nicholas Kamen were all caught in the crossfire, so the next day of play will start with just 22 runners. Other notable bustouts from Day 4 of play include Eddy Sabat (30th), Eric Froehlich (33rd), Toby Lewis (34th), and John Spadavecchia (44th).

When play resumes at 12PM on Thursday, blinds will be at 25,000/50,000 ante 5,000.

Here are the top ten chip counts headed into Day 4:

1. Ana Marquez – 3,805,000
2. Chris Moneymaker – 3,765,000
3. Dmitriy Stelmak – 3,340,000
4. Chris Oliver – 3,275,000
5. Mike Sowers – 3,180,000
6. Sam Stein – 3,085,000
7. Bolivar Palacios – 2,875,000
8. Phillippe Plouffe – 2,480,000
9. Martin Mathis – 2,385,000
10. Galen Hall – 2,305,000

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